Facebook IS for dummies

I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book.

What on earth can there be to teach?

Chapter 1: This is how to log on.

Chapter 2: Friends; quantity, not quality.

Chapter 3: POKE ME: Dealing with pokes.

Chapter 4: How to stalk your ex/collegue/friend

Chapter 5: How to change your status so you appear like a busy person.

Chapter 6: Removing friend’s without them noticing and placing you on their hate list.

Chapter 7: Realising you downloaded a huge virus and have given away all of your personal details on your Facebook profile and via thousands of applications you have added.

Chapter 8: Entering the real world again: Step outside.

If you need this book then you shouldn’t even be allowed on a computer.  Back off from the computer, back off.

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