Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish Collection launches in Debenhams!

Would you rather be Filthy Gorgeous or Filthy Rich? I’d rather be rich, any day. When you have money and power you don’t need to be gorgeous, look at Harvey Weinstein.

But I digress.

They say:

“Trendsetting Beauty Service Apothecary and Retail Emporium, Filthy Gorgeous has launches its first nail collection.”

Ok let me come clean, I don’t know what a beauty service apothecary is. I thought an apothecary was someone with a beard who formulated and dispensed medicines. Oh, there’s my literal head again!

Anyway I looked it up and it looks like Filthy Gorgeous offer lots of lovely beauty treatments in Debenhams Glasgow & London – this is the “apothecary”.

Nail Polishes!


I was sent 4 shades to try, all very bright and bold which I love. They are:

Rock Star – Antique Gold Sparkle Glitter


Glee – a bold yellow, love love love love love.


Tu-Tu-Much, a bold hot pink – looks like more of a cherry to me but still nice.


Minx – a cornflower blue but I want to call it a lavender so that’s what I’ll call it.

As a special touch, each polish comes with a removable plectrum (Mr C says it’s a real one – whatever that means) and they are toluene and DBP free.

I think they are very cute polishes, easy to apply and have a nice finish – doesn’t look overly glossy to me but has a nice sheen. I like! I’d like to see the whole range because I’ve read the descriptions of some of them and they sound really lovely, especially Blah (lemon & lime) and L-Jay (Juicy Peach).

These cost £9 each and you can buy it at Debenhams Glasgow and London or on

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  1. Jen says

    These look so cute, loving the lace detail on the lids! Hope they roll it out to more stores, I’d love to see them in real-life. And cos they come with a plectrum, does that mean I can strum my guitar after painting my nails lol