Fake Fishing: Nars Palettes on Ebay

I’ve reported these palettes tons of times but as usual, EBay is too busy counting its profits to do anything about ILLEGAL COUNTERFEIT goods being sold.

Look at those hideous sponge tipped applicators.

Look at the non flattering colour schemes.

How could it ever be a Nars?!

Not only would you be spending on a fake item, unlike a handbag, you are applying to your skin – you don’t know whats in it, the quality will be well below Nars standard and it looks UGLY.

Seller is: beautifully_devine. She can’t spell either, it seems. Avoid, Avoid!

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  1. Chica says

    Ugh I hate ebay, these palettes are fugly and obviously not Nars but some things look genuine. I’m wary of ebay anyway, one of my old housemates used to make a fake alias, sell stuff, get the money, not send it out and then close down his account.
    Put me off for life!

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    These palettes keep reappearing. You know what though – a NEW ebayer keeps adding them (someone with 0 feedback – naughty naughty!)

  3. Helly says

    kinda reminds of jill stuart shadows, i think its the colours and how they’re set out in the palette; but dead ugly of course 😀 and who are they faking? nars don’t even make eyeshadows like that…do they? lol

  4. Row says

    Hey Helly

    They do look like JS don’t they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nars only do duos anyway or sometimes the specials with 6 in them. I guess some people may not even know what Nars is?

  5. says

    Thanks for keeping an eye out on ebay – we’ve received numerous emails from other NARS devotees regarding the fake palettes being sold on ebay.

    We’re currently working with ebay to assist in removing these auctions. However, as you know the process takes time.

    By the way I totally agree on the posting – you don’t know what your putting on your skin. It could be lead or some other harmful ingredient that may cause permanent damage.

    Remember always shop from an Authorized NARS dealer or go to the website http://www.narscosmetics.com or http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk.

    Take care everyone, continue to read Cosmetics-candy it’s a ROCKSTAR BLOG and remain FABULOUS!!!!

  6. Row says

    Hi Erika

    Thanks so much! I’ve seen these palettes time after time, I always report them – without the Nars name these palettes woupd be selling for 99p not 19.99 and its not fair on the people who buy them who won’t know how good real nars is!!!