Feel Good Friday: Stuff On My Cat & Why you shouldn’t send me too much padding

This is a post to contrast tomorrows screw you extravaganza. There’s nothing better than a stacked cat.

Just thought I’d share some pictures of one of my cats, CJ, who always sits next to me when I’m taking blog photos. No matter what….

Even when I try to make wigs out of straggly bits that come with my post…


She’s so patient…


Someone asked me recently how my cats are well behaved…well they’re not all the time. But all my cats have different personalities, some are definitely naughtier and more difficult than the others.

Patience is the key! If you are fortunate enough to have your cats from kitten age then don’t waste that time, make sure you get them used to grooming…Brushing, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning etc. It’s a lot harder with an older and rescue cat to get them used to these kind of things.


But there’s some things cats just won’t do. Like, wear clothes. Unfortunately.

CJ isn’t stupid. She’s storing all this up and will be smacking me in the face with her paw at 6am on a Saturday morning – yes really….


Do you have a cat? Tell me his/her name and have you ever made it a wig!?

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  1. says

    I have a dog.
    I have made him a wig(with many things), a scarf (with a snake plushie), and a head band(with a head band).He didn’t even flick an eye…

  2. Laura says

    I have a pure black cat that i got last halloween named Lucy-fur. She’s quite big so when i was in a shop last week and seen a little dog halloween outfit so picked it up. Managed to get it on her without too much trauma and she just sat there refusing to move. Pretty cute. IS it sad i now have the picture as my phone screen saver??? And i’m so glad i’m not the only person who gets paw slapped!

  3. Alexandra says

    I have two cats,one called Gannet who is an old lady and wont let you do anything to her. And a 6 month old kitten called Vince who is a love bug and very playful. So far today he has bit my neck and scratched my finger.
    I do think he would let me put a wig on him lol.

  4. Julia says

    I bought one of those bears that you stuff and dress earlier in the year and their outfits fit my kitten, Tamaki, perfectly. It’s a costume of Woody from Toy Story and it does have a hat lol. I’m just not looking forward to the state of my arm when I dress him

  5. Yukiko says

    I have two rescue cats from Cats Protection. They were 3 mths and 6 mths old when we got them and now they are both 2. The female is a diva and we’ve never had any problems with her but the male is very nervous and has had a few issues. He has calmed down a lot and now loves being brushed so much that he sits and yowls by his brush until we obey. We love them both so much and can’t imagine why anyone could have given them up.

    I did manage to get a Christmas outfit on Yuki long enough for a photo when she was still a kitten. No way I would attempt that now! Knives for fingers 😀

  6. Patty says

    I had a cat called George and not only did I used to make wigs for him, me and my flatmate used to dress him up as well. He had a princess outfit, a mermaid outfit, a purple dinosaur. He was so sweet!