Fixing a Hair-Mare; a photo story feat. Colour B4 Dye Remover, Palty Hair Dye and John Frieda!

I have now attempted to have a Ombre hair dye job THREE times at different salons and each time it has gone wrong in some shape or form (too light, too odd, why did you do that?).  Ombre – the type that celebs have which look so chic, I have decided, is some kind of masterful art form that should only be performed by the very best colourists because I swear, professional hairdresser or not, some people just have no EYES. TO SEE. A IMPENDING HAIR DISASTER.  I don’t think I will be attempting it again. 

Anyway. Last hair cut and colour I had, everything seemed ok but it didn’t like long for the results to unfurl – the hairdresser had cut layers into my hair and dyed the top layer dark dark brown and lightened the ends and made it a caramel which within a week had turned into ‘I can’t afford hair dye, I use Jolene on my hair’ orange.  Even bigger problem was that the ‘semi permanent’ dye on the top half of my hair was not fading, not even slightly, and meanwhile the underside of my hair was getting orange-er by the day. 

Scott Cornwall Colour B4 Remover and Palty Namachoco Waffle Hair Dye Review 2

And guess what? THAT’S NOT AN OMBRE – aren’t the light bits supposed to be at the end of my hair rather than an ‘underneath’ layer?  Surely that’s a look that belongs with a daytime pyjama wearing, belly overhanging slob who spends all day playing on Gala Bingo and the evenings hanging outside an Asda Wal-Mart by the trollies?  I digress.

Here it is:


Ombre hair mistake

Sorry yes it was very greasy and it was a bed head day.

Basically I had enough and wanted to fix my hair AT HOME.

I got Colour B4 from Superdrug (which I have used before and it does work) and a Palty Hair Dye in a warm chocolate, NamaChoco Waffle. 

Here is the Colour B4 – I used to use RUSK Eliminate for this kind of thing but it’s dearer £15 and you have to go to Sally’s (and their cashiers are always so rude to me!).  

Scott Cormwall Colour b4 Haire colour remover

It’s very simple to use Colour B4- just mix A and B (it smells a bit eggy) apply to hair and wait somewhere warm, rinse and shampoo with C.  Done. 

I had to resort to this because of the dye that was used on the top of my hair which was holding steady despite shampooing with all kinds of solutions. At least if I removed the dye I could start afresh (and if I am honest, I couldn’t remember if my actual hair colours WAS that dark!!! Baby brain). 

I’ll just show you the before and after.  At the end of the day it’s not going to be great for your hair to use this amount of chemicals for no good reason and since my hair is thinning it wasn’t ideal but my hair was just too hideous for words.

ta da!

Scott Cornwall Colour b4 Remover

Colour B4 is amazing, look at the difference in hair colour. It is an absolute must for divvy’s like me who get their hair dye wrong quite frequently but don’t want to spend a fortune at the salon. 

Now – Palty’s new style of foam dye. 

Palty Hair Dye Namochoco Waffle Brown

I usually like Palty Dyes very much and they suit Asian hair. HOWEVER – this new method of using foam (putting it into a cup and mixing it with the paddle) is straight up stupid. With a capital STOOP. 

For one thing it’s impossible to get the mixture even.  Say John Frieda foam dye is 2 liquids and therefore you don’t need to shake to mix them – this makes sense because you are using it as a foam.  However, this is a thick cream and liquid – it requires some force to mix them up but you can’t do that because you will turn the bubbles into soup. 

Therefore I had no choice but to mix it to the best point (white fluff) and then apply which means you can still see clumps of the brown-dye!!! Argh. At £12 inc. shipping I wasn’t going to throw this bugger away though. 

Oh – one good thing about Japanese dyes is that they come with really nice thick gloves and some Tsubaki Oil which is amazing and you can do this with the box!

Scott Cornwall Colour B4 Remover and Palty Namachoco Waffle Hair Dye Review 1

Here’s the foam:

Colour B4 Remover Palty John Frieda Hair Dye

Stir Stir…

Colour B4 Remover Palty John Frieda Hair Dye 1

Here’s problem number two – there’s NOT ENOUGH FOAM.

Foam dyes are pretty economical in that you just get tons and tons and tons of product. This cup was barely enough for my hair and my hair is only medium length these days and about 50% thinner than normal because of post natal hair loss!!!! So if you have long hair you’d need 2-3 packs of this. 

My hair dried and whilst the colour was better – STILL it was uneven…argh! Not enough foam and it was uneven anyway. 

Colour B4 Dye Remover Palty Hair Dye and John Frieda

FFS. At the point Mr C was begging me not to dye my hair again because he was sick of ruined towels and the stains left all over the bathroom floor which I had used his sock to mop up. 

But no…I refuse to live with weird two toned hair so I went out and bought John Frieda’s foam dye (in Medium Ash Brown). Ash is a BAD idea for my hair as it’s so red I know sometimes this can turn it green, but what the hell. 

I have never used John Frieda foam dye before but it’s rather excellent actually – plenty of product, easy to use, thick gloves etc.  

My hair now:

John Frieda hair dye

I much much happier with the result with the John Frieda dye (one again it was Medium Ash Brown). It didn’t turn my hair green at all just a cool dark brown.

So that’s it…my recent hair woes which I really didn’t want since it’s falling out as it is…

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