Final Week! £1000 Boots Gift Voucher & Hamper To Win! Last Chance! (Week 4)

Welcome to Week 4, the last week of the Boots Giveaway competition. This is your last chance to win a hamper and win the £1000 gift card!


To see the contents of the amazing 10 product hamper please go here.

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If you enter this week you will automatically be entered into the £1000 Boots Gift Card prize draw – winner announced on the 30th Oct!

Wanna win?

Answer the following question:

If you were compiling your ultimate food/snacks hamper, what 5 items would you place in it? (yes, it always comes back to food)


Ooh I’m in my element!

1. Bacon Mayonnaise or Baconnaise

2. Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer

3. Wasabi Nuts and Honey Roasted Cashews

4. Queen Olives stuffed with peppers and little mushrooms, like the ones in Selfridges

5. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. I once bought a box of these, the ones they sell to newsagents (I even got a display box) so I made it up and put it on top of the fridge. I ate the whole lot in a week!

Method 2.

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• Entries must include a valid email address. Winners need to send your name, phone number and address. If you do not respond within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.
• Entries will close on: 10/10 (for 4/10), 17/10 (for 11/10), 24/10 (for 18/10) and 31/10 (for 25/10)
• Mega Prize will also be chosen on 25/10

Terms and Conditions:

• CosmeticCandy is the promoter
• Employees of Boots UK Ltd, anyone associated with the promotion and members of their close family may not enter this competition
• Winners will be drawn at random from all correct entries received before the closing date
• Winners will be notified within 5 working days after the closing date
• All details received will not be used for any Boots databases
• Prizes will be delivered within 24 days of notification

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  1. 1. Ritz Biscuits
    2. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
    3. Dairylea Cheese Triangles
    4. Thorntons Special Toffee
    5. Bourbon Biscuits

  2. Kelly-Marie Dudley says:

    1) Chilli rice crackers – you buy them from the health food shop, so you can convince yourself they’re good for you…

    2) Cool Original Doritos, with extra hot salsa if it doesn’t count as a 3rd item. If so, naked will do fine.

    3) Kit Kat Chunky. Hundreds of them.

    4) Dark chocolate Hobnobs – rich in antioxidants and… biscuit.

    5) A giuant smoked turkey leg. Not a snack to some, but billed as one at Disneyworld, so it makes my list.

  3. DebbieAndrioli says:

    1. Warm baguette
    2. Salted butter
    3. Camembert cheese
    4. Nutella
    5. Millionaire shortbread

  4. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    1. Galaxy Chocolate
    2. Muller Rice – Vanilla Variety
    3. Chocolate Fudge Cake with Clotted Cream (from Waitrose)
    4. Box of Scottish Shortbread (M&S)
    5. Galaxy Chocolate – OK I know I’ve already put that but it is very important!

  5. 1. Innocent Fruit Smoothies
    2. Kettle crisps
    3. Double Deckers
    4. Olives
    5. Crusty bread and butter

  6. Hmmm, and Mmmmmm

    1. Roule cheese with proper butter & crackers
    2. Salt n Pepper Chicken wings
    3. Sausage Rolls ( I have to , I’m British )
    4. Fresh fruit salad
    4. Some of those little pots of chocolate that Gu make. Mmmmm

  7. Donna Pedlow says:

    1. Honey and Lemon Barbecued Chicken.
    2. Soda bread to eat with Chicken and mop up the Juices.
    3. Salad with a homemade vinagrette.
    4. Fresh fruit Salad.
    5. Sparkling White Wine

  8. I.Kettle Crisps
    2. Peanut Butter
    3.Tiger bread
    4.Mulled Wine
    5.Liver & Chicken Pate

  9. Cheryll H says:

    Mmmm… food!

    1) Cadbury Buttons (nom nom nom)
    2) Cheese and crackers (they count as one!)
    3) Banana’s
    4) Innocent fruit smoothies
    5) Haribo

  10. Yummmmmyy :)

    1. Mcdonalds fries (the saltier and more unhealthy the better)
    2. Magic stars (the cutest chocolate and great entertainment value)
    3. Cheese and tomato sandwiches (i love a good sandwich)
    4. Traffic light lollies (soooo tasty and colourful)
    5. Yazoo chocolate milk (this stuff fills me up alone never mind with the rest!!)

  11. Tessa Brown says:

    Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
    Ready Salted Crisps
    Ham Sandwich
    Jelly with pineapple in it
    Flask of tea

  12. Deanna G. says:

    1. Pop Chips, Sea Salt & Vinegar
    2. SunChips, French Onion
    3. Snyder’s Mini Pretzels
    4. Cheez-it Party Mix
    5. Kettle Corn

  13. Nicky Russell says:

    Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps
    Ginsters Steak Pie Slice
    Helmanns Mayonnaise
    Punnet of Fresh Strawberries
    Muller Cherry Fruit Corner

  14. Rosie Dharamsi says:

    @kohsamui14 on twitter
    Princi Tomato and Olive Bread
    Mixed Meat Platter
    Mild Smoked Salmon
    Fruit Basket
    Rose Champagne

  15. Vicky Rowland says:

    Im dribbling at the thought of it!!!

    Haagen Dazs Praline and Cream (Without a doubt!! I would rather take this than my boyfriend!!)

    Cheeselets (Jacobs- Love that salty/cheesy sensation)

    My mums homemade chips (Even Hestons triple cooked couldnt beat these!!)

    Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers (Absolutely delicious. Could eat hundreds of packs conseuctively!!)

    Wham bar. (Refreshingly sweet and sour delight!)

  16. carrie hobbs says:

    Marmite Sandwiches
    Jelly Belly Beans
    Raspberry Roulade
    New York Style Cheesecake
    Sharon Fruits

  17. David Rodgers says:

    A fry up
    Steak & Chips
    Apple crumble & Custard
    Roast Beef Dinner
    Strawberry Cheescake!

  18. Alison Worgan says:

    1. A selection of cheese and bisuits
    2. Olives
    3. Crusty bread and butter
    4. BBQ Chicken drumsticks
    5. Raspberry pavalova

  19. LOVE THIS!
    1) Kopparberg Pear Cider
    2) Sea salt & balsamic vinegar Kettle Chips
    3) Wensleydale & cranberry cheese
    4) Green pesto
    5) Galaxy Caramel

  20. 1. Cadburys diary milk
    2. Chilli peppers
    3. Peanut butter
    4. Raspberries
    5. Champagne

  21. Laura Sterling says:

    1. Mango
    2. hobgoblin (beer)
    3. haribo
    4. BLT
    5. cheesecake

  22. 1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
    2. Lindt white chocolate balls
    3. M&S raspberry cream viennesse biscuits
    4. Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream (plus a mini freezer!)
    5. Something healthy – Fresh fruit salad

  23. Cornish crackler cheese
    Carrs water biscuits
    Onion bhajis
    Sour cream

  24. Food

    Any exotic fruits
    Snickers choc bar
    Bombay mix
    Marshmallows yummy
    Vienetta ice cream

  25. Paul Marshall says:

    strawberry bonbons
    lemon sherbets
    mars bar
    double decker
    boost bar

  26. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    1. Chicken Mayonnaise

    2. Coca Cola

    3. A loaf of Tiger Bread

    4. Cadburys Dairy Milk

    5. Salted Popcorn, I am seriously addicted to this at present.

  27. 1, Marmite cashew nuts mmmmmm yummy.
    2,Thai green curry to keep me warm on cold nights,
    3,chocolate covered cherrys.
    4,tootie frutty sweeties :).
    5,my mums roast dinner cause it is the best ever.

  28. Jenny OBrien says:

    Oooh this comp is making me feel hungry!! Id choose *after much deliberation, and snacking*
    1)Elderflower juice
    2)Pancake with crispy duck and hoi sin sauce
    3)Ben & Jerrys Phish food Ice cream
    4)Prawn cocktail pringles
    5)Milka chocolate with daim bar

  29. michelle moloney says:

    cadburys giant chocolate buttons
    lucky charms cereal
    diet coke
    and webbox cats delight treat sticks (i cant leave the cat out she would never forgive me)

  30. Cassandra says:

    1. Bottle of Ernest & Julio Gallo White Grenache
    2. Family bag of Revels
    3. Family bag of Doritos
    4. Doritos dip ( hot salsa/)
    5. Dry roasted peanuts
    …….I’m in heaven!!!!!

    I’m following and tweeted (cfryer999):!/cfryer999/status/29111847895

  31. Tracy Wells says:

    1. Diet Coke
    2. MIxed fresh berries
    3. Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange

    And can I have 2 that I don’t think exist anymore??
    4. Trio biscuits
    5. Lyons Chocolate Cupcakes

  32. Julia Cook says:

    1. Green olives already marinated!
    2. a boost bar
    3. domino’s garlic and herb dip
    4. pinot grigio
    5. a pizza express style pizza

  33. Natalie Phillips says:

    1. Cheese & Onion Walkers Crisps
    2. Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked
    3. Egg Mayo Sandwich
    4. Choc Chip Cookies
    5. Blueberry Muffins

  34. Jay Kellner says:

    1. Prosecco
    2. Mini pizzas with feta
    3. Caesar salad
    4. Chorizo on french bread
    5. Eton mess

  35. NICOLA DUDSON says:

    1. Bottle pf Pepsi Max
    2. Salt and Vinegar Pringles
    3. Massive bar of Galaxy chocolate (that i don’t have to share with ANYONE!!!)
    4. Stilton Cheese and Crackers
    5. Onion Relish (To put on top of the stilton and crackers)

    I’m suddenly feeling peckish!!!!


  36. Sue Harrison says:

    1. Chocolate..Galaxy or Cadburys.. I love it all
    2. Pecan nuts
    3. Primula cheese with prawns
    4. Smoked salmon
    5. Cold sausages ( but only from our local butcher)

  37. I would go for:

    1. Cheese and crackers
    2. Carrot sticks with a lovely dip
    3. Strawberries
    4. Champagne
    5. Cadburys chocolate buttons


  38. 1) Crumbly Cheshire cheese
    2) Macoys Salt and Vinegar crisps
    3) Ham
    4) Malt loaf
    5) Jaffa Cakes

  39. 1. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
    2. Charbonnel et Walker banoffee Truffles
    3. Hotel Chocolate Orange Tangs
    4. Tropical Wholefoods Sun Dried Pineapple
    5. Jaffa Cakes

  40. I’d have:

    1: Cheese salad baguettes
    2: M&M peanuts
    3: Bottle of cloudy Lemonade
    4: Prawn Cocktail crisps
    5: Chicken Pasta Tubs

  41. Karen Simpson says:

    1. Melton Mowbray Pork Pies
    2. Strawberries
    3. Double Cream
    4. Cheese & branston Pickle Sandwiches
    5. Lashings of irn Bru!

  42. Mary Jasko says:

    1. Wasabi peanuts
    2. Selection of sushi
    3. Champagne
    4. Bucket loads of raspberries
    5. Chocolate and nut brownies

  43. Emma Sant says:

    1. Minstrels
    2. Pepsi max
    3. Chocolate torte
    4. Reeses peanut butter cups
    5. Coffee (and lots of it!!)

  44. 1. Strawberries – Super good for you and v yummy!
    2. Kinder bars – You’re never too old for these
    3. Pasta – I could eat pasta til it comes out of my ears!
    4. Crusty Bread & Butter – Great comfort food
    5. Diet Cherry Coke – to wash it all down


    YUM mine would have to be:

    1) Fruit Flakes
    2) Microwave Pizza
    3) prawn cocktail crisps
    4) coffee (cant live without lol)
    5) chocolate!!!

  46. 1. Jerk chicken
    2. Garlic bread
    3. Chocolate mousse
    4. Shortbread
    5. Prosecco

  47. Cathy MacLennan says:

    1. Cold roast beef
    2. Garlic bread
    3. Branston’s pickle
    4. Coffee
    5. Sticky rice

  48. leanne phillips says:

    1. Rollmops
    2. boursin cheese
    3. fresh baguette
    4.GU chocolate cheesecake
    5. prawn cocktail pringles!!

  49. seree harding says:

    1) Chocolate whispa
    2) jacket spud with cheese
    3) melon balls
    4) choc snack jacks
    5) strawberries

  50. Christina Morrow says:

    1. Ice cold Beers
    2. Pringles
    3. French Bread
    4. Selection of cheeses
    5. Apples