For the flakies: Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Peeling Bath Shampoo

Its not the prettiest thing about switching products too often and this weather gives me a flaky, itchy scalp. It so uncomfortable, and unlike skin, our scalps is not just something we can whip out some lotion and moisturise.

I am not one for Head and Shoulders, so I got this Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Peeling Bath Shampoo, in a hope of seeing if it will do any better:

Schwarzkopf seah hairspa .jpg

They say:

Textured SEAH HAIRSPA Peeling Bath with Octopirox gently removes dandruff flakes with Jojoba Peeling Beads and prevents the reproduction of flakes.

I try lots and lots of different shampoos, and I can honestly say, this is one of the most beautiful shampoos I’ve ever tried. The shampoo feels rich in your hand, almost like it could be a moisturizer and it had little green beads in it that work to ‘exfoliate’.

When you emulsify it with water, it feels just lovely – a rich, creamy lather ensues…


Seah Hairspa Daily Luxury Anti Dandruff Shampoo.jpg

I’m not sure if the little beads get far enough to truly strip away the flakes, but its a product that has worked really well for me. No itching (takes a few washes by the way), barely any flaking, just a more comfortable scalp overall.

Will buy again, and if my scalp woes are over, try something else from the Schwarzkopf SEAH range to see if they are all this creamy.

You can get it here for £9.80 from Feel Unique.

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