Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick Review

Flori Roberts is a cosmetic and skincare brand developed for women of colour – there’s a fairly generous selection of products and colours to choose from that particularly complement darker skin tones.  The colour products from the range look intriguing, and I wanted to try out some of the darkest shades in the collection! 

I have Bloodstone and Black Brandy, both very dark toned rich berry-plums.  I have been obsessed with these type of lip colours recently – unlike red, I find there’s less of an issue finding a good shade for my skin tone. 

Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick

Flori Robers Moisturising Lipstick is supposed to be a hydrating formula.  The lipstick comes in the gold box above and is in a plain black case.  For some reason my two had packaging inconsistencies (one is in a gold barrel, one in a black) and one has the writing across the brand and the other does not.  Of course this does not affect the product, but collectors might prefer some consistency in packaging. 

When I saw these I was like WOAH! They are really truly dark looking, which is great as so many colours look dark in the tube but then are just wimpy sheer plums on the lips. 

Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick 1

Unusually, Bloodstone, which is the darker colour, applies lighter than Black Brandy.  Bloodstone is a rich plummy red berry, and black Brandy is more like a dark cherry.  

Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick 2

Texture wise, I thought these lipsticks were ok.  I was overwhelmed by the formula; texture wasn’t too hard but I did find it dragged at first when swatching and needed a few coats on the lips to look even.  Even then you can see I had trouble getting it looking completely even. it’s not a bad formula, but it’s not amazing and I have tried a lot of really gorgeous lipstick formulas recently. 

Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick 4

Not bad. I prefer Black Brandy though which is deeper and more vampy.  Also applied better:

Flori Roberts Moisturising Lipstick 3

Definitely like this colour quite a lot and I don’t have many lipsticks as deep as this.  It looks like a slightly charred cherry!
On the plus side this lipstick left a stain and overall was quite long lasting even after food. Beware the colour ‘ring’ that is left over though!
Each lipstick is £11.95 and you can buy them here. 
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