Friday Competition! 5 French Pharmacy Beauty Sets (as chosen by me!) To Win!

Happy Friday Everyone! And Happy March!

As mentioned yesterday, Escentual are running their French Pharmacy discounts from today (check it out here – There will be a 10% discount on Bioderma using the code: BIODERMA10 until the 31st of March) with a selection of goodies at various discounts (they are now stocking Bioderma too!).

I also have a fab giveaway for you today, in conjunction with the lovely people at Escentual – I have chosen my top French Pharmacy picks, and 5 of my readers (that’s you!) will have a chance to win the whole set!

Want to see what I chose?….

Competition French Pharmacy 1

First off I went for the cleanser everyone is raving about;


Bioderma Sebium H20 – Micelle Solution


Designed for those with combination to oily skin, the soap-free formula can be used on the face and other imperfection-prone areas of the body, such as the chest and back. Sebium H2O cleanses the skin in depth, and improves the quality of sebum production with the patented Fluidactiv® complex.


Why did I choose this?

This product is much loved by many many beauty babes for quick and easy cleansing – I chose is Sebium version over the sensitive because this one is good for oilier skins and also those who can get breakouts too.  Either way, it’s a very versatile product. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Inspired by the “Elixir of Youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, this powerful, plant-based skincare smoothes features, tightens pores and gives a burst of radiance to the complexion.

Why did I choose this?

Another cult beauty product, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is quite unusual at first spritz – I remember it smelling minty – but it’s refreshing and good for those on the go refreshes. It can also be used as a toner!

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Repairing Balm 

Specifically adapted to suit the skincare needs of the entire family, this compensating formula enables skin to recover comfort once more following dermatitis and epidermal alterations, such as chapped skin and intense dryness.

Why did I choose this?

It’s difficult choosing one thing from La Roche-Posay at the range is so large and it’s full of good products. I was torn between this and Effaclar Duo which is great for clogged skin. I went for the Cicaplast B5 in the end as I’ve always had luck with B5 moisturisers on my delicate skin and it’s a great all rounder for when your skin feels like it needs a hug.  Also great on husbands, mothers, and children (is it just me, or do you always get asked ‘do you have any cream’ by other family members?). Well, this is the one you can chuck in your bag and apply on anyone, anywhere (apart from near the eyes!) and it’s a generous 100ml tube. 

Avene Antirougeurs Calm – Soothing Repair Mask 

When skin experiences discomfort, pulling or heated sensations, it can be hard to calm the flare-up. The Repair Mask instantly soothes angry skin with its fresh and creamy texture, and then works deep within the skin to improve skin microcirculation with Ruscus extract. This ensures that both long-term diffuse redness and temporary redness are reduced, and the skin is moisturised and repaired.

Why did I choose this?

With this weird hot-cold-snow-wind weather, everyones skin needs a bit of a soothing mask to fix it. Avene is a wonderful, affordable skincare range which I always turn too if my skin goes mad and needs to be calmed down. I can count on it to sort out any rashes and not make things any worse.  The Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask is a easy to use cream mask you leave on for ten minutes then remove – ahhh my skin is feeling calmer just thinking about it!

Nuxe Baume Prodigieux Levres Nutri Protecting Lip Care SPF 15

The multi-purpose formula deeply nourishes lip skin with mango and shea butters plus sunflower and sweet almond oils. Vitamin E plus SPF15 keep the skin protected, while plant fillimg microspheres smooth and replump the lips

Why did I choose this?

The glamour bit of my picks – Nuxe – LOVE this brand – have these slightly tinted lip balms that double as glosses and also have SPF15 which is a really nice change from the usual lip balm and if like me you are short on time, it kills two birds with one stone. This shade 02 Legendaire Pink is a pretty shimmery sherry pink which is very wearable! 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil 

The lightweight, dry finish, multi-use oil is made up of 98.1% natural origin ingredients with a high concentration of 30% precious plant oils, including borage, sweet almond, hazelnut, St. John’s wort, camellia, and macadamia. An added infusion of soothing, nourishing vitamin E ensures antioxidant protection and long-lasting moisturisation.

Why did I choose this?

I am mad for body oils but not all are equal. I have owned Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse before in the bronze version and it was so concentrated I am sure I owned it for around 2 years. The scent is gorgeous, I’ve yet to find another oil that smells as nice as this one for the same price. This also works in your hair and all over! 

So they are my picks, I hope you like them!

Want to win a set?

Answer my question in the comments section for a chance to win!

I associate French women with being very naturally beautiful and chic, but all the time making it look effortless. I always picture a French mama telling her daughters how to style their hair or accessorise their clothes…maybe that’s just my fantasy, but that’s what I imagine. 

Which leads me to my question:

“What is your favourite beauty tip that your mother, or any relative or older loved one taught you?”


My mother always told me to eat well (she never talked to me about make up or even skincare, she just told me to drink lots of healthy soup) and to finish washing my face with a cold splash of water every time I wash it (which I don’t always do – but it works for my mum, she looks pore-less!).


Closing Date: Friday the 15th of March 

Winners will be e-mailed the weekend following. Please reply to your email within 48 hours – I will need your address to get the prizes sent out! 


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  1. Joe says

    A guy here! My dad taught me how to shave properly – always use lots of soap and lather up, then remember to shave against the hair growth! I still get cuts though!!

  2. says

    My mother always used to tell me and still does to this day to moisturise. It is her number one rule! I have an issue with dry skin and every time I get out of a bath or shower I always remember what she says to me. I have my mum to thank for soft, nice smelling skin. :)

  3. Melanie Parkinson says

    My mum isn’t the kind of mum to talk much about beauty or tips. However she was always keen on skin protection, and would say about wearing sunblock, SPF. This really is the best anti-ageing advice, and can stop us from getting skin cancer..which often develops later in life.. My mum doesn’t have many wrinkles, and she is in her late sixties so protecting your skin from the sun does work.

  4. Jen says

    My mum always told me to make sure I take my make up off at night and condition eyelashes with vaseline overnight – both simple but effective!

  5. Dana Khalil says

    My mother always tells me to wear SPF on my face and neck. Also she passed on the coconut oil hair treatment to me which I do once a week. She also recommends Retin a for wrinkles which I will start using once I’m older because she is in her sixties and still looks FABULOUS!

  6. kirsty says

    the only thing my mum taught me about makeup/skincare is to always moisturise. She had to nag me constantly as a kid, and I always regretted it when I didn’t – the perils of eczema!

  7. Halifax says

    My mom told me a lot of things but they didn’t necessarily get in my head until I was in the situation where I neded them. She said making myself presentable means self respect, but I didn’t until a lot later in life

  8. Beatrix says

    My mum never gave me any make up tips because she never even wore any – but she looks amazing even at 60. I have always been quite natural with make up too like my mum, and I try and moisturise all the time :)

  9. Emily says

    I love Bioderma! Best tip my mum gave me was wear lots of make up to cover up the blemishes! Yah I don’t listen to her much

  10. Safoora says

    My dad (yes, a man) gave me a beauty tip… Well, kind of. He told me that honey is amazing for healing skin and suggested I should try it whenever I have a break out. It’s not a miracle cure, or even a good spot treatment. But it makes a great face mask. Leaving skin glowing and hydrated. It only takes 20 minutes and it’s not even expensive!!

  11. Lynda says

    My mum always told me to remember to take my make up off at night! I always do it now no matter how tired I am and my mum looks amazing

  12. Mandy says

    I inherited good skin from my mum! So to be honest I don’t do much to my skin, and she has never done much to hers. Just drink lots of water!

  13. Joanne says

    My mum always told me that moisturising is the most important thing you can do to care for your skin. That applies to face and body!

  14. conny says

    Hi Rowena, my mum tells me exactly the same thing! Drinking soup and eating well… except I was told I should always wash my face with a hot flannel. I stopped listening to her about the hot flannel years ago but recently went back to it (that and drinking lots of soup of course) turns out she was right all along my skin is looking better than ever. Never argue with a Chinese mama – they always know best!

  15. Suzie says

    My mum told me to wear sunscreen all the time and I! It prevents age spots, discolouration and so on but then again we do live in a hot climate

  16. Jen says

    My mum always told me to wear less makeup and wash my face with rice water (which actually does work!)
    Luckily good skin runs in the genes too…she never used moisturiser and still had amazing skin!

  17. Kirsten Murphy says

    My Mum taught me to make cleansing & moisurising as an important part of my morning/night routine as brushing my teeth. It is so routine that I barely give it a thought, I just do it, regardless how tired or hurried I am.
    Kirsten x

  18. Emily Paterson says

    My mum always told me to make sure to drink lots of water – if my skin was being looked after on the inside, it wouldn’t need as much outside help!

  19. sherlync says

    My mum always tell me to moisturize,wear sunscreen and drink lots of water! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Vedra says

    My aunt is the other cosmetic-crazy one in our family, and she didn’t teach me directly but I certainly took an example from her always being made-up and smelling great 😉

  21. Fung says

    My mother has always said that drinking lots of water is the best thing you can do for your skin.

  22. says

    My mum always told me to eat my veggies because they’re good for us and to this day I love them. I eat tomatoes like candy and even like less popular veg like brussels sprouts. It was my aunt who told me to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. She said using a day and night cream is essential, and even a cheap cream used every day is better than not at all. I didn’t always follow her advice when I was younger, but I do now. And my aunt? She’s in her 60s but regularly gets asked if she’s had botox and gets mistaken for someone in her 40s at most.

  23. Sanja says

    I lost my Mom when i was very young but my beautiful grandmother stepped in to try and raise “a lady” lol Despite the fact that i started out very much a tomboy (climbing trees in a dress!) i have distinct memories of her sitting at her vanity table every night applying cream after cream – making the whole ritual look so glamorous & effortless. It took a while but the “girl” in me finally showed up and now i have my own vanity & my own beauty potions BUT i have to admit my version is much messier! Her big thing was always skincare first so for my 12th birthday i received my first eyecream with the words “if you skip everything else, at least take 20 seconds to apply this every day”! Looking at her skin at 62 i cant argue one bit!

  24. says

    My grandma taught me to never forget to care for my skin and lips. She told me a good moisturizing and toning regimen paired with fantastic lip balm will always keep me fresh looking no matter what. She’s 80 now and does not look a day more than 50!

  25. Sil says

    My mom has never been big on make up, and her skin is completely different from mine, so no tips there either.
    But my cousin taught me to curl my lashes (i use a spoon, works lots better) when i was around 13, saying it’d make a big change for me, since i have really long eyelashes, and she was right! Now i never leave my house without curling them first :)

  26. Kelly says

    Always ALWAYS remove all your makeup and cleanse your face before going to bed. Always. :)

  27. says

    Weirdly, my Mum never really gave me any beauty advice!! She *did* give me a mini Neutrogena skin care kit when I was about eleven and I have cleansed, toned, moisturised and done a weekly scrub/mask ever since. She also put a mud mask on me for “fun” when I was thirteen and took photos of me while it was drying. Last time I saw her I asked why she hadn’t used the lipstick palette I gave her and she said it was because she didn’t know what to do with it. *Facepalm* x

  28. Poppy says

    My moms best tip was telling me to moisturise and not to cry too often – because it gives you wrinkles!

  29. Ni says

    My mom made a lot of makeup mistakes in her youth (she tattooed on her eyeliner, overplucked her brows, etc.) But she had a lot of fun along the way so she’s all about being true to yourself. Don’t follow fads just because everyone else does – rock a bold lip or eye because you want to! Or go au naturale. Whatever makes us comfortable because makeup was supposed to be fun. She was all about beauty starting from within so we always ate healthy growing up because what goes into the body is greater than what we put on on the outside. She said to drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated and healthy, always moisturize my lips (we have chronically chapped lips), and no matter how much makeup you wear or not, give your skin time to breathe. It’s been a good philosophy thus far!

  30. Scarie says

    Well my mam hasn’t really taught me much instead I’ve taught her! The more blogs I read and books and a make up
    Artist course I’ve been teaching her things for years now! Her friends all bought urban decay naked palette after seeing how lovely it was on her. I bought it for her

  31. Victoria N says

    My mum always told me not to overpluck my eyebrows and always get them plucked by a professional. I’m now a convert to threading :-)

  32. E Smith says

    My mums favourite tip was to tell me to moisturise throughout the day, even when out and about I hydrate with a facial spritz

  33. Shygirl says

    My mum taught me the importance of drinking plenty of water and eating properly, to nourish your skin and hair from within!

  34. Gigi says

    I remember my mum always using Oil Of Olay when i was younger. She always told me the importance of looking after my skin. Use moisturiser everyday. My mum is now over 50 and still gets compliments for looking younger!!

  35. Georgia Edwards says

    My mum has always told me to drink as much water as possible, not to overpluck my eyebrows and don’t touch those spots!

  36. Bunny says

    I was brought up by my grandma who told me to always stay out of the sun because it gives you wrinkles! I am don’t sit in the sun even now and wear a SPF

  37. lite says

    My mom taught me to be comfortable in my own skin. That whatever we wear, what matters are the inside.
    So it’s fine for having no makeup at all sometimes, or having lots of makeup too sometimes, as long as we are confident, and still be ourselves, and always be the best of us in treating others, doing our work, etc.

  38. says

    My mom, even when she was young, wasn’t huge on makeup. She wore light makeup and believed that more than anything else, it was important to take care of your skin and your body. That meant eating well, drinking lots of water, and getting good night’s rest. Too bad it’s much more difficult as a final year university student!

  39. Nikol says

    My mother did not give much beauty advice. Use a cleaning mask once a week. Mother in law rather enjoying the beauty, is already 70 years old. :-)

  40. N. says

    My mom isn’t much of a beauty expert. But something she always taught well was to always use Spf and use clothing that covers your body in the beach if you are too pale etc. Because my family is paper pale and we burn like crazy. She even used an umbrella when we came back home after school when I was little.

  41. Harpreet says

    my mum taught me to always moisturize my face after washing it. As I have dry skin, she would slather that on my face as a kid!

  42. Sarah S says

    My mum drilled the importance of moisturising everyday into me. I started using a moisturiser when I was a teenager and it’s a habit that I continue to this day. I don’t use an expensive moisturiser, quite the opposite, but the act of using one every day is very beneficial to the skin. I also love wearing make-up which I’m sure I got from my mum because she wouldn’t leave the house without her slap on! She was particularly fond of green eye shadow and eyeliner – well, it was the seventies!

  43. Beverley says

    That petroleum jelly is your friend! Adds shine, soothes lips, tames brows – brilliant stuff!

  44. Susan B says

    My grandmother always kept a bottle of perfume (in those days, it was lavender water or lily of the valley) under her pillow and dabbed on a little before switching off the lights so she still felt beautiful while drifting off to sleep.