Favourite Brown Eyeliners: La Rose de Versailles Creer Beaute Brown Eyeliner Range!

I love black eyeliner – oh how I love deep dark black eyeliner. But I realised a few months ago that it is really easy to go overboard and look panda eyed in the day. I bought a number of brown eyeliners but I found that it was hard to find the right tone for me, and the right texture.

I like dark browns that look brown rather than a slightly lighter black, as I found some liners to be.

I bought all three of the liners in the Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles range – I bought them one by one mind:

La Rose de Versailles Creer Beaute Brown Eyeliner Range

I have the pencil liner, liquid liner and gel liner.  There is also a range of eyeliners from Creer Beaute, called the Oscar collection which are all black.  So how would I describe this brown?

I’d say it is actually a warm brown but it is dark enough for it not too look too warm which I can find a bit wishy washy.

I don’t know why but this shade works well with my olive skin and medium brown eyes – it adds definition without being really harsh.  If you like cool browns only you may find this range a bit too warm for your liking.  If you have say, a lot of red in your hair, you may find these liners look even redder on your skin.

I do struggle to find good brown liners but I love this entire range! It’s also quite affordable – I paid around £6 per item.

La Rose de Versailles Creer Beaute Brown Eyeliner Range 1

The liquid liner is my newest haul – this is the lightest of all three product and it looks nice on but doesn’t give the strongest definition. I still like it for a really natural look altho I would still wear black liquid for day to day quite happily.

The pencil liner is perfection – it’s hard but still soft enough to use on the waterline.  I like the hardness because you can get a defined line without it smudging everywhere. (Full review here).

The gel liner is nice too; it takes a minute to set though, but once it does it lasts quite well. The shade is quite hard to find in gel liners I think. (Full review here).

Do you substitute brown eyeliner for black liner on natural days?

*I buy Creer Beaute from adambeauty.com

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  1. says

    the gel liner gives a really nice strong colour, all the ones I have used so far seem a bit washy. Thanks for the fab review!