Friday Giveaway: Two Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Skincare Kits to Win!

Happy Friday guys! It’s just 44 days til Christmas, can you believe it?

Anyway it is time for a giveaway, no?  Today it is from Nelson’s Pure & Clear range, aimed at acne prone skin but is gentle enough to be used on all skin types!Nelson s Pure Clear

Two people will win a set of 4 products from Nelsons worth £29:


Pure & Clear Purifying Facial Wash, Purifying Daily Facial Wipes, Balancing Moisturiser and Blemish Gel


Recently, I don’t know if it’s my hormones or what, but I have had a serious attack of spots!  I thought you got past 19 and stopped getting zits but clearly I am wrong!

So today’s question to answer in order to be entered into the prize draw is:

Tell me 3 things that you not yet grown out of?


1. Leaving my crusts

2. Scrunching up packets of crisps and pouring them into my mouth

3. Going round to my mums when I need to be fed!

Competition will run for approx 2 weeks!


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  1. Kirsten Murphy says

    Totally getting the spot problem at the moment too..most unchuffed

    I’ve not yet grown out of
    1. Jumping in puddles
    2. Being obsessed with bonfires and the need to poke them with a stick
    3. Liking cheap chocolate better than good stuff

    Kirsten x

  2. laura says

    I don’t think I’ve grown out of:
    1) Pink fluffy/sparkley things
    2) Tying my fringe up to the side with a top-knot
    3) Using a no more knots spay to help me brush my hair wit no tears

  3. Ana Beatriz says

    I’ve been wanting for a long time to try this line…maybe it’s my opportunity!
    I have not grown out of:
    1-Eating raw cookie dough by the spoonful
    2-Talking to my cats in baby voice
    3-Wearing girlyish polka dot prints

  4. says

    Oh! I have awful acne but sensitive skin. Sounds good!
    1) Peeing with the door open. LOLLL
    2) Using a whole bottle of body wash per bath. (Still drives my mum mad)
    3) Mashing my potatoes with the brocoli on sundays, making a mess

  5. lulu says

    Hmm I’ve never really thought about this one, this is hard aha
    1. Cute things (stuffed animals, nails, jewelry…! Can’t resist)
    2. Reaching for the cup ramen when I’m too lazy to cook
    3. Being terrified of snails

  6. says

    1-mixing all the food in my meals together into one mushy mush
    2-leaving my shoe laces tied whenever i put my shoes on/off because ive always been so lazy!!
    3-setting my alarm earlier than i need to so i feel like im always getting a lay-in XD

    Thanks! xo

  7. says

    I haven’t grown out of…

    1. Reading kids’/teenage fiction books (hello, Jacqueline Wilson…).
    2. Stating that A Goofy Movie is my favourite movie ever.
    3. Getting a kick out of assembling Kinder Surprise toys or getting Happy Meal toys (though they’re crap now compared to years ago)!

  8. says

    Oooh, enter me pls!
    Things I have’t grown out of 1) Watching kids films- Princess Bride will rule forever
    2) Chewing my hair
    3) Running round DIY shops with a roll of wallpaper stuck to my head pretending to be a Dalek

  9. Roisin Curran says

    Things I haven’t grown out of:
    1. Eating way too many sweets
    2. not doing homework till the last minute
    3.wearing my barbie socks (which I am doing right now)

  10. says

    1. Sucking my thumb in bed (it’s so soothing!)
    2. Loving being in my jammies.
    3. Loving my mum’s cooking above all others.

  11. Tina says

    Things I haven’t grown out of yet :
    1. Buying unnecessary glittery things
    2. Buying little things (Ex. clementines haha)
    3. Watching SPONGEBOB !

  12. N. says

    1. My mom’s support.
    2. Stressing out over ridiculous things.
    3. Being a shopaholic! And choosing makeup over necessary things.

  13. Dejeniera says

    1. Wearing hats with any type of animal ears
    2. Giggling in church
    3. Eating chocolate for breakfast

  14. hotrodmum says

    1. Getting spots
    2. Collecting pigs started when I was 5 as family did not know what to buy us so we all chose an animal.
    3. Wearing outrageous gloves (my kids say its embarrassing lol)

  15. K Mayers says

    I’ve still got some habits…
    1. Scared to go near snails & worms (for some reason!)
    2. Always licking out the bowls when cakes, mash, etc are being made
    3. Nasty habit of eating all the peas bit by bit before they’re done – or even put onto boil sometimes!

  16. Miswiing says

    3 habit I have not grown out of are:

    1. Reading the Boxcar Children books
    2. Curling up in front of the fireplace with some hot chocolate
    3. Going crazy for candies with cute packaging!

  17. says

    Aw, what a fun question to answer!

    1. STRAWS! Picture this with me: You’re at the computer mindlessly surfing, and you get a bit thirsty. But you’re too hooked to pause, let go of the mouse, and take a sip. That’s where straws come in!! Prop the cup on some pedastool in front of you on and enjoy constant, uninterrupted sips while you browse away~! It’s a fun chew toy too.

    2. Being afraid of the dark. It’s not whether or not ghosts exist. It’s whether or not I can get the image of them out of my head.

    3. Dancing in front of the mirror. My daily exercise.

  18. lorraine lamont says

    the things ave not grown out of are
    1. Watching the wrestling a know its maybe a boy thing but a love it
    2. going out and playing in the snow espically making a snowman cany beat it :)
    3. licking the bowl and spoon after ave been doing some baking feel u can never get to old for that lol

  19. Safoora says

    Things I’ve grown out of:

    1. Mixing the ice cream in my bowl, til it melts and turns into ‘milkshake’

    2. Back combing! (As if I ever did this)

    3. Wearing mismatched socks (because I thought it was cool)!

    • Bernie says

      1 Winnie the Pooh – my first love and at this rate my only one!!
      2 Chocolate bars – no fancy boxes for me please!!
      3 Weeping like a baby when bambi’s mum dies – gets me every time :(

  20. says

    Me too! Most dismayed at two that have appeared on my chin and cheek. So spotting this (!) was quite timely : )

    3 things? Let me think

    1. Pulling monkey faces. Did this just yesterday to stop a toddler crying who was sending her mother into despair in Sainsburys. Child: ‘ I don’t like monkeys!’ How can anyone not like monkeys???

    2. Kicking leaves on the footpath – so satisfying and crunchy sounding. I love autumn

    3. Going on the swings in the playground. I’m still sulking we never had one in our back garden when I was a kid. Swings rock!

    Yasmin x x

  21. Lakshmi says

    My Mum’s Chicken Roast when I’m not feeling well.
    Not being able to walk into a room with the lights on.
    Still thinking there might be monsters under my bed.

  22. Daiva Preston says

    1. Can never get bored watching Disney films
    2. Getting up in the morning!
    3. Chewing nails

  23. Amelia Kennedy says

    1. Talking gibberish
    2. Having my teddy bear in my bedroom
    3. Getting moody and sulky when I’m hungry and can’t eat

  24. joanne sutherland says

    1, Wanting to spend time with my mum..
    2, watching a old movie on sundays with some sweets
    3, Twirling my hair when concentrating

  25. Ashleigh says

    1) getting very excited about christmas and getting up really early!
    2) liking the bowl when making cakes!
    3) kids movies!

  26. Deborah Wheeler says

    1. Being afraid of the dark
    2. Eating sweets
    3. Ringing my mum up when I’m upset or something goes wrong

  27. Gemma Harrison says

    1. Eating too many sweets
    2. Being scared of the dark
    3. Wanting my mum when I’m poorley

  28. Sarah Hodge says

    Ok, mine are:

    1. Eating the chocolate off the malteser first
    2. Eating the caramel of a twix first
    3. Eating the chocolate from a milky way and then rolling the centre into a ball before eating it.

    ………bit of a recurrent theme there me thinks!!!!!!

  29. Tonya says

    1. Sucking my thumb, which at 37 can prove embarrassing.
    2. Annoying my siblings anyway possible.
    3. Licking the bowl after cake baking.

  30. Stephanie Cummins says

    1. eating haribo & lollipops
    2. only being able to listen to music with ear phones in
    3. drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows

  31. Zoe G says

    When drinking with a straw, making loud slurping noises trying to get the last bits
    Taking a chocolate bar apart when I eat it and eating all the different sections
    Putting a jelly sweet ring on my finger
    Only 3, I’ve got loads more! (I’ve just realised I must be an ultimate big kid)

  32. Marycarol says

    Great question!
    1. Biting my nails – wish I could stop!
    2. Eating the icing on cupcakes and leaving the rest.
    3. Cuddling up to my teddy in bed (never mind the husband)