Friday Giveaway: Paul & Joe Face Colour in Rose

If you haven’t tried Paul & Joe Face Colours, you should. They are gorgeous blushers that come with a highlighting shade to the side. Mix the two together or use individually for a customised finish!


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

What’s the last thing that happened that made you blush?

Me: I blush all the time because I’m always doing stupid things. I did realise I had my top on inside out (again) the other day and had been prancing about it the tags out for the whole day AND there was a hole in the back…yeah…it’s been a busy month.

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. I was in a shop the other day browsing and someone shouted “EMILY STOP THAT!” and I automatically said “Sorry!” Of course they were not talking to me, they were telling off their toddler :(

  2. Rebecca Ball says:

    I cut my leg when i shaved them Friday night and dabbed toilet roll on it while i was getting ready to go to the pub – only problem was i forgot to remove the toilet roll before i left the house and didnt notice it until we were sat outside the pub and my boyfriend put his hand on my leg – was so embarrassed x

  3. Probably when the pervy old guy at work keeps propositioning me in front of everyone! argh!

  4. I blushed when I forgot to thank people at the seminar I attended. I said the equivalent of “Nice to meet you” instead of “Thank you”.
    Also, I go into ignore mode when I commute to work, and sometimes someone braves that to give me something important that I’ve unknowingly dropped. I always blush because I was completely prepared to ignore the helpful person. This has happened a few times already.

  5. My mom was wearing her fav sleeping gown, and didn’t realize the armhole got really really big due to a loose thread. She turned, lifted her arm and if I was 6 months old again, I would have gone “Yum, snack time!”

  6. Not something stupid I did, and some time ago, but my most blush-worty moment so far:
    During a group work in my university class last fall semester, some Chinese guy kept disturbing our discussion, especially when I tried to get some smart answers out of the Korean guy who liked to keep his wisdom to himself. After a while, this Chinese girl goes:
    “Julia, you really don’t like , but you do like . Unfortunately, she really hit the spot, and as I am the worst liar ever, all I could do is suggest going back to work and hide behind my text book. I do feel like I saw a grin on the Korean guy’s face, though.

  7. i blush when i feel everyone is looking at me >.< if a guy i like look at me, i wont blush, but when the whole world is looking at me i would! lol

    xoxo elle

  8. Last month my sister brought her new boyfriend over. He’s from Cascais, Lisbon, which is an area with a lot of rich people and, well, a bit spoiled XD There are a lot of middle aged/old ladies that are commonly called “aunts”, who are married to rich men and have a very peculiar way of speaking. So the Cascais zone is pretty much made fun of by the country, specially where I live, in the north.
    So, we were having lunch, and I was always restraining myself from saying something about Cascais so to not offend him. But, seriously, every time someone talks about Lisbon, I remember the aunts of Cascais… and I ended up making a joke about it.
    There was a brief silence, one of those where you can feel the tension and embarrassment. Then my sister laughed and someone quickly changed the subject.
    I was so embarrassed… I know he wasn’t offended, but he probably IS from one of these families, I found out later. Good Lord, I still feel like an idiot every time I remember this!

  9. I fell over my wedding dress in the shop when practicing walking in it. I would blush a lot more if I did on the big day!

  10. claire barker says:

    Accidently banged my shopping trolley in to another shopper in asda. whoopsss x

  11. Astrid James says:

    My dog relieving himself in my neighbours garde while I was talking to them!

  12. I don’t really blush- but then, it takes a lot to embarrass me! The last thing I can think of that did was last week, when I was out at a citywide festival. I was bending over, helping my daughter, and when I glanced down I realized that the scoop neck of my dress was hanging in a way as to make everything quite visible. At thi point, I also noticed that the man next to us was taking full advantage of this fact. Oops!

  13. I was at a wedding the other week & one of the male guests who was gay couldn’t take his eyes off my cleavage & kept telling me I was turning him straight. I was so embarrassed. I told him that if he wasn’t more camp than Butlins that I’d have given him a clip round the ear!

  14. it was only yesterday- I forgot to lock the door in a train toilet, and got walked in on by the cute guy who had been sitting in the seat opposite, just as I was …. aaaagh (he went and sat in a different seat afterwards too)

  15. Paul & Joe >”< they've got one of the prettiest packaging :)

    o yes, on to the answer,
    I usually blush when I do stupid things in public…like tripping on flat ground (seriously don't know how I did it…) or walking straight into a huge sign while walking on the sidewalk cuz I was trying to hide from the blazing sun…
    but the latest one wasn't any of that…
    Last thing that made me blush was my friend teasing me about the guy I used to really like in school contacting me again after like 6 years and starting flirting…I kind of forgot he existed til he contacted me haha
    the embarrassing part is that I blushed when I was teased about it…so I pretty much still blush when I think that I blushed when my friend teased me (does that sentence make sense?? *blushes* :p )

    p.s walking with your top inside-out is embarrassing but it can't be worse than wearing your skirt inside-out and waling around in public without knowing…since we can lie that it's the style/design of the shirt, to be worn inside-out, i've seen tops like that…but for skirts… :S haven't seen one yet


  16. I often mix up my words or pronunciation that makes me blush. πŸ˜› makes me feel really silly. last time i said miced instead of minced. πŸ˜›

  17. hannah evans says:

    I blush all the time – probably three times a day – the worst one this week was probably going to the theatre and sitting in the wrong seat on accident – only for it to be my boss’ seat! He turned up and must have thought I was an idiot who didn’t know the alphabet! I went so red!

  18. my boy ;D

  19. Mistaking my cousin for my uncles second wife at my Dad’s funeral (hadn’t seen them since I was a child!)

  20. I work at a hotel and a few days ago there was a guy who hit on me while I was checking him in. I blushed and then flashed him my wedding ring. He scuttered away :) Victory! Haha.

  21. Julie Brett says:

    I got my coat stuck in my car door the other day and I didn’t realise, as I walked away I was pulled back and I slipped on the wet ground and some school kids laughed at me, I was so embarrassed.

  22. I blush when I can’t answer a question or get questioned for an extended period of time. Especially when its a good looking guy…

  23. haha I always come out with stuff that doesn’t make sense, or get my words mixed up…I’m sure my mouth can’t keep up with my brain! I should just learn to pause between sentences :)

  24. I recently did a swap on MUA for a Chanel polish and NARS blush Mounia; the NARS blush was part of a clear out my friend had when she was leaving UK.

    Due to my partner swapper’s holiday schedule, she sent the polish weeks before and I had to hold onto Mounia until she got back and I sent it off early this week following her confirmation that she was back.

    Yesterday, I got a message from her that the blush is a fake!! I had no idea that fake NARS items even existed!! Now I’m desperately trying to find out how I can distinguish the fake items from genuine items but this has been a very very embarrassing swap! (In the end, I offered to pay her the RRP of the Chanel polish)

  25. tousledkitten says:

    One of the lecturers at college peering really closely at my face to examine the make up work of my peer.

  26. calling out to someone and it wasnt who i thought it was when they turned round

  27. LOL I enjoyed your blushing moment story. I’m sure you still looked fabulous :)

    My most recent blushing moment would have to be when I was using a clay mask to do spot treatments all over my forehead and walked out of the house to fetch the mail with it on. The mail carrier laughed right before I was able to turn around and scurry back into the house.

  28. My daughter came back home unexpected and I had to blush when she caught me wearing her top, AND lipstick

  29. Being called by the exes name by his family… Ooh.

  30. raquel kelly says:

    the last time i blushed was when my hubby compliment me in front of a crowd:o)

  31. Kissed my cat – LOL

  32. Pamela Gossage says:

    I went to work with my t – shirt on inside out.

  33. gemma henshaw says:

    i had to blush last week when someone asked me if i had left school yet – I’m 29 next week!!!

  34. ah my god this just reminds me of the time when i tripped over who knows what on the floor and flashed to practically the whole school (ok like 20 people but STILL)
    what a bad day to wear a skirt without shorts underneath :(

  35. My 3 year old nephew had me blushing when he told me off for forgetting to say ‘thank you’ when his mom handed me a glass of juice…

  36. Julie Taylor says:

    I came out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked into my knickers.

  37. i blush so easily. the last thing that made me blush was when i was walking past some builders and the whistled so load and shouting, i got so embarrassed and my face went red :-S

  38. Two days ago I was sitting in my accounting class with 30 other people. I had my Iphone face down on the table and I pulled it toward me. It made the biggest fart noise ever, and a lot of people noticed it and chuckled. I didn’t blush, I turned bright red! Turns out, the protection case that I have is made of rubber and it was just the sound of the case rubbing against the table, but every one will always think i farted…

  39. Calista 101 says:

    Too many blush-worthy incidents in my lifetime! But how can I escape my latest? It was the most cliched, script-like moment when a woman gets toilet paper attached to the sole of her cute Biani heels. Ugh! And I blushed like a tomato when my co-worker had to point it out to me.

    Such shame!

  40. When my boyfriend told me he loved me!

  41. I blush whenever I have to do public speaking which I really hate. My whole head slowly starts feeling warmer and warmer so I’m pretty sure I look quite flushed.

  42. I saw a cute guy at the mall. I was staring and he waved at me. lol

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  43. Things that made me blush? hmmm….Owh! i was actually in my garden running around with my baby cousin to entertain him lk a bunch of crazy kids…and suddenly out of nowhere i heard familiar voices…it’s a guy which i liked before…geez…he saw my crazy action and smiled…that’s when i blushed…xD

  44. The last time that I blushed was when it was raining and suddenly I slipped in a puddle and soaked my pants. Nobody helped me up. They all just went on, staring.

    Anyways, nice story! I always wear my shirts inside out too. :)

  45. Tripping on the treadmill

  46. The last thing that made me blush was two days ago when I went out with the zipper of my jeans open. Fortunately, an older woman let me know!

  47. I was at the spa and i stood up from lounging on a leather sofa and my skin must of still been damp from my treatment so i stuck a little to the leather and it made the loudest noise that sounded just like a real poop. Everyone stared at me and my best friend burst out laughing. I really blushed and said it was the chair but i dont think anyone believed me. lol x

  48. I was in such a rush to get to work one day last week that I only put eyeliner and mascara on one eye by accident which gave me a pretty much one eyed look! haha.. one of my friends had to point it out to me and i quickly dashed off to the bathroom to make repairs 1/2 way thru the day! πŸ˜€

  49. Alice Matthews says:

    Forgetting my towel at the swimming pool.

  50. Julie Booth says:

    moaning in the office about how much room obese people take up on planes (as I was crushed between two of them on a middle seat a few weeks ago) when a very large work colleague strolled in just as I was ranting. She is lovely too, so I felt awful!

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