First Look: Yaby Best of Both Worlds Eyeshadow Palette

At IMATS I bought this Yaby Best of Both Worlds eyeshadow palette – supposedly with a mixture of both brights and neutrals in one place.

Yaby pricing is a little strange. On one hand the little pans, when bought individually are inexpensive. The empty palettes (you can mix and match items) are inexpensive. The base products seem quite inexpensive too.

But then these pre-made palettes aren’t cheap. The show price for this was around £65. I so wanted to try it out that I bought it anyway (the counter didn’t have a card machine so my details were written down).

Anyway here is the palette:

Yaby eyeshadow palette.jpg

I like how compact it is (about A5 size) so its more portable than my 88 palettes.

There’s 40 shades in here.

Yaby Palette Best of Both Worlds Eyeshadow.jpg

I couldn’t be arsed (that is the best way I can put it) picking out 40 shades to fill the palette, not when theres 20 make up groupies behind me in the queue elbowing me in the back so I got this preset one.

Its nice. There’t the matte neutral strip down the middle, the metallics and a few neons.

The pans are tiny. This doesn’t trouble me since I rarely finish anything anyway and refills are £1.99 each.

Best of Both Worlds Yaby Eyeshadow palette.jpg

The eyeshadow chart:

pre-set __ shadow - best of both worlds _ The Make-up Artist Boutique, Your European source for yaby cosmetics and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!.jpg

There’s four textures – Matte, Satin, Frost, High Shine.

The eyeshadows included are:

pp017 pp031 pp024 es442 es192 es382 es057 es276
pp049 pp071 pp070 es330 es569 es371 es279 es135
pp019 pp072 pp036 es231 es575 es611 es448 es265
pp061 pp008 pp066 es198 es347 es109 es158 es296
pp056 pp013 pp047 es168 es539 es144 es241 es160

A few swatches, just to test the texture:

Yaby Best of Both Worlds Palette Eyeshadow .jpg

Not as creamy and pigmented as other reviews had led me to believe. Its certainly very good, but not dreamy…I’m not rubbing my thighs in excitement, put it that way.


Overall – so far it looks like a good palette that is more than enough for most peoples needs. The pigmentation is good, the shades look like a nice selection.

I was charged in the end £76 for this palette – basically the owner explained that the amount in sterling (it was about £65) would be converted to Canadian Dollars, and I would be charged that, using the exchange rate on the day of IMATS.

Unfortunately this converted against my favour – the pound is pretty weak and that including a £1 bank charge for international transactions ended up costing me a good £12 more than the quoted price.

Can’t say I was overjoyed about that – whats the point of giving a price in sterling at all if its SO variable?

And since there is little discount on buying the colours on their own, I’d advise on buying the empty palette yourself and collecting the exact shades and products you want.

They sell the palette here for £79.99 – so actually a bit more than I paid for it but still…

In the future, I would try more from Yaby, but probably collect different shades as I go along rather than splashing out in one go.

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  1. innerbelle says

    i came this close to buying the yaby pallet, but then my sensible other half reminded me tht i just bought the 88 pallet, and im glad i didnt fork out that kind of money, the pigmentation from your swatches doesnt look worth the money when bought together. Great review as always x

    • Row says

      Hey Innabelle

      Yaby’s palette is nice and compact, decent shades but no, I think I paid too much for it and yes, the 88 palette will do just as well! x

  2. liloo says

    This is super super useful to read. This is a pretty expensive palette, and sounds like a posh 88 palette to me but but but the way I see it the main advantage over the 88 palette is that you can buy refills at £1.99, which, oh my god, I totally did not know about: this is fabulous. The pigmentation not being as the legend would be also disappointing for me: maybe we have a similar case of nyx trio versus nyx single shadows here I don’t know, the latter being supposedly better.
    The palette looks absolutely gorgeous and the case nice also, and feels to me like a good investment. Having a 120 palette (definitely my best buy of the whole 2009) however, I would not feel the need to buy this palette. I hate hate hate my 88 palette, about to give it away to my friend, it just feels so cheap, pans do not stick in their allocated slot, aaaa. Got a strong aversion about being seen in public with it, unlike the cute yabi palette, which I could sacrifice myself at rebuying from you at half price, in your upcoming blog sale 😉 hahahaha

    • Row says

      Hi Lillo

      Blog sale? Just those two words give me a chill up my spine!

      However – you are right! Although this is a very cute and handy palette it still feels expensive for me. The 88 palette I find average – but recently I have been buying some variations of the palette and they seem ok although she shadows are so soft, they always break!

  3. says

    Ah ….just coming back to this as i was looking for Yaby eyeshadow swatches. Ive been using their ‘Pearl paints’, which believe me live up to their hype..these are the ones people are raving about, but yaby also do a standard eyeshadow. I think this palette, being called best of both worlds is a mix of both ‘pearls’ and standard eyeshadows.