Freshel Kanebo Concealer

Just a quick haulage post. I got this Freshel Concealer from Adambeauty:


I am not 100% what all the different sections are for. One looks like a proper concealer, the white looks like a pearly highlighter, the pale pink looks like it could work under the eyes.


Will test before review!

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  1. hey there
    white one is for highlight, yellow for concealer and that pink pale is for covering the pores so that it gives smooth finish.

  2. The lower colour reads “Gel Concealer (Pore Cover)” – which sounds interesting! You are right about the whitish colour, the top line reads “Highlight”.

  3. Hello :)

    I was wondering how did this product turn out for you? I’m thinking about ordering it, but I couldn’t find any reviews on it.


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