First Look: Sleek I-divine Palettes in Graphite and Sunset

So Twitter chat told me that there were two new Sleek Palettes out yesterday in Graphite and Sunset.

I had no interest in the palettes but then there was so much chatter that I couldn’t resist. Off I went to my nearest Superdrug to pick up the two new palettes…yes….like a sheep:


Have a look at the pretty palettes! Graphite was labelled as LE, Sunset wasn’t (in my local store anyway):

sleek i-divine palette in graphite cosmetic candy.jpg


sleek i-divine palette in sunset.jpg

These were about £4.88 each, well worth it. The packaging is a little stiff though, and you must always check the inside of these palettes before you buy as they are super soft and will break if someone has dropped them.

The swatches should have been ready for this post, but someone may have deleted the images…*gives a side eye* so bear with me on this.

Swatches to come later on and a piece on all of the Sleek i-divine palettes is also coming up for the weekend.

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  1. pretty~~~~ I’ve been drooling over Sleek palettes (I’m in love with Storm =D) for a while now. Wish I could fly there and rob Superdrug for these ^.^

    That vivid blue in the Sunset palette is just so off o_O

    • Hi Mary

      Do u like the vivd blue? I love it!

      Storm is really useful its mad to think it cost less than one shadow from a premium brand.

  2. the purpley grey & black one loooks really good 😀

  3. Graphite palette is gorgeous. It`s my favorite because I love greys and purples.

  4. HOLY COW!!! i love that it so pretty wish i had moeny for shipping if you did give this away!!!

  5. Amazing, the colours r brilliant!

    I really need a palette with all the neutral tones cause I only have one black eyeshadow currently, and its really hard to control when I want it to be a lighter shade of grey.

  6. Oh. I really wanna have this! Can anyone send one to Germany? Pleeeaazzzee

  7. Louise Hall says:

    I would like to be a make up artist…they seem to have super human powers to educate us make up simpltons to apply make up. How else would be able to achieve the ‘perfect smokey eye’, or make our eyes ‘pop’

  8. Wow, graphite looks beautiful! Too bad Sleek isn’t in the U.S.!

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