Flaky, Dry, Problem Scalp? Dermanova Emollient Scalp Shampoo Review

I am still having troubles with my dry, flaky scalp and looking for a gentle shampoo that can treat it. I don’t like using products like Head & Shoulders for flaking – I find the shampoo itself quite harsh and irritating to my scalp. I have tried a LOT of shampoo’s and have yet to find one I want to stick to.

I also used T-Gel which was fantastic for a few washes then sent my scalp loopy.

I found this Dermanova Emollient Scalp Shampoo on eBay and bought it because it treats dry scalps, as well as scalp psoriasis and dermatitis.


The shampoo is a yellowish liquid, which doesn’t later quite as well as your average shampoo but well enough. You massage it into the scalp and leave it for 3 minutes then rinse off.

One very noticable thing about this shampoo – its STINKS. It really STINKS. To me it smells like an oil rig combined with week old fish. Mr Candy said it smells like herbs and wood. The ingredients show that it does contain Fish Oils (to hydrate) Oak and various essential oils to treat the flaking.

The fish oil content much be really high because for me its the overwhelming smell! Yeuch!



Despite the smell, which I hate, this is a brilliant shampoo for dry, flaky scalps – one of the best I have tried.

For one thing it gets rid of that tightness I get after shampooing on the scalp, and therefore the urge to start scratching at the dry patches. My scalp felt really clean and my frizzy hair was soft and hydrated too. With this shampoo I had no urge to wash my hair the next day, I could easily leave it for 2 days without feeling greasy and ikky.

I use a nice smelling conditioner afterwards and the fishy smell can’t be detected at all on the hair.

I recommend trying this if you haven’t been able to find something to treat your sensitive and dry scalp.

It’s £11.45 from here.

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