Friday Chit Chat: How does your man deal with the make up in your life?

“Her eye make up is terrible…it clashes with her blusher.”

…..said Mr C at the TV, the other day.

That’s right. How does a man with no interest in beauty and has never bought anything other than some basic moisturiser and a bar of soap suddenly become so judgemental about blue eyeshadow and orange blusher?


Which made me think about this – how does your other half deal with your love of make up and beauty?

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If you are a beauty blogger too, then it gets even more complicated as the house fills up with envelopes and products, press releases and camera equipment…

I am thinking there are a few possible types of ‘other half behaviour’…

A. There are the ones that are completely disinterested in make up and ignore that part of their lady’s life.

B. There are the ones who will go along with it but don’t really pay attention.

C. There are the ones who find it quite interesting, even if they wouldn’t admit it to their friends.

D. Then there are the ones who grow to despise the ever growing collection of eyeshadows and glitter dust all over the duvets.

Mr C moans about the growing pile of make up and he complains about it being everywhere, and he has refused to let me apply any make up to his face for practise reasons. Hmph.

But overall he gets my obsession and he helps me a lot with the blog. Also all this stuff I tell him about make up DOES sink in – he’s started to recognise what brand a product is based on the packaging and notices people’s blending skills. He also knows what make up video I am watching on YouTube based on the the person’s voice (Is that Pixiwoo?)!

I’m glad he does accept my love of make up to the point where he will traipse round London with me if I am looking for a lipstick and he won’t shout if boxes of my hauls arrive in the post…

So how does your love of make up or another beauty thing affect your other half? Are they interested and supportive, do they ignore it entirely or do they hate it? And do you care your other half thinks?!

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  1. says

    In the beginning I kept my blogging secret from my boyfriend. Once I did tell him though, he was really supportive of everything. We tried using his super fancy DSLR to take pictures but I could never stray too far from my old ways and that didn’t end up working out. He doesn’t really mind my collection and he has been really helpful with the HTML!

  2. Sarah S. says

    My hubs is like yours, but he’s getting kind of disgusted with all my money spent on hauls… but he also gets it because he collects records! I’m sure he’d do a happy dance if I quit collecting (and asking to practice on him, too. He’s got massive eyelashes and I’m dying to see how big they can get with some mascara!). I hope in some time, either I’ll start a beauty blog and all my collecting will seem a bit more justified, or he’ll just accept it and help me hunt down my lemmings like your husband does!

  3. Lucy says

    My boyfriend is really embarassing and rude about makeup. When i was in BlueWater john lewis getting my make up done by shiseido, he was like “Don’t make her skin look gross and powdery like yours. I hate women, their make up always looks so powdery.” He seems to really hate powder foundation, even the slightest bit. I have to make my makeup really dewey for him not to pick at it XD but i have oily skin, so after a couple of hours i look like i have the beautiful skin of a dolphin. Cept im human

  4. says

    interesting topic. my bf makes a face whenever a haul package. but, i look away and pretend it’s not there. he’s not super supportive, but he’s not in the way either as long as i let him has his computer games(which i’m into as well). he did go and get beauty related presents last christmas all by himself. thought it was sweet. i’m trying to control myself as a compromise. in terms of blogging, he helped to setup my light box. he won’t help me with html no matter how hard i ask though, cos’ he knows i’ll manage :)

  5. Emilyjane says

    My husband has only mentioned my makeup collecting once, when he said ‘that box is too full’ when I’d left the lid off the one ikea plastic bin my collection is thrown in. I know he’s hoping it’s a fad (as we’ve been together ten years and I’ve only been collecting for two) so if he just keeps quiet it will stop soon. i know he doesn’t like it though. I don’t wear makeup that often (I collect for the enjoyment of collecting beautiful things) butbwhenI do he makes comments about me being ‘done up’ and says he prefer it when I don’t wear any. Strangelybthough he lokes to help me choose which nail varnish I’m going to wear for the weekend, which leads me to think that he understands what nail polish is but doesn’t ‘get’ any other products and so thimks they are a waste of money.

  6. Bella says

    I like to drag mine to the MAC counter and make him give opinions about different stuff I’m interested in. He claims he doesn’t have an eye for colours or combos, but he so does!

  7. Giselle says

    My guy doesn’t really get it either. We don’t live together so its a good thing he doesn’t see the packages come in the mail, otherwise he would say I’m wasting my money…which is true. But anyway! I know he appreciates when I do a nice MU look, because he’ll say something like “I like how your eyeliner points out at the end” or something haha. Or the other day I was lying next to him and he touched my eyelid and said “interesting eyeshadow” when it was just a light shade of brown. God bless him, he’s clueless :)

  8. says

    i love reading all ya replies!!!
    my hubs was kinda disgusted too when i started loving makeups and parcels starts to arrive..but when i pointed it out that its one of my hobby, like his xbox n dvd collections, then he left it at that lol
    he only likes neutral or brown colours as my eyeshadow, but i like purple, pink, blue, grey hahaha
    he dont like lipstick or lipgloss on me (he said its hard to kiss and b kissed) wic is kinda true

    xoxo elle