Friday Giveaway! Fake Bake Original Shimmer 5 Piece Set To Win!

Hurrah! It’s Friday! How about another giveaway to keep you going?

Today I have 5 products from Fake Bake for ONE winner.

You will get:

1 x Original Self Tan Lotion
1 x Flawless Self Tan Lotion
1 x Wash Off Bronzer
1 x Body Polish
1 x Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Lotion


Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

What’s the worst news you had this week?

What’s the best news you had this week?


Worst News: That someone was trying to get one over on me…had me perplexed and clenching the jaw for the whole day!

Best News: Moving on to pastures new.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a 5pc Fake Bake Set. Info:″

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

Winner announced in 2 weeks.

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  1. says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    That there’s more rubbish going on at work

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    That I got a new translation project that’s going to keep me busy for the next six weeks and potentially earn me three times my wages at work :)

  2. Inês says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    Health related problems :/

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    I was accepted for a job!! And it was my top option, I was euphoric lol

  3. says

    What a lovely giveaway! :)
    1. Worst news? Hmm not sure, didn’t have any this week. Yay for me.
    2. Best news? My order has been shipped 😉

  4. says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    Japan’s condition become worse :(

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    It’s Pay day! :)

  5. Pamela says

    Best news : I can fit into size 12 trousers!
    Worst news: My parents were invited to my OH’s family function….we have avoided this day for 9 years so far…..

  6. Lisa says

    Worst news. Cracked the windshield in my car. Thanks to the semi truck spitting out a rock

    Best news. My house SOLD!!!! Yay

  7. Michelle says

    Worst News: LOADS of coursework to do :'(

    Best News: The weather lately has been cheering me up 😀

  8. kirsten T says

    Worst News: That it was taken by someone else.. urgh….. keep reading…

    Best News: I got the job I have been waiting for.

  9. Alexandra says

    Worst news that my retina is slightly detached :( I have recently been diagnoised with retintus pigmentosa.

    Best news is that my son is on course for a b grade in ICT.

  10. Nadine says

    Worst news: That the dentist carved a hole to the bone in my palate and there’s no active blood supply to nourish the soft tissue.
    Best news: That the hole will eventually heal in 8 weeks or more.

  11. says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    the nuisance trips (electricity trips) aint fixable at my no electricity for every storm, thunder, lightning weather..gahhh grrrr
    What’s the best news you had this week?
    heard a great phrase ‘with men, this is possible..with god, all is possible’ ^^

    xoxo elle

  12. says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    I ordered 2000 business cards and they used the wrong image (although it was still one of mine, it wasn’t the one I specified). Grrr.

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    Them telling me they were sending me another 2000 and I can keep the old ones. Not a bad outcome!

  13. tolmu says

    worst: i am still sick, no signs of recovery :( and my boss is pressing me for some urgent assignments :(
    best: got the handbag i wanted on sale :)

    i also retweeted…

  14. Anna says

    Worst news: not really worst at all, I just have one work more to do at my university with this month as finishing date

    Best news: after some tests at the hospitals, I was told my grandpa is totally fine so I’m so glad

  15. Andrea says

    Worst news: a cousin of mine did have a accident and he and his wife died.

    Best News: I know why am always sick is not that my pressuere is bad is just allergies.

  16. Charlotte W says

    Best news: I DISCOVERED MAKEUP SWAPPING…and its nearly summer.

    Worst News: We had a history GCSE exam today, they told us on monday.


  17. Susan says

    Best News: When I found out we were having Macadamia nut cookies!
    Worst News: When I realized that today is the last day of Spring break. :(

  18. Elise says

    Worst news – Gas leak in my road so the drills have been going constantly and the holes are getting closer to my house – Oooer!

    Best news – Strike called for next Thursday over pay and pensions so I get to stay in bed next Thursday – Mustn’t cross the picket line now;)

    Also ReTweeted

  19. says

    The best news I got this week was that I graduated college wih my BA :)

    The worst news I got this week so far has been that my husband will be deploying to Afghanistan for 12 to 15 months :(

  20. Cybelle Oliveira says

    The worst news this week is about Japan’s catastrophe :( but the good new is I’ll be able to fight (Muay Thai) next week!!!

  21. says

    Worst News: A co-worker bailed on me to spend time with her other friends. Tired of trying to be friends with her right now.

    Best News: My boss bought me the Urban Decay Naked Palette as a thank you for helping her out. Makes me think I shouldn’t loath my job as much as I do!


  22. Deanna G. says

    1. What’s the worst news you had this week?

    That my computer will probably be sent away soon for repairs & I’ll be w/out it for 2 weeks! I’ll die :(

    2. What’s the best news you had this week?

    That my mom might get a promotion! So happy for her :)

  23. KIM STAM says

    IS it a coincidence that I am looking into self tanners right now…??!!! LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win this set..
    The worst news I had this week is that my car needs to be serviced quicker than originally planned (poor purse!)
    The best news I had this week is that my bf is 1 step closer to the new job he is hoping for!!

  24. Rhonda says

    Worst news – we have been over paid working tax credits and have to pay them back, we can’t afford to though.

    Best news – my Dad has been allowed to come off his diabetes medication and his blood pressure is normal now.

  25. says

    Worst was still not receiving the Les Fleurs de Bach from the Christmas competition. Must have gotten lost in the post?

    Best news was getting the Detox Eye Roller that I won in your competition through the post!


    best news . my daughter passed her A level exam
    worse news- go to go back to work after being on sick after operation

  27. Jo says

    Worst news – The celing fell down after a pipe to the boiler leaked!
    Best news – My partner fixed it !

  28. Jen says

    Worst news this week: The utter devastation in Japan :(
    Best news this week: There’s a jewellery/craft fair next weekend that is actually within reachable distance for me! (usually the one’s I come across are too far away)

  29. Amber says

    The worst news I have heard this week: stuff I ordered online turned up faulty and now I have to send it back for an exchange, which is a pain.
    The best news I have heard this week: comic relief raised over £74 million which is quite impressive.

  30. says

    The best news I had this week is the fact that I’ve discovered that I have lost 5 stone 2 pounds in weight and I got a B in my Film Studies exam.

    The worst news this week was the devastation in Japan. I know quite a few Japanese people living in the UK right now and as soon as I heard what had gone on, I instantly thought about them and their families.

    I’ve been looking into getting fake tan because I’m a fake tan virgin ( pasty white), so I’m glad you have given me the opportunity to enter this competition.

  31. Jenny Price says

    Worst news, our camper which we took in for a service – ended up needing a recon engine total cost of works £5579

    Best news I won a TouchPad

  32. Vicky says

    The worst news i had this week was that my friend can no longer come to a festival with me that we have had planned for ages :(
    The best news i had this week was that I got a job!!! 😀

  33. Laura Sweeney says

    Worst news : that the stupid tv license is out and its another bill to pay.
    Best news. That my evil manager was on holidays this week. Took full advantage by wearing my hair down and loads of makeup which she hates. In fact might even put nail polish on for tomorow…..

  34. Alysha Smith says

    The worst news this week: The devastation in Japan,my heart goes out to anyone who has lost anyone,horrible natural disaster!

    The best news this week: My favourite TV programme ever is back on tomorrow!The Only Way Is Essex!Cant wait to check out the tans on their as Fake Bake are now doing the tans!:D

  35. FionaLynne Edwards says

    What’s the worst news you’ve had this week?
    I got a speeding ticket today :(

    What’s the best news you’ve had this week?
    My daughter’s been picked as Glinda the Good Witch in her School production of The Wizard of Oz. We’re off ….!

  36. yvette craig says

    What’s the worst news you’ve had this week?
    Going in for a full Hip replacement on the 28th March

    What’s the best news you’ve had this week?
    finding this comp and hopefully winning and I can get my daughter Karen to make me glamourous again when I come out of the hospital lol

  37. says

    the worst news i had this week was my sons hospital blood results ,saying he has a chromazone disorder,causing him to have learning problems.
    The best news is after fighting for two years to get my son a statement from the local education board.i have got news friday hes going to get a statement for special needs so he will get extra help in school.

  38. Fiona Martin says

    Worst news is that my husband has just taken a job position meaning over an hours commute each way every day!!

    Best new is that my baby boy sat up for the first time this week – yay!!

  39. Paul Marshall says

    best news – My girlfriend’s house sale is going through

    worst news – My fiery girlfriend’s period tracker shows that she is due any day now!!!!

  40. says

    What’s the worst news you had this week?
    My boyfriend wont come home on May T^T we are on long distance its really hard for me :(

    What’s the best news you had this week?
    I will get a new student next week ^0^

  41. katherine grieve says

    worse news was checking my bank balance

    best news was my daughters mock sats results

  42. Carla says

    Worst news was that our car was broken into :(

    Best news was my son getting the high school of his choice and the smile on his face xx

  43. Julie Henderson says

    Worst NEws – husband got rejection letter for job due to start on tuesday

    Best news – dad got date for his 2nd hip replacement

    following @leiajulie

  44. liz denial says

    Worst news was seeing all those poor people in Africa on Comic Relief. I know first hand about their problems as last month I was in Kenya & I got to meet some of the lovely single mothers with AIDS who live in the Kibera slums, nobody should have to live like that in this day & age
    Best news is the amount of money raised for Comic Relief to help relieve the problems of the above