Fitflop Mukluk Boots; Workout whilst you walk? Walk as you talk!

Fitflop’s have made quite a name for themselves as the shoes you can sneak in some leg and bum toning exercise whilst doing your every day walking.


But to be honest, I’m not a flip flop kinda gal. Luckily, Fitflop have loads of different styles to choose from apart from, well…fit flops. Boots; leather or mukluk, long or short, cloggs, slippers, trainers etc.

They kindly sent me a pair of black Mukluk boots to try out – fantastic because Ugg type boots are welded to my feet at this time of year. They’re warm and comfortable and I am fortunate enough to not have to stick to any kind of office protocol when it comes to dress.

Comfort Win.


They Say:

FitFlop footwear is biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk. They help increase leg and bottom muscle activity (up to 30%), they absorb more shock than a normal shoe (up to 22%) and help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints (so you feel less ache in your hips and knees)

Our classic MUKLUK combines our ergonomically shaped, muscle-toning Microwobbleboard™ midsole with a breathable, deluxe sheepskin (shearling) upper.

I already have the Reebok Easytone trainers, but I have barely worn them because I just don’t wear trainers much. Hence these boots had a lot of appeal because I can wear them almost every day = fitter legs!#alttext#

These boots are thick and super sturdy. They don’t feel like Uggs – Uggs are softer, and more like slippers. The Fitflop Mukluk’s have an extremely sturdy base that is thick and the padding is a good wad – so at first they feel very snug around the foot, and it takes getting used to.

The base is thick because of the whole wobble board thing – this is what gives you the exercise element, and it’s not uncomfortably heavy but if you normally wear light shoes, then you might need to get used to it. It certainly won’t be letting any of the elements in anyway, put it that way!

So for the first few days, my feet felt tight in these shoes and rubbed a bit around the heel – they need breaking in! ( I wore them about for a shopping extravaganza – bad idea!).


Give it a week to break in properly – wear decent socks as you do and after that they will feel comfortable and snug. Perfect for this chilly weather – they are really warm!

On the exercise side – this works. My calves have a slight ache, even after just a 15 minute walk, and when I’ve been out and about walking out for a few hours I feel like I’ve been doing star jumps and stretches! Same for my bum, I can feel the ache up the back of my legs all the way up!


Another thing you can do with these boots is turn them over so they make this shorter bootie – just another way to wear them if you so wish:



These are pricey but I would spend about this much on my winter boots anyway. They’re good casual boots, super warm, comfy once you have worn them in a bit and gave my legs a mini work out too – which is great because the workout they would’ve got is zero…yeah! A lazy way to exercise is a good way to me!

The Mukluk boots come in five colours, Black, Chocolate, Chestnut, Amethyst, Smoke Grey and costs £135. See it here.

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  1. kirsty says

    Not keen on the Ugg style boots, the Superboots look nice in the promo, but I doubt they’d fit my calves! The sneakers don’t look too bad, I could probably get away with them at work!

    They claim to help with hip alignment, and I really need a lot of help there! I have granny hips, thanks to my pigeon toes! Shame they can’t be cheaper, I’m on a student budget you know!

    • Row says

      Hi Kirsty

      Hmm I wonder if there is a cheaper version? I’ll have a look!

      I have been walking taller in these! they do wear me out tho!

  2. Jen says

    Oooooh I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to get the Fitflop boots for ages…I never wear trainers or flipflops so the normal Fitflop range isn’t right for me at all. I’ve been looking at the new leather and suede boots that have come out because I’d like to be able to wear them at work (after all, they do cost a bomb!) and I walk about a lot and am on my feet all day at work so I’d definitely get a lot out of them!
    How far up the calf do these Mukluk ones go? Are they kinda like half calf height?

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      No, they are quite low down, lower than UGGS – they do a taller version though that goes up the calf!

      Same here – athis price you need something you can wear regularly!