Epic End of Year Blog Sale December 2010

Terms & Conditions – Please Read…

So basically here is the process:

1. You see stuff you like on here
2. You write down what you want in the comments
3. I will email you your invoice to the email address you leave in the comments (you paypal one please!)
4. You pay the invoice
5. I package your stuff (will take me a day or two) then will send by recorded shipping only.
6. I will let everyone know when their stuff is sent. Bear in mind it’s a busy time of year for post.
7. You get your stuff, hopefully like it and stuff your face with sweets.

If you haven’t got your stuff after TWO WEEKS (UK) pop me an email to let me know. Quite often it’s being held at your depot but they didn’t bother to card you. If you haven’t got your stuff after THREE WEEKS (international – but bear in mind I send recorded so should be much quicker but it is Christmas) then pop me an email and we will track it *TOGETHER*.

More info:
1. Please make sure you include your PAYPAL email address in the comment form so I can send you the invoice right away. I will be taking payments via Paypal only. You can buy with paypal without an account AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A DEBIT/CREDIT card. Please make sure a VALID POSTAL ADDRESS is included with your paypal payment, I don’t have time to email everyone to get them to verify their home address.  If you know that your paypal address is different to the delivery address, no problem, email me or say so in the comment – but let me know ASAP.

2. After invoicing items are held for 24 hours only before going to the next bidder.  Items count as sold once payment is received.

3. Please do check swatches etc. etc. before ordering as there are no returns.

4. Please copy the whole line – number, product name and price into the comments if possible! Not just the numbers as it’s easy to get these mixed up.

5. Please do not bulk ‘reserve’ items and decide later if you want it – you can’t do that in Asda, you can’t do that here

6. Shipping is based on TRUE costs plus packaging and handling fees – all shipping will be combined where there are multiple purchases

7. Items in the sale are my own, purchased in shops or online and some are unwanted gifts from my other half or family (no, they don’t mind).

8. Items are sold as seen, all authentic, condition is as stated please ask if unsure.

I am selling off a lot of my make up – new, barely used stuff – because this is only a small fraction of what I have collected – it’s a hobby for me and I buy a lot to review for the blog – I do need to clear space and I do need to get the collection under some control and just keep my favourites.  Hence I am willing to let these items go for a fraction of the price I paid because I want them to be used by someone as I know I will not get round to it.

Shipping – Recorded/Tracked only and is calculated on a parcel to parcel basis.  Bear in mind International Airmail Recorded is a minimum of around £6.40p these days (about $10). You can get a decent amount in there for that price though and it means the parcel is insured and comes with a tracking number – at this time of year I won’t risk sending by standard post.

Remember, PLEASE USE YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL in the contact form, and Copy & Paste the WHOLE LINE of the item that you want into the comments.

Any questions just ask. I will respond as quickly as I can.


1.            Paul & Joe Le Colour Palette IN BOX< colours swatched only £9.80 SOLD

2.            Luna Twilight Alice Colour Palette (blush and shadows lightly swatched, lip colours new) £7.50

3.            Loreal Studio Secrets Smokes Eye Shadow used once £2 (US purchase not avail in the UK)

4. Julie Hewitt Palette in Boudoir, 2 shades swatched other 2 untouched £19.90 (I checked I paid £41 for this palette!) SOLD

5. Stila Palette plus colours – Eyeshadows Sky and Indigo plus six blushers; Coral, Tint, Pretty, Blush, Warm and Cream  and a double ended brush. *I slipped whilst trying to get one of them out (coral) thus made a dint in it oops. However all the colours are new unused. The empty palette alone I paid £20 for.  –  £35 SOLD

6. Rimmel 001 Paint The Town Case (two layers with shadow, lip and cheek colours – never used) £6 SOLD

7. Shiseido Q8 Ocean Shimmer LE Palette £7.25 with a gel liner in black

8. Coffret D’or 02 eyeshadow palette used lightly  £11

9. Aube Eyeshadow (Cream shadow & 3 shadows) lightly used, with a cream base £6.50

10. Luminous D-8 thress shadows and gel liner £6 SOLD

All very lightly swatched:

11. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Lilacs £1.70

12. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Greens £1.70

13. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Browns/Pinks £1.70 SOLD

14. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Browns £1.70 SOLD

All very lightly swatched:

15. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Green & Purple £1.40

16. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow in Light Brown and Brown £1.40 SOLD

17. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow in Beige & Brown £1.40

18. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow in Pink & Blue £1.40

19. Too Faced Amber Asteroid Eyeshadow £3.80 swatched SOLD

20. Too Faced Cocoa Comet Eyeshadow £3.80 swatched SOLD

21. 17 Eyes Trio Blues swatched £2.30

22. Benefit Low Profile Silky Eyeshadow £3 barely toched

23. Amazing Cosmetics Loose Powder Dark Tan Never Used better for NC40 upwards £6.90 BRAND NEW no box (RRP £25)

24. Tarte Dark Circle Defense Medium Deep (too dark for me at NC30/35, recommend for darker Asian skintones) as an under eye concealer that also treats the skin £6.70

25. Urban Decay Cherry Eye Shadow (sparkly) used once £3.40 SOLD

26. Urban Decay Matte Eye Shadow Narcortic used once £3.40 SOLD

27. Becca Eye Colour Powder Shimmer Velvet (dark blue) swatched once only £3.80 SOLD

28. MUA Eyeshadow in Green 50p SOLD

29. Cargo Smoky Eye Duo SED-02 Budapest has a black liner and black shadow (rrp £16) – used once – £4.40 SOLD

30. Excel D13 Eye Shadow BN sealed New £3.70 SOLD

31. Excel D18 Eye Shadow BN Pink Sealed New £3.70 SOLD

32. NYX ES42 Grey £2 new SOLD

33. Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Solid Perfume BNIB – £6.80 SOLD

34. Sisley Ombre Gold/Yellow not used no box £7.25 SOLD

35. Pixi Eye Beauty Kit in No 13 Lavender £7 new SOLD

36. DuWop Gray Eyes used a few times £7 SOLD

37. Mini Bourjois no 54 (dark grey) £1.50 BN

38. Mini Bourjois no. 44 (dark emerald green) £1.50 BN SOLD

39. Mini Bourjois Eye Shadow 47 £1.50 SOLD

40. RMK Water Color Eyes 01 Light Blue £4 used once

41. Fyrannaie Inks Eyeliner Turquoise Tease (turquoise) £3.90 SOLD

42. Laura Mercier Peach Eye Basics £2.95  used once SOLD

43. Etude House Proof 10 Aqua Tint for lip and cheeks – waterproof – Brand New £5.50 (shade 02) SOLD

44. Elysambre Eyeliner Brun (formula for sensistive eyes, swatched once) £2.90

45. Shu Uemura Rouge Cream Pearl New in Box (a sheer white glitter) £6.80 (rrp £18) SOLD

46. MAC Greasepaint Stick Brand New £9 SOLD

47. Shu Uemura Primal Eyeshadow colour Stick in Misty Grove – a dark brown used a few times £4.40 SOLD

48. Tiffa Liquid Eyeliner in Pearl Pink Liquid £3.90 used twice  SOLD

49. GOSH Eyshadow in Beige, used once £3.20

50. RMK Eye Crayon in Peach LE for the eyes £4 used once (rrp £18) SOLD

50a. Cargo Smoky Eye Brush £3.50 good for blending smoky eyes!

51. MUA Liquid Eyeliner Shade 1 Green 50p swatched SOLD

52. Bourjois Volume Glamour tried once with other applicator £2.50

53. Lavshuca Stick Eyeshadow in gold, used once £3.90 used once SOLD

54. Ettusais Liquid eyeshadow in sheer blue £2.40 cream shadow used twice

55. Clarins Soft Cream Eye Colour 06 used twice £3.50 SOLD

56. Clarins Soft Cream Eye Colour 02 used twice £3.50 SOLD

57. Etude House Milk Screw 05 Tinted Lip Balm!  swatched lightly   £3.50 SOLD

58. Urban Decay Liquid Liner Gash used twice – £2.90 SOLD

I will give all these pencils that have been lightly used – a sharpen!

59. Visee Dual Ended Pencil eyeliner (purples) £3 used once

60. NYX Purple 917 Eyeliner £2.80 SOLD

61. NYX Satin Blue 910 Eyeliner £2.80 SOLD

62. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Brown used twice I will sharpen! £3

63. Barry M Gold Glitter Stick swatched £1.90 SOLD


65. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pink NEW £3

66. Cargo Eye Make Up Brown Pigment £2 new

67. Cargo Eye Make Up Purple Pigment Mini £2 new

68. Shiseido Mini Eye Pencil Light Blue used once £3 SOLD

69. Mini Bourjois Color Exciting Eye Liner 16 cute taupe!  swatched only £1.70 SOLD

70. L’oreal Eyeshadow Palette used once £2.90

71. Etude House Eyelash Serum BRAND NEW encourages growth! £4 SOLD

These colours have been swatched only:

73. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Safety Orange £5 SOLD

74. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Melange £5 SOLD

75. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Petty Beige £5 SOLD

76. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Clear £5

New & Sealed:

77. Maybelline Superstay Gloss 680 Chestnut Glow £2.70 SOLD

78. Maybelline Superstay Gloss 660 Sparkling Sherry £2.70 SOLD

79. Maybelline Superstay Gloss 380 Blackberry Glaze £2.50 new SOLD

New & Sealed:

80. Maybelline Superstay Lip Color 762 Wildberry £2.70 SOLD

81. Maybelline Superstay Lip Colour a pinky shade £2.70 SOLD

82. Maybelline Superstay Lip Color 764 Pearl £2.70 SOLD

Used 1-3 times:

83. NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss DSG10 Red Sparkle £3 SOLD

84. NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss DSG05 Plum Sparkle £3 SOLD

85. NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss DSG11 Beige Sparkle £3 SOLD

86. NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss DSG01 Rose Sparkle £3 SOLD

87. NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss DSG09 Bronze Sparkle £3 SOLD

These NYX Round Glosses have been swatched. The packaging on some of them isn’t perfect I noticed the stopper lets too much product through but you have to push it back down then it’s ok. I’ve noticed this fault on a LOT of NYX round glosses hmmm…

88. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 33 24 Karet £2.80

89. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 17 Chocolate Moose £2.80

90. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 23 Golden Prune £2.80

91. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 19 Apricot £2.80 SOLD

92. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 35 Honey £2.80

93. NYX Lip Gloss RLG 32 Soap Opera Queen £2.80 SOLD

94. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Vixen 702 £2.80 SOLD

95. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Iced Mocha 708 £2.80 SOLD

96. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Bronze 705 £2.80

97. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Honey 720 £2.80

98. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Coffee 717 £2.80

99. NYX Jumbo Lip Crayon New and unused Sable Bronze 714 £2.80

100. NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil 620 Bronze £2.80 SOLD

101. NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil 15 Old Gold new £2.60

102. NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil 06 Chakra new £2.60 SOLD

Amazemint has a minty flavour

103. Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazemint 645 Gloss in Slaphappy used twice £2.70 used once

104. Cover Girl Wetsticks Amazemint 635 No Care Bare (nude) £2.70 used once SOLD

105. Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazemint 640 Gloss in Freedom of Peach £2.70 used twice SOLD

106. Stila Lip Glaze Raspberry Sorbet used a few times £2

107. Stila Lip Glaze Brown Sugar used a few times £2 SOLD

108. Stila Lip Glaze Apricot brand new £4 SOLD

109. MARK Crystal Shimmer Light Pink Pigments and Metalluscious Pink Lip Gloss (put these two shades together myself its a mix n match thing) £3.25

110. Mark Glow Baby Glow / Gleamstick Gloss and Lipstick. Lipstick is a mid toned pink, gloss is a sheer sparkly pink.  used once £2.90

111. Stila Lip Glaze Grapefruit Mini brand new £4

112. RMK Duo Lip Glosses (pink and sheer orange) used once only £4.50

113. RMK W Duo Colours 05 (gloss on one side a green cream shadow on the other. Never used it but the eyeshadow is quite thick textured) £4

114. VIP Girl Peach Syrup Lip Gloss – created a pouty nude lip, conceals redness £4.20 SOLD

115. Effet 3D Les Nudes 33 swatched £2.80 SOLD

116. Effet 3D Les Nudes 34 swatched Rose Mythic £2.80 SOLD

117. Effet 3D Les Nudes 36 swatched  £2.80 SOLD

118. Nars Lip Gloss in Dirty Shame swatched once £7 SOLD

119. Nars Lip Stain in Rage used twice this is a STAIN a long lasting STAIN not a GLOSS no longer avail £6 SOLD

120. AVON Cynthia Rowley Lip Gloss swatched in Plum Orchid £2 SOLD

121. Bourjois 3D Lip Gloss in Rose Idyllic £2.90

122. Rimmel London Stay Glossy 120 used once £2 SOLD

123. Bourjois Rouge Pop Gloss in Chic used once a plum shade £1.80

124. Biotherm Aquatic Shine 515 Lipstick Tested once – a sheer glossy rose? £2.80 – 60% left SOLD

125. Biotherm Aquatic Shine Sheer Lipstick in 555 £2.80 – veryyyyyy pretty honestly, a sheer shimmery red a bit chopped off for my palette so about 60% left SOLD

126. Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Flare (50% left) £3.90 SOLD

127. Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Pink (name rubbed off – 50% lef) £3.90 SOLD

128. MAC Chromeglass Sunmetal Lip Gloss used once £4 SOLD

129. Soap & Glory Big Motherpucker swatched once £3 SOLD

130. Tiffa  Glitter Liner/Mascara duo is silver (has a dual brush head so u can use as a liner OR as a mascara £4

131. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Bare tested once £3.80 SOLD

132. Becca Glossy Lip Tint Cherry Bomb tested once £6 SOLD

133. Kevin BeautyMaker Lengthening Mascara New no box £4

134. Laura Geller Lip Gloss Rose intense lip gloss £3.90 never used

135. Art Deco Color Gloss No 27 Nude tested once £3.90

136. MAC Lipglass in Spirited mini size NEW £3 SOLD

137. MAC Slimline Lipstick in Most Wanted a sheer shiny colour £5.20 used 3-5 times

138. Shiseido Lip Color SP5 Terra Rose Long Lasting Colour £3.25 SOLD

139.Lancome 272 MF118 Lipstick Rouge Absolu used a few times £4.80

140. Lavshuca Lipstick in RD3 141 sheer red £4 SOLD

141. Lancome Lipstick Rose Defile 306 about 60% has been cleanly sliced! left £3.10

142. L’oreal Studio Secrets Lipstick in 650 Red used twice £2

143. Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue in Coy 21 £1.50 swatched SOLD

144. Laura Gellar Lipstick in Nice ‘n’ Nude used twice £4 SOLD

145. Lavshuca Long Lipstick in RS3 used twice £3.50 SOLD

146. Clinique Lipstick in Pure Posh (colour surge lipstick)  a rich bronze tip a bit smooshed £2

147. Benefit Lipstick On the sky £1.50 a deep plum used 2-3 times

148. Code B OR201 swatched once £7 SOLD

149. Lancome Color Fever Lasting Radiance Sensual Lip Colour Reflects Nude BNIB £7 SOLD

150. Chanel Lip Laquer in Dynastie 74 BNIB £10 used twice SOLD

151. Lavshuca Lip Gloss RD-1 used once £3.80 SOLD

152. Clinique Bloomberry Full Potential Lips Lipgloss BNUB £6

153. Shiseido Automatic Lip Crayon in Pinky Peach shade nude £5 used once SOLD

154. Stila Clear Colour Lip Balm (a peach shade) SPF 7 £3.90 – swatched SOLD

155. Paul and Joe Lip Crayon 02 in sheer red £4 SOLD

156. Bourjois Lip Contour in Rouge Carmin £1.90 used a few times

157. Loreal Studio Secrets Lip Liner 053 Red new £1.90 – new

158. Laura Geller Dazzle Black pencil £2.90 – used once (black with sparkles!) SOLD

159. Loreal Studio Secrets Lip Laquer 651 Dark Brunettes Deep Red tested once £2.50 SOLD

160. YSL Tinted Lip Balm SPF 10 tested once only £5.80

161. Skin Food Choco Melt Lip Tube in sheer red £3.60 SOLD

162. Lorac Mocktail Caffeini Martini new £2.40

163. Purse Gloss Cargo Sheer Pink £2.70 SOLD

164. Avon Spectra Color Nude (lost lid – you can change the intensity of the colour) £3.40

165. Philosophy Hope in a Tube Eye and Lip Firming Cream used twice £6.80 SOLD

166. RMK Jelly Cheek Pink Cream blusher in palette £3.70 used about 4 times ?SOLD

167. Bobbi Brown Glitter Lip Gloss in Baby (sheer sparkly pink) £7 SOLD

168. Maquillage RD792 Lip Creator Pencil BNIB £3.80

169. By Terry Multicare Lip Definer 8 (never used it but the tip needs sharpening) £6.80

170. Estee Lauder Limited Edition Pink Kit – Lip Pencil, Lip Gloss and Lip Stick set (Elizabeth Hurley colour variation) with case and box (each item swatched once) £12 SOLD

171. The Lip Scrub By Sara Happ Cinnamon Sugar used once £5.25 ??SOLD

172. Stila Lip Glaze Palette The Nudes used a few times £3.40

173. Shu Uemura Disco Smoke/Cassis Lip Gloss £2.90 new SOLD

174. Lipstick Queen Clear Mini Gloss swatched £3

175. Lipstick Queen Red Mini Lip Gloss swatched £3

176. Nars Lip Laquer Cabiria used once £5 SOLD

177. Jammy Lips Lip Balm used once £1

178. Cargo Lip Gloss Duo in Hong Kong £3.90 used a few times only

179. Cargo Lipgloss Quad Naples BNIB four lip gloss shades £7

180. MyQueen Velvety Body Lotion 100ml new £3

181. Baviphat BB Cream Office Lady SPF 45 45ml BNIB (way too light for me, I am NC37 and its a good 3-4 shades later) £11 SOLD

182. Cargo One Base Concealer & Foundation In One OB-03 used once (best for darker skins suits my NC35-40) £3.90 SOLD

183. CK Eyeshadow Quad LE Gotham Nights only swatched lightly with box £5.25

184. La Prairie Foundation in Soleil Beige (it’s pretty dark, about 3 shades too dark for me a NC35) £10 SOLD

185. Shiseido Luminizing BE206 Blusher – highlighting gold £12 (rrp. £22) SOLD

186. Kevin Beautymaker Multi Purpose BB Cream in shade 3, used 3 times (best for NC30 or so its too light for me) £6

187. Stila Pretty Pink Look Palette, shadows, liner, lip & Cheek shade.  Can’t remember if it still talks or not – probably better if it doesn’t. £6.90 SOLD

188. Skinfood Black garlic face cream face cream (smells nice not of garlic!) 50grams tested once only £4.80 SOLD

189. Make Up Forever Matte Powder Apricot Beige (a bit dark for me) used 5-7 times £6 SOLD

190. Bellapierre Cosmetics MF-4 Cinnamon Yellow Based used 4-5 times for NC35-40 £4

191. Scott Barnes Loose Powder 80% left Diamond Dust (sparkly) Loose Powder £3.90 SOLD

192. Scott Barnes Loose Powder 80% left 24 Carat Bronze (sparkly!) Loose Powder £3.90 SOLD

193. Max Factor Creme Puff Deep Beige 42 used twice £2.80

194. Privacy Bright Up Color 103 Pink £3.10 used twice

195. Privacy Bright Up Color 106 Yellow £3.10 used twice

196. Revlon Photoready Make Up Base 008 Golden Beige tested once £5.20

197. Benefit High Beam used 3-4 times £4.25 SOLD

198. Acmedica 1R Concealer £2.90 dark for face, light for under the eye

199. Garden Botanika Skin Corrector Wheel Brand New £2 with green corrector, yellow and salmon colour SOLD

200. MAC Medium Plus Mineralize Foundation used 2-3- times £8.50 SOLD

201. The Body Shop LE Roseflower Radiance Stick 01 highlighter – used once £2.70

202. Smashbox Concealer Stick in 4.0 (medium) £3.10

203. Skinfood Rice Stick Foundation (too light for me more nc25-30) with a hydrating core £4 SOLD

204. Bliss 20 in 1 Wonder Balm used once £5.20 SOLD

205. Chanel Crayon Visage Duo Ambre (For eyes, lips and cheeks) used once £4.90 SOLD

206. Jelly Pong Pong’s Teint Sublime in Pink (highlighter) £3.00

207. Bloom Cheek Tint Bronze used once £3.90

208. Loreal Roll –On True Match Beige Rose £2 – used once SOLD

209. OCC Cosmetics Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Chloropoyll £3.90 swatched

210. OCC Cosmetics Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Pollen Count £3.90 swatched

211. Covercom Foundation Stick 02 used once SPF 50 too light for me £4.90

212. Dr Denise Firming Facial Pads about 80% left – £2.80 *large item*

213. Sweet Georgia Brown Hair Dressing Pomade Never used. What’s pomade anyway? £2.50 *heavy item*


215. Kose Salon Style Arrange Wave Wax New tested once £3 (for accentuating curls)

216. Kose Salon Style Fiber In Wax Tested Once £3  (for building volume) SOLD

217. Laura Geller Brush used a few times £7.50 (kabuki)

218. Go Kabuki Brush £2.90



221. Barry M Nail Paint NP285 Pale Green £2  used once SOLD

222. Ciate Love Me Oil used twice £2.50 for cuticles SOLD

223. No 7 Stay Perfect mini polish in Temptress £1.50 – new SOLD

224. No 7 Stay perfect mini polish in Sunset £1.50 – new SOLD

225. China Glaze In the Lime Light Nail Polish (Neon) £3 – used once SOLD

*All these are heavy items*

226. Bumble & Bumble Brown Hair Powder used twice – I don’t get how to use it! The nozzle stained a bit brown! £6*

227. Biotherm Sun Fitness Sport Spray spf15 used once £5

228. Toni & Guy Model.Me Erin Quick Fix Dry Shampoo 200ml £1.50 used once only

*All heavy items, a surcharge will be added to shipping (about £1.50 but I will do it according it weight).

229. TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Hair Spray used once only £6

230. Aero Bronze St Tropez Self Tanning Air Spray used 2 times can’t figure it out £4 SOLD

231. Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Hair Gel used twice £4

232. Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Trip Curl Product used twice £6 *heavy item*

233. Mocha Chocolatte Tini Tan intensifier kit for people who use sun beds i believe this intensifies your tan and it comes with a lip balm and mini size intensifier too £6.50

234. EcoTan Classic Colourless Self Tan Spray 500ml will last for ages – used once – for the more skilled tanner than me! £6 (cost £20) (HEAVY ITEM – SHIPPING WILL BE TOTALLED UP ACCORDINGLY) SOLD

235. Paul & Joe Moisture Gel used 3 times £3.80 SOLD

236. YSL Matt Touch Foundation SPF10 Shade 6  used once only £7

237. SANA Superlift Essence Face Serum (for a boost to the skin) used once £3.25

238. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme BNIB £4 SOLD

239. Vichy Lumineuse Tinted Moisturiser 03 (too dark for NC30/35 better for NC40 upwards) used once £4

240. Aube Cream Eye Shadow 71 Iridescent sea blue green £2.80 SOLD

These have been LIGHTLY swatched

241.        Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher in 03 Lilac Purple £6.50 SOLD

242.        Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher in 02 Peach £6.50 SOLD

243.        Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher in  01 Pink £6.50 SOLD

These have been SWATCHED only come as new in boxes and puff

244. VOV Baby Cheek 05 Baby Orange £6  SOLD

245. VOV Baby Cheek 04 Gold Peach £6 SOLD

246. VOV Baby Cheek 03 Strawberry Soothing £6 SOLD

247.  Integrate BR700 Eyeshadow used 2-3 times £4.50 (with base and liner) SOLD

248.  Smashbox LE Tokidoki Palette NEW! £7.50 SOLD

249.  Helena Rubenstien Wanted Eyes 07 Lucky Gold swatched only £4 SOLD

250. Pixi Eye Bright Kit Brand New £4.50 SOLD

251.                        Skinfood All over muffin cake finish 03 with brush underneath £8 used once lightly SOLD

252.                        Lunasol Silver Beige EX01 Limited Edition highlighter lightly swatched £9 SOLD

253.                        Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit 02 used twice no idea how to use it £16 (rrp £26) SOLD

254. Skin79 Diamond BB Perfect Cover Concealer (dual) used once, too light for my NC35 skintone £8 SOLD

256. Lancaster 002 Infinite Bronze Diamond  Drops Powder Highlighter type shade £6

257. Stila Eyeshadow Marrakesh BNIB £5 SOLD

258. Canmake Eyeshadow 02 Glow twin colour used lightly a few times £4 SOLD

259. Canmake Eyeshadow 03 Glow twin colour used lightly a few times £4 SOLD

260. Lavshuca BU1 Eyeshadow Palette lightly swatched £5.50 SOLD

261.  Lavshuca PK1 Eyeshadow Palette used twice £5

262. NYX Cream Blush Rouge Cream Blush Golden used once £2.90 SOLD

263. NYX Cream Blush at Tan used once £2.90 SOLD

264. Paula  Dorf Cheek Colour Cream – in Playmate really pretty pink used a few times £4 SOLD

265. Stila Convertible Colour in Forget Me Not used a few times £5.25 SOLD

266. Urban Decay Brow Box Beige Betty used 2-3 times or so £4.50 SOLD

267. Lancaster Sun 003 Lip Variations Orange BNIB two shades of orange £4

268. Etude House LUCIdarling Fantastic Graduation Cheek used twice £8 SOLD

269. Smashbox Icon Cream Eyeliner Palette used each colour a few times not so squidgy anymore hence price £2.50 SOLD

270. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Pink Cloud 17 used once or twice (see corner!) £7 SOLD

271.  Twilight Volturi Enrapture Lip Gloss swatched £4.50

272.                        Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Bronzer (large size) swatched – where the K was!! £4.25

273.                        Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation SPF 15 (NEW) in 30 medium shade BNIB £9.50 SOLD

274. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose used 2 times too shimmery for me £15 SOLD

275. Sisley Phyto Ombre Eclat in Black matte – £7.50 (veryyyy posh) no box SOLD

276. Smashox Eyshadow in Daylight very lightly swatched £3.20

277. NOT SELLING (how dare Mr C but my beloved showy in the blog sale!?)

278. Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer SPF30 BNIB I already have a million primers! £10 SOLD

279. Lioele Blooming Pop Pinky Tint swatched once and in box. Too sheer for me, better for pale girls. £5 SOLD

280. RMK Make Up Base about 50% left £4.50 SOLD

281. Maybelliene Instant Age RewindFoundation with Goji berry and Caffeine SPF 18 in Medium Beige used twice not quite my shade £4.50

These are mousse blushers. Bear in mind they are a MOUSSE texture – ahem. All used twice at the most.

282.Ettusais Blush Orange – £4 SOLD

283.Ettusais Blush Red – £4 SOLD

284.Ettusais Blush Pink- £4 SOLD

285.Shills Pore Hide & Heal Cream – like Dr Feelgood! It’s a primer that covers pores and what not. Used once, doesn’t suit me. £4 SOLD

286. Stila Eye Mousse Smoke – these look a bit cracky on the top, but the colour seems fine to me when swatched. Please bear in bind when buying they might not be as soft as when brand new. £3.80

287. Stila Eye Mousse Amber – these look a bit cracky on the top, but the colour seems fine to me when swatched. Please bear in bind when buying they might not be as soft as when brand new. £3.80 SOLD

288. Stila Eye Mouse Iris – these look a bit cracky on the top, but the colour seems fine to me when swatched. Please bear in bind when buying they might not be as soft as when brand new. £3.80

289. Too Faced First Base Eye Shadow Base used 3-4 times £3.50 SOLD

290. Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser Used Once, skin doesn’t like it. Was forced by Clarins lady to buy it (see below also) still with box. £11

291. Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum USED TWICE! Was forced by the woman on Clarins to buy this. Moan moan moan. In box £26 (Cost me £35!)

292. Palantong Eye Tattoo Black and Brown Dual Ended Pencil BNIB waterproof combi pencil £6 SOLD

293. Scott Barnes Translcent Loose Powder 286 for all skintones used once £5 SOLD

294. Georgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder 02 used 5 -6 times pretty full £15 (rrp £26 ish)

295. Integrate The Power of Mineral SPF 16 Powder Foundation – the plastic makes it look half empty, it has only been used 3-4 times!!! It is the darkest shade you can get in this foundation OC30 I think it’s a TINY bit light on NC35 so best for NC30.  £8 SOLD

296. Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blush with brush used ONCE only £7.50 SOLD

297. Skinfood Egg Pore Cover Foundation in 02 (too light for me I am NC35 better for 2 shades lighter see my review!) £6 comes with brush foundation is underneath SOLD

298. Scott Barnes Caramel Cream Foundation used 3-4 times (way to dark for me, I am NC35 this is much better for 2 shades darker) £4

299. Dolce & Gabanna Devil Lipstick Devil 220 – used once with box £12 SOLD

300. MAC Lipstick in Pretty Please – Swatched once in box £7 SOLD

301. Paul & Joe Lipstick in Pavot LE – slight tear on the packaging – gorgeous coran BNIB £7 SOLD

302. Majolica Majorca Honey Gloss Neo BNIB is a coral peach £5 SOLD

303. MAC Crème De La Femme Frost Lipstick used twice £6.50 SOLD

304. YSL Rouge Volpute in 10 Pink – a very bright pink – used 2-3 times £13 SOLD

305. GOSH Lipstick in Darling- Swatched once £3.90 SOLD

306. CK Lipstick Betrayal -a nude- Swatched once £3.90

307. Integrate Shiseido PK374 Lipstick sheer sparkly pink £5 SOLD

308. Etude House DIGI Lipstick  No. 18 a bright coral shade used once £7 SOLD

309. Lavshuca Lipstick BE3 Beige used once £4.50 SOLD

310. Korres Natural Lipstick  with Mango Butter in Sheer Brown – Swatched once £5.50

311. Art Deco Lipstick Long Lasting Rose shade £3.50

312. Coffret D’or PK23 used twice £6 SOLD

313. Bloom Liquid Lipstick Jasmine used twice £4

314. Fresh Cherry Tint Etude House BNIB swatched once on hand in pink £5 SOLD

315. HIP Cream Eyeliner Teal used twice £3.90 SOLD

316. HIP Cream Eyeliner Midnight Blue used twice £3.90 SOLD

317. Volturi Twilight Arsenic Lip Gloss used once a sheer black £3.90 SOLD

318. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder ECP06 Blonde used once £3.90

319. Dior Creme De Rouge 351 lip gloss used twice £9 SOLD

320. Maquillage OR331 used 3-4 times £6 SOLD

321. Helena Rubenstien Wanted Gloss in Sunset Trip sparkly orange used once £4.50 SOLD

322. Anna Suit Lip Gloss 700 a flesh nude used once £3.70 SOLD

323. NYX Concealer Magic Wand in Yellow tested once £3.20

324. Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner in Deep Brown and Gold liners, used once £4

325. ID Bare Minerals Eye Quickie Neptune sparkly white tested once £6.50

326. Smashbox Brow Tech Brunette used 5-6 times esp the wax side £2.90 SOLD

327. MAC Eyeshadow in Aquavery Veluxe Pearl – BNIB LE Shadow £8 SOLD

328. NYX Goddess of the Night Lip Gloss tested once £2.90 SOLD

329. Nars Triple X Gloss used a few times at least 85% left £7

330. Tiffa Powder Gloss 264 Nude used once £3 SOLD

331. NYX Cream Concealer Green tested once £3.20

332. NYX Cream Concealer Lavender tested once £3.20

333. Lancome Star Bronzer Glossy Lip Nectar – Swatched once only £6.50

334. Smashbox O-Bronze Cheek Bronzer used ONCE only £7

335. Integrate OR249 Lip Sparkly gloss used once £2.90 SOLD

336. Lancome Juicy Tube Limited Edition Gloss in Apple Shibuya Limited edition used twice £3.20 SOLD

337. Integrate Mineral Primer SPF 25 used once only £7 SOLD

338. Baby Pink Clear Gloss (changes to pink on the lips from clear!) used once £2.90

339. SANA Make Essences Concealer used once £4

340. Clinique Full Potential Lip Gloss Travel Pack with 10 Shades; Glamourful, Mimosa Blossom, Peach Plump, Ripest Apricot, Cherry Bomb, Playful Pump, Pink Aplenty, Sooo Pink, Luscious Lilac, Double Plum – bought from duty free, shades swatched once on back of hand, and in box £13 SOLD

341. Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Lip Tint used once £4 SOLD

342. Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump & Shine Lusxious Lilac BNIB £6 SOLD

343. Lunasol Germinate Eyeliner in EX01 sparkly liner limited edition £6 SOLD

344. RMK W Colour 07 (eye and lip) half purple cream shadow, half pink lip gloss, only swatched and LE £5.50 SOLD

345. Tarte Lock & Roll Citrine used once – cream shadow and a loose powder roll on £4.50

346. Tarte Lock & Roll Tanzinite used once – cream shadow and a loose powder roll on £4.50

347. Stila Lip Glaze  Starfruit Mini Size Brand New £3.20

348. Stila Lip Glaze Raspberry Mini Size Brand New £3.20 SOLD

349. Stila Lip Glaze Brown Sugar Mini Size Brand New £3.20

350. Stila Lip Glaze Vanilla Mini Size Brand New £3.20

351. Pixi Lip Booster Faiere BNIB £3.90

352. YF Cuticle Revitaliser Strawberry BNIB £2

353. Shills BB Luminous Pen tested once £3.20 SOLD

354. Missha Dual Quick Drawing Shadow Pen in Green tested once £4.20

355. MUGU Instant Light Apple Concealer tested once £3

356. Cover Girl Outlast Stain 400 used once £2.80

357. Lioele Magic Styling Mascara BNIB £8 SOLD

358. YF Cuticle Revitalising Oil Peach BNIB £2

359. Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye massage Serum used ONCE £8 SOLD

360. Lancaster Sparkling Powder Trio BNIB with a white, gold and bronze shimmer powder in the brush £7

361. Ettusais Lip Gloss 33Q5 used twice a pale gold with a spatula applicator £2.90

362. Etude House Woo Baby Blue Lip Plumper – swatched once only £5


364. RMK Cream Eyes & Cheeks 02 Coral used a few times surface is uneven £4 SOLD

365. Bourjois Eau Gloss Cosmic Sorbet Fraise swatched £1.50 SOLD

366. Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow Base in Love That Beige used once only £3

367. Bourjois Eau De Gloss in Cappucino Ice swatched £1.50

368. MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Pleasing used twice £6 SOLD

369. Lavshucal Stick Eyeshadow in BK1 used twice £3.50 SOLD

370. Gosh Copper Girl Eye Pencil £2.90 Swatched SOLD

371. GOSH Blue Lagoon Eye Pencil £2.90 Swatched SOLD

372. GOSH Majestic Sea Eye Pencil £2.90 Swatched SOLD

373. GOSH Ocean Mise Eye Pencil £2.90 Swatched SOLD

374. Calvin Klein Brow Definer in Dark Blonde £3.50 New SOLD

375. CK Eye Definition in Blue Smoke Eyeliner £3.50  swatched

376. MAC New Money LE Liner £5 swatched

377. NYX 905 Silver Eye Pencil £2.50 swatched

378. NYX 903 Dark Brown £2.50 swatched

379. Shiseido Lip Liner Sepia on Ice £3.50 new (a nude shade) SOLD

380. New Born Dual Eyeliner black & white £3

381. Givenchy Magic Kohl  Eyeliner in 06 (deep burgundy) £4 used once SOLD

382. Naris Up Maxi Grade Eyeliner in Black used once £3 used once

383. Too Faced Chocolate Lava Gloss Super Brown Eyeliner £3 used once

384. MUGU  Shimmer Eyeshadow Pencil in white £2.90 used once

385. Heroine Make Quick eyeliner in black used once £3.50 SOLD

386. B&C Labs Waterstrong Creamy Eye Pencil Deep Black Used once – waterproof eyeliner £4.25 SOLD

387. Shills BB Flawless Pen Concealer, used once  £3.20

388. KATE My Colour Pencil (dual ended)  and holder – swatched only, green on one side on blue on the other both have a light sparkle £5

389. Biotherm Define Eyes Eye Pencil 130 in Navy used a few times £3.50

390. Visee Dual Pencil Eyeliner BR30 (brown and light brown/beige on the other end I think) used once £3

391. YF Cuticle Revitaliser Oil Lavender BNIB £2 SOLD

392. Lioele Silky Highlighter BB Touch – one shade, lost the lid, used 3 times £3.50 SOLD

393. New ID Weather Everything Liner Sealer used once £3.25

394. PIXI By Petra Fresh Face Case – brand new and boxed. Contains a highlighter, lip gloss and cheek tint – note the elastic on the cheek tint is loose (came that way!)  so doesn’t hold it in properly. You could prob sew it in.

395. Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain No Breakfast £3 BNIB

396. Jelly Pong Pong Love Rouge Brand New Sealed £3 SOLD


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