Friday Giveaway: Two Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Skincare Kits to Win!

Happy Friday guys! It’s just 44 days til Christmas, can you believe it?

Anyway it is time for a giveaway, no?  Today it is from Nelson’s Pure & Clear range, aimed at acne prone skin but is gentle enough to be used on all skin types!Nelson s Pure Clear

Two people will win a set of 4 products from Nelsons worth £29:


Pure & Clear Purifying Facial Wash, Purifying Daily Facial Wipes, Balancing Moisturiser and Blemish Gel


Recently, I don’t know if it’s my hormones or what, but I have had a serious attack of spots!  I thought you got past 19 and stopped getting zits but clearly I am wrong!

So today’s question to answer in order to be entered into the prize draw is:

Tell me 3 things that you not yet grown out of?


1. Leaving my crusts

2. Scrunching up packets of crisps and pouring them into my mouth

3. Going round to my mums when I need to be fed!

Competition will run for approx 2 weeks!


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  1. katherine grieve says:

    kids tv

  2. michelle moloney says:

    being afraid of the dark,
    playing on swings,
    my sweet tooth

  3. Sheelagh Thompson says:

    jumping the waves at the beach as they come in.
    Going on the swings and slides (thankfully I have a granddaughter!)
    Kiddies sweets – the chewier the better, even though they kill my teeth.

  4. Fishfinger sandwiches

    Cuddling my mum

    Leaving something out for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve

  5. SPOTS – at 44!!!!

    Not sleeping because of excitement the night before my birthday/Xmas/going on holiday etc

    Watching Grease (singing EVERY word and doing the dances)

  6. Jennifer OBrien says:

    1) Disney…I have a 5 year old daughter who (thankfully) is as obsessed with me, so I get to watch the films and sing and dance with her, and use it as an excuse

    2) Advent calenders. I dont care if im 27…I will have one :(and will probably still open the doors and eat a weeks chocolate in advance too lol)

    3)Falling for the wrong man! lol

  7. Playing video games
    Eating chocolate
    Silly jokes

  8. Running all of a sudden for no reason, licking my plate after finishing dinner, laughing at times I shouldn’t have

  9. Cassie Bedford says:

    Sleeping with my feet uncovered in bed (Get a bit scared)
    Sleeping in the dark
    Leaving my crusts (bad habit)

  10. Maria Knight says:

    1) spots
    2) giggling when someones says something suggestive but not meaning to
    3) wanting my mum when im poorly or in pain ( i wanted her when i was in labour)

  11. michelle rigler says:

    Big wooly hats with bobbles on,
    Getting excited whe a helicopter/aeroplane goes overhead!

  12. Joanna Sawka says:

    1. Eating a lot of sweets
    2. Crying
    3. Playing video games

  13. kids films/disney films – ALL of them – loved them all as child and love them more as a mum watching them with my son!
    trying to swing as high as possible! (trying to beat my own child and go higher!!)
    eating sweeties before dinner! i was always told as child not until after your tea! but i do i must admit! ha! x

  14. Kathleen Connolly says:

    Wanting everything my way!
    Wanting it now :-)
    Kids Movies


    Playing in the park
    Eating sweets
    Being mummys little girl

  16. Rebecca Denyer says:

    1. Sulking if i dont get my own way
    2. not eating veg
    3. Crisp Sandwiches

  17. 1. sulking 😀
    2. Leaving my crusts
    3. refusing to eat cauliflower … Horrible evil stuff

  18. katrina walsh says:

    1. wailing in a comletely unnecessary manner when i stub my toe
    2. stone skimming at the beach
    3. leaving the skin of my jacket potatoes

  19. Isabelle Smith says:

    my teddy bear
    disney films
    hello kitty

  20. Leaving a glass of sherry out for Father Christmas (and a carrot for Rudoph)
    Putting my big toe in my mouth (just to prove I can)
    Taking a cuddy toy on holiday

  21. Kate Bristow says:


  22. Hello Kitty
    Home and Away

  23. 1. Spots (yep, me too)
    2. Mashing ice cream until it melts
    3. The need to be the first person to walk on fresh snow :)

  24. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    play videogames
    eating cookies
    hello kitty