Friday Twitter Giveaway: Multi Colour Eyeshadow Palettes!

Morning! Are you ready for the weekend?

Today I’ve got 2 prizes to give away today so there will be TWO winners. An 80 Colour Eyeshadow palette (which I have myself and LOVE):

Manly 80 Eye Shadow 3D Eye Creator Makeup Palette Set 3 - eBay (item 160381329909 end time Mar-21-10 01_52_17 PDT).jpg

And a 40 shade and 8 blush/contour palette:

Wales 48 Eye Shadow Blush Foundation Makeup Palette H - eBay (item 120504154244 end time Mar-09-10 01_11_48 PST).jpg

Want to win it?

Answer This:

I’ve had some tough news this week and sometimes, a lucky charm comes into use even if it is just the placebo effect. So I want to ask you

What is your lucky charm?


I guess I don’t have any material things that I see as a lucky charm. Maybe if someone ever got round to buying me jewellery, instead of chocolate that they just end up eating themselves *side eye*

In which case I would have to say my little lucky charm is Megan, star of You Tube.

We watch TV together on Saturday and every time she says, “Oh my god, what IS she wearing?” it warms my heart.


Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win one of 2 Eyeshadow Palettes. For info go to –

I will count both entries via Twitter and via Commenting.

Winner announced NEXT WEEK!

Good Luck!

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  1. Courtney says

    My lucky charm is a silver ball pendant that I bought in Ladakh. It’s from Tibet and has a soft chime sound when it moves. I always wear it when I travel. :)

    Hope you find peace with your news.

  2. toniq says

    My lucky charm is a song……
    happy happy joy joy happy happy joy!

    From Ren and Stimpy!!!

  3. Heather says

    My lucky charm is my sea shell bracelet. I always buy one in cornwall when we go as i can stand not wearing it! I tie it on so i can’t get it off and then when the thread snaps i put a new one on. Last year it broke just before an exam! Not good!!

  4. Danielle Graves says

    My lucky charm is my little brother Anton, affectionately known as spud. Always brings me happiness and smiles even if he is being a little bugger :-) xx

  5. Paul Marshall says

    My lucky charm is my beautiful ring that my beautiful Italian girlfriend, Vivienne, bought me for Valentines Day.

  6. Fazeypie says

    My lucky charms are my sons, I always have good fun, good times and good luck when we’re all together

  7. Jacqueline Simpson says

    My lucky charm is my late Grandmother’s wedding ring. I don’t go anywhere without it.

  8. Karen Scammell says

    my lucky charm is a tiny wooden snake figure becuase i love snakes and have a pet snake and my mum got it for me.

  9. sunny day says

    My lucky charm is a maneki neko.My friend brought me one back from her holiday,in Asia.It has brought me lots of luck,but i believe in the power of positivity and that it makes your charm,more lucky.

  10. sunny day says

    My lucky charm is a pentacle of good luck.The seal collects energy from Jupiter.It gives power over ill wishers,enemies,brings luck and helps with difficult relationships.I believe in it’s power.

  11. Allan says

    My lucky charm is a radiator key – for some reason I keep it in my pocket and carry it everywhere (I suppose I’m always ready to bleed the radiators).

  12. Harriotte Goode says

    I have a cork with a £2 coin it that my Grandad gave to me, and a special 50p from my partner, a piece of Tiger’s eye and amethist, a postcard of a 4 leaf clover, a piece of coal my nan gave to me one new year and my boyfriend!!

  13. Elizabeth Burton says

    I don’t generally believe in lucky charms, nor am I particularly religious. However, when I was expecting my daughter, my moter-in-law gave me a small St Gerrard pendant whch had been in the family for years. He is the patron saint of expectant mothers. I have to say, I was blessed with the most straightforward and enjoyable pregnancy of anyone I know! That said, I think he desserted me when it came to the labour stage! Lol!

  14. Clementina says

    Mine is my Joan the Wad pixie (from Cornwall). She really works but you have to be given it as a gift i.e. you can’t buy it for yourself 😉

  15. Kerry Kydd says

    My lucky charm is my cats Muesli and Beanbag, my Grandmother drummed it into me to always have a cat around as they ward off bad spirits from the home.

  16. Arielle says

    I remember reading this quote awhile back, and though it’s not 100% relevant, I think it’s quite cute/entertaining!
    “Do not rely on a rabbit’s foot for luck, after all, it didn’t work out too well for the rabbit.”

    Hmm…I had to think hard about how to define a lucky charm…Something that made me feel lucky? Something that made me feel happy? I feel a bit sad to realize that I have no specific thing that does the trick for me, but in the end, I would have to answer LAUGHTER! Laughing with (or at, haha!) someone makes me feel happy and makes everything seem okay when I’m feeling down. If I start the day laughing, then I feel lucky, like ‘Today’s gonna be a good day!’. So my lucky charm is laughter, and the people that make me laugh.

    I guess that’s close to your lucky charm, Megan, the girl that warms your heart.


  17. Julie Henderson says

    My lucky charm is a little tress of my sons hair when he 1st had it cut which i keep a small piece in a locket and wear when i need good luck which is most days :)

  18. Bella says

    my lucky charm is a ROSARY. when i bring rosary everywhere I go.. it always going to be fine..especially taking exams and talking in the front of many people. Thanks

  19. carol phile says

    My lucky charm is my crucifix that my Dad gave me when I was 14 – I don’t feel safe without it and it keeps him close to my heart.

  20. Rachel says

    Why my lucky charm would have to be little Nathanael who is my 11-month-old nephew. I’ve never met him in person because I’ve been studying abroad for almost 2 years now and never been home for a visit since I left!

    I see him on skype and he NEVER fails to make me smile. I’ll just watch him on the skype video and he’ll be fiddling with his toy or clapping his hands. Funny how small little things like these can make my day. So I can definitely relate to how your Megan warms your heart :)

  21. zoe says

    My lucky charm is a hot neon pink ribbon that was used to wrap my 4th birthday present….to bad it’s very ugly and not so hot now.

  22. Mina says

    awwww megan is adorable!!! my lucky charm is this lucky charm bag i got from Hong Kong hahaa i picked it out randomly out of the bag at a Buddha Temple (:

  23. Yoon-a says

    My lucky charm is Money 😉 means i can haul new goodiess and make me happierhahaa materialistic wise money- but reaally my best friend is (:

  24. SawMun says

    hi..i actually don’t really believe in lucky charms…but if so then i believe in God and pray to Him to help me…

  25. Charlie Ly says

    My lucky charm would have to be my best friends and humor, without either one I don’t think making it through a problem would be as bearable as it is.

  26. Shurie says

    Well, i’m 13 and my lucky charm is my daddy. I go in quite a few singing competitions and when he’s there in the crowd watching me, I feel that I do better. And when I get off stage he’s so proud of how good I do.

  27. Lisa Brown says

    My lucky charm is my husband…he has always brought me good luck :)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  28. Lillian says

    my lucky charm is my wedding ring. it has saved me so many times from unwanted advances from men who just dont seem to stop. thank god for my family. honey ,kids , i love you with all my heart!!!