For Asian & Exotic Skin? EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, Compact Powder & Concealer Review!

EX1 Cosmetics is a range of make up created by Farah Naz, who is British Asian, and wanted to create a range of products suitable for ‘exotic’ skintones after being frustrated at what the high street had to offer. The brand uses the term ‘exotic’, and by that, they are meaning Asian (which in the UK tends to refer to Indian and Pakistani races), Middle/Far-Eastern or Mediterranean complexions.

We are talking about quite a specific colour group, from golden yellow to deep olive skintones.

I fit into the Far Eastern category, and my skin is warm and medium toned.  In terms of finding a good foundation on the high street, I find some are too yellow or sometimes the shades leave a whitish cast (although to be fair, foundations are much better these days then when I was younger).  

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Compact Powder Concealer Review

I was sent 3 products to road test; the Invisiwear  Liquid Foundation in F300 (right in the middle), Powder in P200 (also the middle shade) and the Delete Concealer (anti blemish/dark circle), D200 (yes, you guessed it, the middle shade!).

Here are the 5 liquid foundations currently in the range. I chose the middle shade as it looked right although I think the shade on the right could also work.EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundations EX1 Cosmetics

The Invisiwear Liquid Foundation they say is; A lightweight and luminous liquid base, formulated with light diffusers which unify skin tone and cover imperfections effortlessly. Cleverly designed light diffusing particles detract attention away from lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

It is non pore clogging, and is oil and fragrance free (hurrah!).

I found the foundation to be quite a rich creamy texture – when I pumped it out on to my hand, it stayed in a neat little dollop and it wouldn’t move if I tipped my hand to the side (to make it clearer).  It’s certainly rich in texture, not runny or sheer, I actually found it quite pigmented and offered decent coverage of blemishes and redness.  

I found it left my skin quite glowy – it definitely has light diffusing qualities, which looks very healthy although I wasn’t so keen on the result over the areas where I have larger pores. A bit of powder helped on these areas. 

I found the base wore quite well although it oxidised a little in the day and made me look a bit tanned!  I found this less of an issue if I wore a primer underneath.  Despite these issues, I found the finish quite flawless and the more I’ve used this, the more I think of it as a really easy to use every day foundation. 

The powder and concealer:

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Compact Powder Concealer Review 1

My image is over exposed, the colours above are slightly deeper and more yellow in real life. 

The powder:

Feather light and ultra finely milled, EX1’s pressed powder is the ultimate skin finisher. Swirled over the skin it delivers just a hint of colour and offers lasting shine control, for a perfectly groomed look every time.

The powder is very silky soft and creamy to touch. I personally think the powder gives quite a lot of coverage -I would compare it to some of my lighter powder foundations in fact so I’d say you can use this with a large powder brush for a light finish or a puff for extra coverage. I am used to finishing powders at the moment, such as Sisley which offer nearly no coverage but set make up well….so it’s a nice change to use a powder that adds an extra flawless finish, for bad skin days!


I don’t mind a pot concealer and I find these are usually really creamy.

This concealer is actually a bit on the waxy side, but despite this it covered my blemishes really well – it’s a heavy duty one which I would personally use very lightly under the eyes but would save mostly for the face.

They say:

Your ultimate skin-trick for banishing blemishes and concealing imperfections. Antioxidants defend against ageing free radicals while Vitamin E helps soothe and heal blemishes, all in a lightweight super-blendable formula. Press the delete button on flaws for a perfectly photo-shopped effect.


EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Compact Powder Concealer Review 2

The packaging of these is decent they feel ok – not cheap although not very high end.  The shiny compact is a bit annoying as greasy fingers = marks!

The concealer is £6.50, the pressed powder is £8.99 and the foundation is £10.99. For under £30 for the whole base kit, I think it is reasonably priced (with every day usage these products would last months and months). 

On my face:

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Compact Powder Concealer Review

The more I use these products the more I like them; the finish is quite long lasting and flawless (since everything in the range is pigmented and has decent coverage) and for the price point I would definitely recommend them to women who struggle to match up to any decent foundation on the High Street.

You can buy the range from Look Fantastic (who offer free shipping). 

*PR Samples

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  1. Lin says

    Hi there, I got this a few weeks ago & I <3 it! 200 best shade ever for my skin. I'm surprised you used 300… My Indian friend uses that!

  2. Mimi says

    Strange to see u posted this, as I thought hardly anyone knew about this range! I bought this online, was worried i wouldn’t get the right shade, have asian skin (Pakistani) and went for F300 and all I can say is Wow,Soo glad i found this range, much better colour match for me than MAC, literally blends right in. my Chinese friend uses f100, works perfectly and she is about nc25 in MAC

    • Row says

      Hi Mimi & Lin

      I’ve got hold of the other 2 shades (100 and 200) so going to swatch them and do a comparison x

  3. Lin says

    Hi Mimi, its a well kept secret! Medium Indian skin is 300, olive toned Asian is 200 and they are like a second skin :-)
    I quite like my secret product…. No one else has flawless skin like me 😉

  4. Mimi says

    Thanks Row, can’t wait to see how you look with it on so please do post your results! I’m a fan too Lin! X