Final Week! £1000 Boots Gift Voucher & Hamper To Win! Last Chance! (Week 4)

Welcome to Week 4, the last week of the Boots Giveaway competition. This is your last chance to win a hamper and win the £1000 gift card!


To see the contents of the amazing 10 product hamper please go here.

At Boots and on from 6th of October to 2nd November 2010, you can get 3 for 2 mix and match on skincare, haircare and indulgent bathing. Find out more at

If you enter this week you will automatically be entered into the £1000 Boots Gift Card prize draw – winner announced on the 30th Oct!

Wanna win?

Answer the following question:

If you were compiling your ultimate food/snacks hamper, what 5 items would you place in it? (yes, it always comes back to food)


Ooh I’m in my element!

1. Bacon Mayonnaise or Baconnaise

2. Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer

3. Wasabi Nuts and Honey Roasted Cashews

4. Queen Olives stuffed with peppers and little mushrooms, like the ones in Selfridges

5. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. I once bought a box of these, the ones they sell to newsagents (I even got a display box) so I made it up and put it on top of the fridge. I ate the whole lot in a week!

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

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*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.


• Entries must include a valid email address. Winners need to send your name, phone number and address. If you do not respond within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.
• Entries will close on: 10/10 (for 4/10), 17/10 (for 11/10), 24/10 (for 18/10) and 31/10 (for 25/10)
• Mega Prize will also be chosen on 25/10

Terms and Conditions:

• CosmeticCandy is the promoter
• Employees of Boots UK Ltd, anyone associated with the promotion and members of their close family may not enter this competition
• Winners will be drawn at random from all correct entries received before the closing date
• Winners will be notified within 5 working days after the closing date
• All details received will not be used for any Boots databases
• Prizes will be delivered within 24 days of notification

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  1. Natalie Hart says

    I would choose:

    1. Sweet chilli houmous
    2. Jacobs Cream Crackers
    3. Texas bbq pringles
    4. Big bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut
    5. A chilled bottle of Hazelnut Baileys

  2. says

    I’d pop in…

    * Meat pies. What? I’m Northern.
    * Bacon from the local farmers market.
    * A selection of Kopperberg cider.
    * A homemade cinnamon sugar cake.
    * A box of Redbush tea.

    My God I’m hungry now!

  3. Roisin Curran says

    Pringles sour cream and chive flavour
    fluff (the marshmallow spread thing)
    dairy milk chocolate

  4. Miss Norton says

    1. Hotel Chocolat Triple Chocolate Wham Bar
    2. Penn State Pretzels
    3. Whittard Hot Chocolate
    4. Heinz Deli Mayo Caramelised Onion and Garlic
    5. Roasted Red Pepper Baguette

  5. Charlotte says

    In my ultimate food hamper I’d have:

    1) Spinach and pine nut pasta (M&S simply food….delish!)
    2) Olive & feta cheese snack pot
    3) BLT roll
    4) Cheese and onion pasty
    5) Raspberry Marshmellow Fluff – spreadable marshmellow!

  6. Velvet McCarthy says

    Twitter: rainbowhope
    1.Yorkshire Tea
    2.Rowse Manuka Active 10+ Honey
    3.Cadbury Chocolate Biscuit Tin
    4.Bonne Maman Strawberry And Wild Strawberry
    5.Edinburgh Preserves Wild Boar Pate

  7. says

    Mmmmmmm well now I am on my new healthy lifestyle my tastes have changed somewhat.

    No1 would have to be Philadelphia light-sweet chilli flavour.

    2) celery. Mmmm crunch crunch goes well with the Philadelphia

    3) flaxseed. Aids digestion don’t you know

    4) some mixed herbs and spices to add flavours to otherwise bland food

    5) some 70% dark chocolate as everyone needs a treat every now and then

  8. Pamela Lord says

    1) Walkers salt and vinegar crisps
    2) Cadbury’s double decker chocolate bar
    3) Crusty bread
    4) Smoked ham
    5) Cambazola cheese

  9. layla fletcher says

    1) Peanut Butter nomnomnom
    2) maryland choc chip cookies
    3) quavers
    4) toasted cheese and beans sandwich
    5) vodka/coke

  10. Zoe Reed says


    mine are
    1. nutella choc spread
    2 digestives to spread it on
    3 pringles
    4 primula cheese to dip them in
    5 honey roasted cashews.

  11. donna baxter says

    since this is the last one, and it’s nearly Christmas (well it is nearly!!) my favourite 5 are going to have a festive theme

    1. Mince pies mmmmmmm mince pies
    2. Absolut Vodka
    3. Walkers Extra Crunchy Sweet Chilli Chicken crisps
    4. Dowe Egberts coffee
    5. Christmas fruit cake with marzipan mmmmmmmm

    Ok now I’m starving and really craving mince pies :( might have to buy my first pack this weekend to *ahem* try them!!!!!!!

    Have tweeted @dmbaxt xxxx

  12. says

    1 Tesco Finest Luxury Stollen
    2. Jarlsberg cheese
    3. morello cherries in brandy or some other liquer
    4. Merrydown Cider
    5. Crystallised ginger – NOT covered in chocolate.

  13. says

    At this moment in time with the weather…
    Hot chocolate
    Veggie sticks and hummous
    will tweet too :)
    Thank youu!

  14. Ellie says

    1. Fresh crusty bread – can’t beat it!
    2. Organic fresh mixed salad (including radishes and rocket – I love them!)
    3. Teapigs lemon grass tea – divine
    4. Fresh organic pineapple – lovely and tangy
    5. Hotel Chocolate milk choc truffles

    Will tweet too :)

  15. emma says

    i would put in:-

    1. Cashew Nuts
    2. Meatballs – those cold ones you keep in the fridge
    3. profita rolls
    4. bottle of wine – not a snack i know but you need something to wash the snacks down with
    5. scotch eggs

  16. says

    salami and ham sandwiches
    american style blueberry cheescake
    cheese and onion crisps
    pickled onions
    cheese slice with buiscuits

  17. Patty says

    1.pine nuts
    2.maron glacee
    3.pocky (man’s, the dark chocolate ones) tea (hojicha) smoked salmon.

  18. Lisa backhouse says

    1. Marmite crisps
    2. peanut butter M&Ms
    3. Danish Blue Cheese
    4. Thorntons Chocolate
    5, Cashew Nuts

  19. ally says

    Id pick
    1. baguette
    2. le roule cheese yuum
    3. salami
    4. olives
    5. strawberries

    and chocolate cos im greedy 😀

  20. Helen Washington says

    My dream hamper would include……

    Paneer masala
    A generous slab of millionaires shortbread
    A fried chip shop mas bar
    A large slab of Brie
    A punnet of my home grown strawberries (with a dollop of fresh cream!)

  21. says

    If I were compiling the ultimate food/snacks hamper I’d have to include:

    1) Tetley Tea
    2) Terry’s Chocolate Orange
    3) Oat & Raisin cookies
    4) Seabrooks Salt & Vinegar crisps
    5) Bacon sarnies in proper bakery crusty bread. And ketchup of course. Nom 😉

  22. Rachel Quinn says

    My perfect hamper would contain;

    Galaxy Caramel
    Jacket Potatoes
    Rose Prosecco
    Roast Leg of Lamb
    Coffee and Walnut cake


  23. Janie says

    My dream hamper:
    1) Mangos
    2) Homemade raspberry chocolate chilli cake
    3) Warm artisan sourdough bread
    4) Provençal olive tapenade
    5) Chilled New Zealand Sauv blanc

  24. Li Yenh Duong says

    1. Garlic mushrooms the ones covered in breadcrumbs
    2.Onion Gravy
    3.Sweet potato mash
    4.Moon cake (addictive stufff)
    5.Coffee Cake or Carrot (can’t decide!)

    also retweeted!

  25. danielle baker says

    Oooh , now we’re talking!

    I would include :
    1.Sauls Brixworth pate. Amazing locally produced pate , absolute heaven :-)
    2.Kettle Chips , nom nom nom!
    3.Jaffa cakes – My , ahem , I mean my 3 year old’s favourite 😉
    4.Cadbury’s Creme Egg (Oh how I miss them at this time of year :’-( *Sob* )
    5.Rankin’s soda bread , a perfect partner for Sauls pate.

    Hmmm , I think I shall have to pack my beautiful wicker hamper and head off to the Dunstable Downs for a chilly picnic now :-)

  26. Jane says

    1. Foir gras
    2. Jamon iberico
    3. Smoked elk (yes, really)
    4. Thick hot chocolate you get you Paul
    5. Coffee & walnut cake

  27. Rachel says

    1. Walker’s Crisps Cheese & Onion
    2. Starbucks Java Chip Frapuccino
    3. McVitties Digestives with Cottage Cheese
    4. Any flavoured yogurt
    5. Chocolate doughnut

  28. Jen says

    Not entirely sure all these are suitable for a hamper as such, but they are definitely my munchies of choice at the moment!

    1.Green olives, garlic and feta cheese in herby oil (think it is Appetina brand)
    2. Roasted portobello mushrooms with goats cheese and balsamic vinegar *droooools*
    3. Cheesy puffs (best when left open to the air for a day or two so they go a bit chewy!)
    4. Japanese omnirice with demiglace sauce *triple droooool* miss this dish so much!
    5. Miso soup with tofu and nori

    If I had all these foods in front of me right now, I’d be an extremely happy girl 😀

  29. Harpreet says

    1) Krispy kreme donuts
    2) Oreos
    3) Mixed olives stuffed with red peppers
    4) Cheese and onion crisps
    5) Hummus with cream crackers

  30. sophia kearney says

    It has got to be:

    1) Basil and toasted pine nut pesto with parmesan

    2) smoked applewood chedder cheese

    3) queen green olives stuffed with sundried tomato paste

    4) Salt and balsamic vinegar kettle crisps

    5) Haagen Daz Dulce De Leche ice cream

    oh my goodness- salivated completely! i could go one for much longer with that list!!! great comp – thanks for running!

  31. layla says

    These are all things from my childhood in NZ that I’m craving for and can’t find here in Kuwait :(

    1. Griffin’s Toffee Pops
    2. Coke bottle lollies
    3. Sara Lee’s Chocolate Cheesecake
    4. A huge slice of Pavalova topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries!
    5. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

    My goodness.. I have quite a sweet tooth! :)

  32. Claire Simpson says

    Great Comp!

    1 – Lasagne
    2 – Any type of cheese
    3 – Wispa
    4 – Baked Potato
    5 – Tomato Soup

  33. Laura says

    Ooh, so fun!
    1. A really good Cheese (maybe St Marcellin)
    2. Green Olives
    3. Galaxy Chocolate
    4. Lolas Cupcakes
    5. Smoked Salmon.

    Fantastic competition!

  34. Rebecca Ho says

    i like food…. ^_^
    1. walkers sensations thai sweet chilli crisps (omg so addictive i always get it on offer)
    2. those crispy fried seaweed sheet snacks
    3. cheesestring!!!!
    4. haagen dazs strawberries and cream ice cream
    5. yeo valley yogurt pots greek style with honey (such tasty yogurt… and good for you too!!)

  35. Helen says

    Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps
    KP Dry Roasted Peanuts
    Galaxy Ripple
    Pickled Beetroot

    Fab giveaway!


  36. kate hester says

    mmmmm .. making me hugry just thinking about it!

    1. Cheese and crisp sandwich
    2. silverskin onions
    3. Fresh orange juice
    4. chocolate doughnuts
    5. Tunnocks teacakes


  37. Maddy says

    Roast Lamb and all the trimmings
    Bacon sandwich
    Cheese & onion toastie
    Sticky toffee pudding
    Strawberries still warm from the summer sunshine

  38. Rachel says

    1) Boots Turkey & Cranberry sandwiches
    2) Thortons chocolate smothered toffee
    3) New York style cheesecake
    4) Strawberries & Cream
    5) Lamb and Mint crisps

  39. Lindy Hamilton says


    1. A large cheese and bacon pizza (Thin and crispy base)

    2. A massive box of salt and vinegar squares

    3. A twin pack Irn bru (Gotta keep the energy up)

    4. A pig (To keep me company and maybe eat if I get really hungry lol)

    5. A big bar of galaxy chocolate

  40. Frances Heaton says

    I would choose
    Magnum walnut flavour ice-cream
    1 Packet of Seabrook sea salt flavour crisps
    Hollands Meat Pie
    A portion of chips made in Rotofryer, by my old man.
    A block of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

    Twitter @libra10001

  41. jade phillips says

    Milka happy cows chocolate
    lemon drizzle cake
    Cheese and onion crisps

  42. S Mattock says

    1. Ham and Cheese grills
    2. Curly Fries
    3. Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream
    4. Crumpets
    5. Chinese Style Shredded Spicy Beef Strips