Fake Chanel Quads

You know I obsessed with Chanel Quads at the moment? Well they aren’t cheap, at £30.50p in the UK but they are a really luxury, gorgeous item to own.

I made the mistake of buying a fake Chanel quad not so long ago even though I should have known better. Not because there aren’t genuine cosmetics on Ebay, but because there was no name for the Quad, the colours; bright turquoise, bright pink, bright yellow, bright red, didn’t look very Chanel to me, but I was intrigued.

I won the bid for around £16, received it and it was a complete and utter fake.

I remember being at school and the girls buying clothes from the market that spelt Abbibas. It was that obvious.

The case was rectangular, the box had weird lettering on it, the colours were rock solid it was a case of no colour will be coming off this…it came with brushes, not sponges. I should have taken photos of it, but I was too disgusted too look at it twice. I contacted the seller who agreed to refund me. She said it might have been bought at an airport. Or a van by the airport seems more likely.

So if you see a Chanel Quad or another high end eyeshadow you want from Ebay remember to:

1. Ask for the official name of the product and…

2. Google it. You should be able to find a Make Up Alley review, or a picture or an article writing about its release (if it is Limited Edition). I doubt there is much that is so obscure or so out of date that it cannot be found in some way on the Internet. If it can’t do you really want 10 year old make up?

3. Chanel Eyeshadows are SQUARE with rounded corners.

4. They come with white tipped sponge applicators.

5. Go to the Chanel site to check items actually exist and to compare swatches.

6. Europe and Asia Shadows come in a round form, in the US it is square. No, it doesn’t come in triangle.

7. There are some limited items which do come in rectangular cases (like aqualumieres) but if you Google it, you should be able to find an image of it somewhere.

For example, there is a current listing: 360010741355, on the UK site for a Chanel Quad in Nymphea. As I am obsessed with that quad but cannot bring myself to buy it, I know that the colours are off and look too matte. The green particular (which I have tested many times on the back of my hand – ahem), is the wrong shade entirely – it is too matte and dark. Then, with further inspection, there is a brush supplied with this, not sponges. The edges of the case look sharp, not rounded off like other Chanel Quads. The outer box looks real.

I have no doubt in my mind that that one is a fake but the seller may not know it. In this situation I would inform the seller and see what he/she does about it as it really isn’t fair on the unsuspecting shopper to have to end up with fake goods and wonder why Chanel shadows are such a let down. Also, there is no saying what has gone into this eyeshadow product.

I can’t let you go without some beauty.

Wentworth! Who on earth is that! She’s too pale for you!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Wentworth IS rather handsome (he went to school near where I grew up, btw).

    Don’t worry about the girl though; if the rumors about Went-y are true, she’s the LEAST of our problems,lol!

  2. Row says

    Hehe so I hear. How old is he now, about 36? And still not met the right girl? Either he is extremely fussy or…well I think we all know. I just can’t accept it. It’s too soon.


  3. MandyPandy says

    Don’t worry, Row! He HASN’T met the right girl; I’m sure you can change him, though! Don’t give up hope yet!

    I’m the same way about Mo Rocca; according to the rumors, I’m not his, er, ‘type’. But of course I keep praying that those are just lies. Straight until proven otherwise, right?

  4. Row says

    Hehehe….you know, if you find any article/gossip rag which calls Wentworth gay (hello Perez Hilton), you always get about 200 crazy women posting on it about how they SWEAR he isn’t…

    Would a gay guy wear that?

    Would a gay guy deny it?

    My friends friends friends uncle’s sister was his ex-girlfriend…

    He’s sitting in my lounge right now…

    That kind of stuff. Funny for me, terrifying for him…