Foundation Love: DHC Q10 Base Make Up Moisture Care Liquid Foundation Review

Another day, another foundation.  I am a foundation addict.  I guess the fact is our skin changes all the time so what we want in a foundation changes too.  At the moment I have a few fail proof favourites; RMK Creamy Foundation, MAC Face and Body, Estee Lauder Doublewear Light (I am still trying to find the perfect creamy compact foundation though!). 

When I received this DHC Q10 Moisture Care Liquid Foundation, I was excited to try it out. They say:

“This ultra-moisturising, age-fighting foundation is bursting with free-radical fighting super antioxidant coenzyme Q10. It not only provides full, even coverage for flawless-looking skin, its blend of collagen, elastin and oat kernel extract moisturise and plump to help minimise the appearance of fine lines.”

DHC Q10 Base Make Up Moisture Care Liquid Foundation Review 1

DHC is a Japanese brand and their range is vast in Asia and well known.  I haven’t tried much of their make up before as they are particularly well known for their skincare (they also do health supplements too!).  I requested shade 03 Natural Ocher with the hope that it would be dark enough; Japanese bases are frequently too light for me. 

Natural Ocher 03 does indeed match my NC30-35 skin colour pretty well!  It isn’t too yellow and seems to flatter my skin. 

DHC Q10 Base Make Up Moisture Care Liquid Foundation Review 2

Note; I currently have sensitive and dry skin, but I am still prone to oiliness as the day wears on and spots around my nose and chin.  Being a moisturising foundation, it’s a liquid but definitely on the rich side.  It offers medium coverage and gets rid of any redness or marks I have on my face – it blends nicely too and keeps my skin feeling really hydrated.  The finish is glowy – very blowy and radiant, as if I have used a luminizer mixed into the base! 

Obviously if you powder this, it will dull it a little but for most people, I imagine the glow is a bit much.  I don’t mind it actually maybe because my skin is so dry, I like the dewy effect. 

Rubbed in – see the coverage is pretty decent:

DHC Q10 Base Make Up Moisture Care Liquid Foundation Review 3

Now, my original review was going to say how this is a decent foundation, good coverage, hydrating, all ok.

But I have continued to use this base for a while and really, it is a wonderful foundation. I think it just really really suits my skin but I am so happy with it!

Currently I am using Doublewear light quite religiously but that was starting to look a little dry in patches. 

DHC’s Moisture Care foundation is brilliant for dry skin and those who get those unsightly patches (as I do) – it just keeps your skin looking healthy and springy the whole day. It also lasts well, and even covers pores quite well too (this tends to be an Asian concern, so it doesn’t surprise me that this base offers decent pore cover). 

I didn’t have any allergies to this product and it did make my skin look better after too – some foundations give me clogged pores but this product felt like it was caring for my skin as well as covering blemishes.

I also found this foundation photographed really well – I have used it in a lot of photos and I like how it looks – example:

DHC Q10 Base Make Up Moisture Care Liquid Foundation Review


I love this foundation, which, is a real surprise. 

Will everyone like this foundation? No.  If you have oily skin then avoid (obviously) and also if you like very light textured bases – this one is fairly heavy.  

However if you have dry skin that can feel tight and suffer from those dry patches, if you love a dewy finish, and love creamy feeling foundations and have a light to medium skin tone, then this is a brilliant foundation to use. It certainly will cover your flaws with little bother and photos nicely too.
This costs £25 and comes in 4 shades (unfortunately nothing darker on 03, which is the one I used). Buy it here.
*PR Sample
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