Fake Eyelashes – Keep or Throw away?

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I am still learning to get to grips with fake eyelashes. I have to get them perfect, if not, they go right in the bin. This happened to me on Saturday when I just couldn’t get them right – three pairs ended up in the bin because I just didn’t want to sit there picking the glue off them.

So I want to know – do you keep your lashes or throw them away?

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  1. You know something that’s funny? The other day I was going through my drawers and I found my old eyeglass case… in them were these gross old fake eyelashes from one of my performances (long long ago, when I was like, 13). I didn’t know I still had them. =P

    • Hey Abby!

      I did keep some Shu lashes (but they are expensive) and they are all crusty…hmmm..I think it’s because I just haven’t perfected my glue technique!

  2. Yeah, I tend to keep mine for at least 4 wears XD
    I’m too poor to buy new ones XD

  3. I try to keep them as long as possible and reuse them. But even the ratty ones I can’t bear to throw away…I’ve kept them still, don’t know why lol. Maybe its the frugal (stingy) Asian in me 😛

    • Hey Blu

      Lol! My nan keeps everything, napkins, plastic forks….I should be more frugal with my lashes! I just use and chuck normally!

  4. I keep them… I pick off the glue and use curlers on them if they get a bent lash or two. After about 8-10 wears I’ll bin them.

    I only really use Claire’s and Eylure’s lashes but always use Eylure’s glue and I find the little tube it comes with makes it easy to apply glue, less messy.

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