First Impressions: Monday Haulage!

There’s nothing better to make gloomy Mondays go faster then a little haul:

I got SANA Extra Quick Mascara:


SANA mascara’s generally speaking are excellent so I can’t wait to try this out.

Bihada Base:


I wasn’t that impressed to see it was silconey as opposed to a cream based but this is quite unusual – it has small beads in it which disappear into the skin and it did really leave me with an amazing polished finish.

2 Majolica Blushers:


4 Visee Polishes – all very glittery:


They are super pretty and very very sparkly.

Coffret D’or palette, 04 blue:


Such a pretty palette and the brown is darker and more of a contour shade than you would imagine.

Esprique Precious Lipstick in Rose (from the Spring 09 collection):


The texture of this is utterly divine – glossy, pigmented, soft – so gorgeous. This is the perfect day time shade – the other colours I have in this range are stronger, and not as neutral as I am used to.

US haul:


3 x NYX eyeshadows, Grey, Root Bear and Lime. Not madly pigmented, although I like Lime alot, grey is a bit dry and not winning me over at all.

4 x Lipsticks:


Nyx Lipsticks have a seriously lovely texture and pigmentation. I have notived a problem with the packaging though. One of the lipsticks is damaged (the base keeps falling off) and this happened to 3 of the lipglosses I got too.



Left to Right – B52 (gorgeous), Peach (looks nothing like peach!), Mute (niceeee) and Sunflower (brighter than i expected).

I am seriously loving mute as it reminds me of this shade:

Angelina Jolie Does Harper’s Bazaar UK--Backseat Cuddler-1.jpg

A whitish sheen. It’s perfecto used lightly.

Will try my goodies out properly shortly. Check back for reviews!

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    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      I used them today – they are lovely. Not madly pigmented but better because you can be more carefree with it without looking like coco the clown!

  1. says

    Ohlala @ ‘Sunflower’! That is a gorgeous shade.

    As for ‘Mute': I hear ‘Airy Fairy’ by Rimmel is similar in color.

    I’m expecting my own shipment of NYX goodies to arrive today (it should have been here yesterday, but I wasn’t available for signature confirmation).

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Its so annoying when you miss a package. I get everything sent to work, I get a lot of stuff and the micky taken out of me…