Friday Giveaway! Fake Bake Original Shimmer 5 Piece Set To Win!

Hurrah! It’s Friday! How about another giveaway to keep you going?

Today I have 5 products from Fake Bake for ONE winner.

You will get:

1 x Original Self Tan Lotion
1 x Flawless Self Tan Lotion
1 x Wash Off Bronzer
1 x Body Polish
1 x Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Lotion


Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

What’s the worst news you had this week?

What’s the best news you had this week?


Worst News: That someone was trying to get one over on me…had me perplexed and clenching the jaw for the whole day!

Best News: Moving on to pastures new.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a 5pc Fake Bake Set. Info:″

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

Winner announced in 2 weeks.

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  1. Aida dedic says

    Worst- a few of my friends told me they couldn’t make it to my birthday meal and only four people cold make it ! Imwas devastated
    Best- it’s my birthday today and I thought I wasn’t getting any presents because I went over loads on my contract and I go lots of presents wooo!

  2. Rebecca Derby says

    The best news I had this week was that I got paid a good bonus at work so now I can afford to get my kitchen tiled!

  3. Kary Sessions says

    Worst news: I lost my job last Monday and now I wont be able to go on holiday , my first holiday for 4 years.

    Best News. I still have the emergency electric left on my key :))

  4. kim B says

    worst news had an unexpected bill of £1600, they forgot to send invoices from year 2009-present day – great !!!

    best news only 21 days till baby is due

  5. S R says

    Worst News: Not going to be able to buy a house for a while
    Best News: I’m doing great in my new job

  6. JULES says

    Worst news – (courtesy of the mirror…) I really am getting old an it shows :( :(

    Best news – a new haircut really can take years off you! :)


    The worse news I had this week was that Nate Dogg had died. The best news I had was getting the all clear from my hospital tests.

  8. Diana Sunderland says

    Worst – I can’t move house for another week :(

    Best – My sister is moving back from Scotland!

  9. Nicola Hartley says

    My worst news is ………that I still don’t have an essay title for an essay that is due in uni soon so I have no idea what I’m doing!!! Wasting my days doing other stuff then I’ll prolly have a panic on trying to finish it when my tutor finally gets me a title!!

    My good news…..was given to me by a spiritual healer at the BSSK Mind, Body and Spirit Fair (in Manchester) on Saturday 19th March…She told me I will make an amazing teacher :-)

  10. Nicky B says

    Best news this week is I’ve been accepted on a teacher training course. Worse news is my glandular fever isn’t getting much better.

  11. tracey rollings says

    worst news this week ive damaged the joint between hip n back good news ive lost another 2lb

  12. christine hutchinson says

    worset news – My two flowergirl dresses came and my daughters is totally different to the other :(

    Good news – My uncle from australlia is able to make my wedding day :)

  13. jane trow says

    Worst news : My best friends idiot boyfriend dumped her

    Best news : My husband got me an early birthday present of flights to go see her in Amsterdam

  14. mandy hopkinson says

    worst news, brought fake bake this saturday and then see i could win it lol.
    good news, won on the euro millions this firday i am £55 pounds better off.

  15. says

    Worst news: I have to do one more term paper and it’s on Shakespeare! (I love that guy so much!)

    Best News: I’ve been exempted in our final exam since my grades are high! :)

  16. Isabelle Smith says

    worst news: hearing about more devestation in japan
    best news: my friends coming to see me from france

  17. Crystal Mse says

    Worst News = I didn’t get that job =o(
    Best News = My brother and his Mrs are expecting a baby =o)

  18. Abi Rollison says

    Worst news: That my 2yr old daughter had fallen off a sofa at her dad’s, hit the coffee table and bit through her lip and they were on the way to hospital.

    Best news: She’s still got all her teeth!!!

  19. AetharaGirl says

    Worst news: the news from Japan. I know it’s not affecting me personally but it still hurts to see it

    Best news: my best friend (who I see maybe once/twice a year) has free time and can come and visit me for a whole weekend very soon!

  20. Chelsea Blair says

    The worst news is my friend was too ill to come out for my birthday
    The best news is yesterday I got a surpise party thrown for me!

  21. Kerry Robertson says

    Worst News – More rejection emails for jobs
    Best News – My sister has found somewhere of her own to stay (major relief for her and family!)

  22. Lou Chambers says

    Worst news – It’s Wednesday already
    Best News – My 11 year old telling me she thinks she’s going to get a good report. Phew 😀

  23. zoe allen says

    Worst new ive had this week……..That at the age of 25 i may never have children again (have a 2 year old daughter thank god) and will be undergoing alot of tests including laparscopic ovarian drilling over the next few months

    Best news…..Im still waiting for some good news :(

  24. Teresa Barnard says

    Best news: I won a holiday!
    Worst news: I can’t go as it has to be taken before the 1st May!

  25. Kerrie says

    worst news – my sil has got to see docs about her pregnancy :(
    Best news – my friend will be having a girl!

  26. Pauline Appleton says

    Worst News – I will be losing 2 days holiday entitlement from work
    Best News – My 2nd Grandchild is on the way

  27. Lisa Amphlett says

    Worst news – My grandma is not coming out of hospital this week :(
    Best news – we have booked our wedding! :)

  28. claire green says

    Worst news: Glamorgan rejected my university application =(
    Best news: I got ‘slimmer of the week’ award from my local slimming group… it was confidence boost I needed, and I feel great for it!

  29. Allan says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    Have to do the garden!

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    Booking our holidays

  30. Jane says

    Best news this week – the weather

    Worst news this week – it’s going to turn for the weekend

  31. Rebecca Denyer says

    Best News is being awarded full custody of my daughter
    Worst News is having to tell her that her Dad couldnt even be bothered to turn up to arrange contact with her


  32. Hazel rush says

    What’s the worst news you’ve had this week?
    That my little nephew was suffering badly with chicken pox! : (

    What’s the best news you’ve had this week?
    That my free sky that I won in a competition will be installed next week!! : )

  33. says

    The worst news I had this week was that Supernatural would not be airing, because Smallville season final was two hours. The Best news was that Smallville was awesome and Excellent.