Friday Giveaway: Paul & Joe Face Colour in Rose

If you haven’t tried Paul & Joe Face Colours, you should. They are gorgeous blushers that come with a highlighting shade to the side. Mix the two together or use individually for a customised finish!


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

What’s the last thing that happened that made you blush?

Me: I blush all the time because I’m always doing stupid things. I did realise I had my top on inside out (again) the other day and had been prancing about it the tags out for the whole day AND there was a hole in the back…yeah…it’s been a busy month.

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. Teressa says


    The last time that I blushed was when my friend pointed out that I had stepped on a bottle cap whilst we were walking around in the afternoon. Prior to that I was wondering why my shoes was making tapping noises, I had just thought it was the buckle on my shoes the whole time >.<

  2. says

    I spend a good deal of my time with a tomato red face being an easy blusher, so it’s hard to keep track. The last big blush was when at the grand old age of 20 I discovered that the hour went forward as well as back…I say discovered, I really mean explained to by a group of friends who saw my phone was an hour off, tried to correct it, only to have me insist it was right. You’d think I’d be more punctual now I have a better knowledge of time but sadly no…

  3. Grace says

    I’m at uni and live in halls of residence. The fire alarm went off while I was in the shower and I had to go out in my towel!! oh the shame!

  4. Vicky Dunn says

    I blushed yesterday when a man pointed to my bum in an underwear shop and said “about her size” and his mum said “oh about size 16 then “.

  5. Tania says

    Well, I was on the beach, and I stood up, all ready to go to the water, when my friend told me that my bikini bottom was dirty. It was a white bikini and the spot was brown, and I was like, oh my, what will people think?!
    Turns out that a bit of my chocolate cake (yeah, who eats that on the beach? Well, I do) fell on the towel. And I sat on it.
    I was so embarassed that I spent the rest of the day facing up. And no, I never got to go to the water. Grr.

  6. Lisa Beaumont says

    When I forgot to zip my jeans up after going to the toilet was a few hours before anyone told me

  7. says

    its not hard , I had totally arranged marriage I live in Pakistan and he lives in USA ,we had never met or seen each other . I saw my hubby after our religious vows(aka Nikah aka marriage) so when we sat together for first time , he said or shall I say whisprered ” you are even more prettier than your pictures ” I blushed so much that my sis had to tell me I looked so cute. Its so good to be married :)

  8. Ava says

    When I slipped on some juice in the lunch room and slipped, falling on my bum. Fortunately, my friend was there to help me up after!

  9. KittenLitten says

    The most embarassing thing that has happened to me recently is my son shouting things out in public, one thing in particular. Standing in the queue in Asda, ‘Mummy have you farted cos it smells like you, or it could be the smelly man in front’. The shame, but funny at the same time!!

  10. Eleanor says

    This morning-I locked myself out of the house in combats, bare feet and a mini top (I am not the sort of build to wear a mini top!) I had to knock on my (male) neighbour’s door to borrow his phone and then to top it all off my boyfriend’s dad dropped the spare keys off!!!!!! AAAaaaaaaagh – I go red thinking about it!!

  11. Yolanda Barker says

    oh my

    a few weeks ago at a circus with the family. I nip to the loo and on my way back my feet didnt go the same way as my body. In the words of my teenage son – I face slammed the ground in front of a whole circus audience. My hands did not go down to protect me or anything and i Just splatted on the ground and sort of bounced on the grass. I was mortified and embarrassed – my street cred flashed passed my eyes. OMG so embarrassing

  12. Stephanie Cummins says

    Yesterday in the gym a guy i have fancied for a while was on the treadmill next to me and i was to embarrased to stop running (didnt want look unfit) so i ran alot longer than i used to and was bright red and sweating bad. when i stopped he asked me if i was ok i must have looked like i was gonna die haha.

  13. Amanda says

    I caught my high heeled boots in the hem of my trousers and went flying right in front of a gorgeous guy!! Ooooh the shame! I was mortified!

  14. says

    I recently went away with my hubby & kids to Blackpool, we got a new camera so my hubby was testing it out, anyway, he decided to take a picture when I was bending over the cot seeing to the baby, I didn’t have much one.

    When I got back, I separated the photo’s into 2 folders, ones TO upload to Facebook & ones not to (I’m sure you can see where this is going). Anyway, I uploaded the wrong folder, I didn’t realise til a little while later, as soon as I discovered it I promptly deleted it, but have no idea how many people seen it. Needless to say, I blushed a LOT x

  15. Joanna Cummings says

    I also blush far too often! My most recent one was one of those awful moments when you’re describing an inappropriately graphic moment in your, ahem, “intimate” life in a noisy, crowded room, when as if by magic everyone goes silent at the same time to leave you shouting details across a deathly quiet room… Cue tumbleweed, and a tomato-red face!

  16. Alison T says

    This is a hard one for me to answer cos I don’t really blush I feel as though I am but nothing much happens outwardly but the last time I felt like I was blushing was when swimming in the sea with my sister ( I am not a good swimmer) and a really big wave was coming so my sister told me to duck under it which I did.Whilst under the water I grabbed and held onto what I thought was my sisters hand but when I surfaced it was a man a complete stranger so I apologised profusely whilst feeling like my face was flaming but luckily he didn’t mind he thought it was very funny.

  17. Lindsey Johnston says

    I last blushed when I asked a friend I had not seen for a while when her baby was due. She was not pregnant. I will never make that mistake again…..

  18. JULIE PANNELL says

    brought a new top went out with it, didnt realise i had bleach all over the back. was furious and so embarrased. i must of leant on the bath that i had just bleached

  19. cf225 says

    After a really busy morning at work the other day I was about to go out to lunch, so told my colleagues I was going for my break/a rest, except the words got muddled in my mouth and I instead ending up telling everyone that I was going for a breast!!

  20. Alli Pratt says

    Last thing that made me blush – randomly telling my CEO on the phone that I loved him, whilst chatting away was e-mailing my other half and ended up saying what I was writing, doh!!

  21. Jo-Anne Richards says

    walking around Tecos with my son who was in the trolley holding my bag, when all of a sudden he pulls out a sanitary towl and starts shouting “mummys on her time of the month!!” at the top of his voice!! Needless to say I made a sharp exit from the shop.

  22. linda curtis says

    when my knickers fell out the leg of my trousers when i was handing them over the counter at the dry cleaners

  23. tupibcn says

    I blushed when a work colleague laughed at my nose because it had gone bright red sue to a little spot on the end of it! how embarrassing!

  24. Sally Willcock says

    At Muse gig last Friday in Wembley stadium. Had to get past some people already seated – all stood except for one lady. There wasn’t much, if any room and she was a teeny bit plump and couldn’t stand up so I had to try and climb over her and got horribly stuck for about 10 seconds – but it seemed much longer. I was just in blind panic about getting sat down as I don’t do heights very well (only middle tier as well!) and I could feel, what felt like the whole of Wembley stadium staring at me!

  25. Emily Ho says

    Me and my friends went shopping and we had split off for clothes hunting and I thought I saw one of my friends from the back and so I jumped on her to scare her but instead it was a some stranger and she with her group of friends and I probably went bright red and ran off. Probably looked like such a wierdo!

  26. says

    never tried paul and joe!! the last thing made me blush is when my nephew says he loves me soo much.. aww sooo sweettt made me blush hehehe i love him!!

  27. bee35 says

    The last thing that made me blush was my little boy barking like a dog at the top of his voice whilst scooting down the road past a parade of shops. It felt as though the entire world was watching me and waiting for an explanation!…Where’s Supernanny when you need her..?!

  28. says

    I was watching the new series The Game of Thrones and the warrior that married the princess is very sexy. That is all that I can say!!