Friday Giveaway! 4 Piece Jenulence Mineral Make Up Set!

Happy Friday! Today I am out and about but I wish all of you at work a Happy Happy Day!

We have a fab gift set for you ladies today from Jenulence. Jenulence makes mineral make up that is cruelty free, with no synthetic preservatives, talk etc.

Jenulence and cosmetic candy giveaway.jpg

You can win:

3 x 20-gram sifter jars of Jenulence foundation/concealer, blush, finishing (or setting) powder and a natural powder brush in this set.

How to enter…

You can leave me a comment telling me “What was the best thing you did this week and what are you doing this weekend??”


I had to meet some important people and talk about my future, I had some amazing thai food – do you know nothing is tastier than a Thai Spicy Duck Salad? I also made a breakthrough with a friend and I got lots and lots and lots of exciting things in the post (that I don’t have time to open!).

This weekend I am attending IMATS in London, getting my hair cut and generally being a tourist whilst my mother watches the fort, no doubt poking around and cleaning up.


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You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Winner announced next Saturday!

Good Luck!

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  1. says

    The best thing I did was pick my new car up! As I haven’t driven since being involved in an awful pile up on the m25 in august last year, the car had my children and hubby in it,I couldn’t/wouldn’t drive,
    but I’ve finaly got my confidence back, and am now ready to go back on the mean streets again.
    So to me, that’s the best thing that’s happened this week,
    and if the weathers any good this weekend, I’d like to take the girls for a picnic
    outing somewhere.

  2. xxladyluck13xx says

    Best thing this week was taking a holiday from work, started there last may and this is my first break (i often work 6 days a week too) absence makes the heart grow fonder, theyre definately missing me lol.
    This weekend Im having a treat day, going shopping, getting my eyebrows threaded, having nails done and going to a movie and dinner, well looking forward to it.

  3. says

    The best thing I did this week was get rid of my horrible cold! At the weekend I’m curling up with my honey, soothing cramps with yummy Subway and heat pads. Glam or what.

  4. martan says

    I was sick all week and I am still sick so anything special happened and it will be the same for the weekend…..

  5. says

    My first comment on your blog, now that I’ve gone back and read every single entry! ^^
    The best thing this week has been coming back to Bordeaux where I spent 2 years studying, for a mini holiday to see my friends. Tonight I am very much looking forward to going back to my group of capoeira and dueling in the roda with my friends, as it has been way too long.
    The weekend is going to be awesome, what with lunch with more friends and my arrival in Paris to visit my long distance boyfriend for a few weeks, yay! :)
    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  6. sherieannb says

    This week I have decorated my lounge, very pleased with my work, now for the weekend relax in it x

  7. says

    Best thing I did was have dinner with my girlfriends and had a few laughs!
    This weekend I’m going to do a lot of reading for school :) but I really wish I were at the IMAT’s in London (couldn’t afford it) :(

  8. Pinny says

    The best thing this week was welcoming the boyfriend back home after a long and tiring working trip. I made him his favourite Dim-sum, decorated the dining table with a pod of orchids and of course, cleaned up the mess I had made around the house. As a reward, I got a few more Harajuku Lovers to add to my collection!

    This weekend I’m visiting a girl half an hour drive away down south. It’s funny that our parents have known each other for more than ten years but we haven’t actually met. Since we are now living so close, it’s time. And I’m also going to see a couple off, sadly. They are going back to Taiwan for good.

    Hope you’ll have fun in IMATS!!

  9. says

    erm…I don’t know….I didn’t do anything good….? Unless…tidying and cleaning the house is considered good…..I never do it, but it was time to start helping, right? ^_^

  10. Lydia says

    I’ve been on a business trip for the past two weeks and the best thing that happened this week was that my bf flew to be with me for the weekend, making my trip even better! He arrived yesterday and we had a lovely dinner last night. We’re going to check out a show tonight and have some tasty tapas for dinner. I can’t wait!

  11. Emme says

    Oh my forgot to add the highlight! I had this week off from midterm exams at my college, and just relaxed the whole week. it was amazing.

  12. Nina says

    The best part of my week was watching a Boys Like Girls concert for free! This weekend I’m just going to stay in, probably bake some goodies too!

  13. says

    The best thing I did this week was enjoy shopping for a baby shower gift for my sister’s first child. It’s a boy and it’s my first time being an aunt, so VERY exciting :)

    My husband and I teach English to a Chinese family every Saturday night, and help teach a group of Chinese every Sunday at church. This Saturday, the family we teach on Saturday’s is having a birthday party for their daughter, so we are so excited for it to be Saturday already :) Also, on Sunday after church we are going out with that same family for lunch :)

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  14. Halifax says

    I got a few things ready to send home this week, so that was fun. This weekend would prob for sledding, as it’s snowing right now

  15. Fiona says

    The best thing I did this week, which may sound boring, was just chilling and relaxing in my dorm room because the beginning of this week was filled with hectic Ochem studying. I did also have a nice dinner with my big bro last night though, and we watched “More Than a Game”. It’s a documentary about LeBron James. I really like it! :) For this weekend, I’m going back to LA from SD tonight to spend time with my boyfriend, and going to my friend’s 21st Bday party tomorrow night.

  16. Claudia Davis says

    This week I met with a friend that I had not seen since high school over 20 yrs ago. We were best friends back then. We had such a good time seeing each other and luckily I moved near where she lives so this can now be a regular thing. It was like time flew by.

    This weekend I am going to the Winter Festival in New Hope PA where they have their annual Chili Festival. I look forward to this event every year! About 15 different competitors (usually local restaurants) compete and the local brewery brings their mircro brews. The competition always sells out and it is a yummy day for all. I cannot wait to go on Sunday!

  17. Ashley says

    The best thing I did this week.. uh FAILING MY MATH TEST? I’m so depressed right now, I’m going to bury myself in black lipstick & lots of black eyeliner.
    This weekend I’ll be… practicing my math for all 48 hours to prepare for my re-test. Wish me luck =(

  18. Phi says

    Best thing was finding out I could take all the courses I had chosen even though I changed some last minute.
    This weekend I’ll be having a go at at-home ballet and doing some back to school shopping.

  19. Gea. says

    Best thing in this week was missing from school, cause I absolutely needed some resting days. Also I maked sushi with my friend and after that we went to seeing opera.

    And this weekend I’m going to snowboard trip to Sweden and I’ll be there 8 days. I’m so excited to be on snowy mountains with pure nature.

    And also I lovelove your blog, I recently discovered it. Reading your posts is making my day and it’s part of it. When I can’t chance to read your blog or you haven’t done post yet, then I feel that something is missing in my day.

    I hope you have a amazing day and weekend!

  20. sara says

    The best thing I’ve done this week has been -.- studying
    this WE I’m going around searching for cheap jeans!

  21. roisin says

    the best thing I did this week was take 2 A2 exams which have been pretty much the bain of my life since december 2009.
    This week end I’m celebrating one my my best firends 18th birthdays so hopefully it’s gonna be good! 😀

  22. Mable says

    I had *the* most delicious Korean bbq meal ever. Unlimited orders of side dishes (they had 10 different kinds!) and the best clear beef spicy soup. It’s the dead of cold (-20 Celsius) in Canada, so kbbq is definitely the way to go after a round of exams! As for the weekend, I scored front row seats to see Little House on the Prairie, the musical! Super excited!

  23. DG says

    The best thing I did was get 7 hours of sleep each night this week…very rare. And tonight I’m having a movie night with friends so that should be exciting!

  24. Jess says

    The best thing I did this week was puncture a 101 year old man’s vein trying to get a cannula in, but hey at least the needle went into the vein! I’m a med student btw. The
    weekend would involve meeting up with my cousin whom I haven’t seen for 7-8 years, and her newborn baby. Should be good fun catching up.

  25. Jo B says

    Best thing I did this week was to take my daughter to the pictures to see an eary showing of Lovely Bones, it was sad but beautiful and will stay with us for a long time. What was special was as we walked out my daughter linked arms with me and said you are my forever friend!

  26. Emily says

    The best thing I did this week was to reconnect with some friends and eat lots of delicious food. This weekend (or what’s left of it) has a comedy show and hiking in my future!

  27. lullaby says

    Thai Spicy Duck Salad ???? Where did you have it?????
    I’m Thai and I hardly ever heard of THAT. Duck is extremely rarely used in our food.
    Hmm. Maybe what you took was a regional food …..

  28. says

    Last weekend I was able to do hair and makeup for prom kid and it turned out really well , then meet up with highschool friends for a catchup. Next weekend, I have another makeup gig for an Engagement party which makes me really excited because I love prettifying people :)

  29. Julie Henderson says

    the best thing i did this week was start decorating our house which we moved into last week :) streneous but fun to get it the way we want it.

    This weekend we are inviting friends up for a diner party so i can glam myself up and show off our new home