Feeling cold? Use Cream! Welco Yuzu Self Heating Hand Cream Review

I bought this Yuzu (grapefruit) hand cream from eBay because it is supposed to be self heating cream! Oh yeah! Perfect for those cold mornings and cold…areas.

It’s only a small tube:


This comes from a brand called Welco, apparently, but I couldn’t find much on it online! I imagine it’s one of those cheap and cheerful brands (I paid £5 for this) – the packaging is ok:

Grapefruit is a really lovely smell, but a horrible sour fruit, I can’t stand them unless they are sprinkled in 10 layers of white suga.

Anyway this hand cream – nice gel like texture sinks in quickly but guess what – IT DOESN’T WORK. IT DOESN’T HEAT UP.

Well ok it does a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit. In fact it was probably my subconscious willing it to work. Your arm pit is warmer than this cream.


Verdict: As a hand cream, good. As a self heating hand cream, PANTS!

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  1. says

    What a novel concept! If only it works… it retails for 300yen thereabouts, pretty cheap indeed!

    Have you tried those hot bath salt thingys? What are your thoughts on them?

  2. Jen says

    lol images of you giving up with the cream and warming up your hands under your armpits!! Looks interesting, and grapefruit sounds lovely and zesty, but a bit rubbish if it ain’t doing what i t says on the tin…fail!

  3. Carmen says

    Hi ! My good friend is going to be travelling to the Phillippines in a few months and i was wondering if you recommend any good things that he would be able to bring back to the US. Any good beauty products ? Thanks !!