Free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss with July 2010 Red Magazine

I was in the newsagent before and noticed that this month’s Red Magazine comes with a free full sized lipgloss by Jemma Kidd worth £14 – (£14!!!! For a Jemma Kidd lipgloss?! But I digress…)


There’s 3 colours, a light peach, a pink and a red. The magazine is £3.50 and comes in full and travel size.

Summer Editions of Magazines always have the best freebies!

I have never read this magazine but I’ll give it a go for the free gloss. I didn’t actually buy it today though because Mr Candy was saying how I couldn’t go a day without buying something and I had to prove him wrong….if eBay purchases don’t count, then I am winning.

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  1. Alexandra says

    I got the pink lip gloss. Its not very pigmented. Going to try it on top of a pink lip stick.