Faith in Nature Shampoo and Body Wash

You know I am still on a search for the ideal natural and hair products for my sensitive skin? I have been flaring up a lot lately.

I found this company Faith in Nature, who have a large range of skincare, household cleaning goods, lady stuff and hair goodies etc….

I got some shower gel, samples of shampoo and a hand cream:


Check it! The water if from the Lake District! (Beauty spot in the UK):


I am STILL trying to find a cost effective but gentle shampoo that doesn’t make me itch. I got samples of three kinds of shampoo –

Lavender & Gerainum (rose), Hemp and Meadowfoam and Chocolate!!! Yay for chocolate.


Chocolate Shampoo:


Lavender Shampoo:


Hemp & Meadowfoam:


Now technically with my dry hair, I should be using Hemp, but I have fallen in love with the chocolate shampoo and conditioner. It has a faint but nice chocolate scent and I noticed today, how some golden tones were showing up in my hair, giving it a really rich, shiny colour – the only thing that had changed was the shampoo and conditioner I was using so I guess it was the shampoo for dark hair that did it..

However, I don’t know if I will have an allergy to it just yet – it normally takes longer for my scalp to say yay or nay to a product.

Ingrediets of chocolate shampoo:

Aqua (water from the Lake District)
ammonium laureth sulphate*
sodium chloride** (sea salt)
theobroma cacao** (cocoa)
salvia officinalis** (sage)
melaleuca alternifolia*
polysorbate 20*
sodium citrate*

* vegetable origin ** certified organic

Now, SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the one that makes me itch like nobody’s business. This shampoo has ammonium laureth sulphate, which is STILL a sulphate, but the weakest in the group so less irritating.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
This is a foaming detergent derived from plant (coconut, palm) or animal sources. The family includes sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate and ammonium laureth sulphate. The first is the strongest, the last the weakest. SLS is highly irritating to people with sensitive skin. Washing hair with shampoo with SLS often results in aggravated skin on the fingers and sore patches on the neck.

I have the sore patch on the back of my neck! Ay curumba! (Not from this shampoo from from about 2 years ago and it’s never really gone away).

I will have to tell you this goes and report back. If you have a normal scalp, their shampoos look delicious.

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  1. says

    Row! :)
    I too have this problem but i’ve found a shampoo that’s perfect for me –
    there’s a new range from Tara Smith (big celeb stylist apparently) in Tesco which are organic and have next to no ingredients.
    I use the C Curls one which is fine even for my senstive scalp but there is another one called Big Baby shampoo which is UBER gentle. Plus they have green brownie points as the whole container is recyclable and there’s seeds to plant in the label! I love it.
    I’m planning on reviewing the C Curls one this week, should have it up on my blog by the weekend.

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth!

      everytime i need a new shampoo (every 10 days or so) I always try something new :) there are so many about and I am desperate to find ‘the ultimate’ unfortunately I have run out and have no time to order online so I have to have a mooch around Boots. But 95% of the shampoos have SLS!

      I loved the Chocolate shampoo from Faith in Nature – the highlights it gave – wow!