Fragrance Love! Molton Brown London Navigation Through Scent Perfume in Lijiang Review

It’s not often I fall in love with a perfume, like, really fall in love in love with one.  I don’t know what it is that makes a scent really work with someone…but when I smell it, I know!

Molton Brown’s Navigation Through Scent is the brands first foray into fine fragrances. I went to the launch a few weeks ago and each perfume was presented with in its own little alcove, and each represents a real geographic location.

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I am not a perfume connoisseur – I am not going to be the best person to explain these scents to you in the most expert way but I’ll tell you how they smell to me!

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Iunu – Egypt. A favourite with a lot of ladies on the night – this one is a good unisex scent and had a masculine edge to it. It was quite gingery to me, like how I’d imagine George Clooney to smell. It was also very peppery! I think this is one that I’d learn to love.

Singosari – Indonesia. Very gingery and strong – I did find this one the hardest to settle on my skin, in that is was very pungent.  It’s extremely rich and I do like that it’s bold – you know when you light an incense and you take the first whiff up your nose? it’s that kind of strength.

Apuldre – Kent, England. The thing I remember the most from this perfume was berries, and grass. Smelt better on my once it had settled down as it was quite strong when first sprayed. Then it was quite ‘soily’!

Rogart – Canada. Probably the most interesting scent of the lot – I could smell maple syrup and something that was like burning wood. Maybe it’s the imagery that helped, but I could picture a little wooden hut in a field, and the guy from Due South inside. This was a very very sweet scent I found.

Then…there is Lijiang.

Molton Brown Lijiang Fragrance Perfume

A note about the packaging – it is unisex, like the fragrance. The box and bottles are both unisex.

Molton Brown Lijiang Perfume

I love the crystal style bottle – reminds me of an expensive bottle for whiskey and the lid which you turn to spray is handy (although I keep going to pull it!).

When I smelt all the perfumes and wondered around with various cards, I realised that there was one perfume overwhelmingly that belonged to me – Lijiang.  This perfume is for me, the most feminine by far, floral and definitely smells quite a bit lighter after a bit of wear.

A top note of pink berries & vegetal notes. Middle notes of Osmanthus absolute & white tea. A base of white musks & vetiver.

I could smell flowers and tea.  Tea.  Lot of fresh tea.

I chose this scent to take home in the end because although the others are nice and so interesting, there was only one that it could be!  Mr C says it smells like CK one.  I guess there is a bit of that in there – but a richer, more tea like, elegant finish.

Molton Brown Lijiang Perfume Scent


I love this fragrance it’s a pleasure to put on in the morning! All of the scents in this range are so unusual it’s worth going to smell them for yourself because every one is so different.

If you visit the Molton Brown Facebook Page they have a quiz which you can take to get a sample of a perfume which suits you the most!

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  1. says

    I did their facebook quiz thing and received a sample, can’t remember which one but it was VILE!! it took me back to cleaning out the caravan toilets when we used to go camping, that kind of ‘i’m really just bleach but with added fragrance’ kind of smell. AWFUL! then again i suppose these kind of perfumes aren’t really aimed at me, give me D&G The One any day!!

  2. J says

    I’m really into tea scents too, so I’d be interested in sniffing this one out. I had to laugh at some of your descriptions…the bit about George Clooney, and Due South (I used to love that program!) 😀

  3. says

    Finally! Someone who loves Lijiang as much as me! I have just finished my first bottle but bought two more as I got them on offer. LOVE IT. Never had a perfume I’ve felt quite as strongly about. To me, it smells feminine but strong. And it smells expensive. I always feel fantastic when I have a great outfit on then spray this to finish it all off.

    So glad someone realises the greatness that is this perfume! :)