Face to Face The Original Super Matte Anti Shine Review

The whole IMATS experience was a rather interesting one for me, and although I picked up some bits and pieces and took some photos I didn’t really buy that much…

I picked up this Make Up International Face to Face Anti Shine product though – just because I was curious…

Face to Face Super Matte Antishine.jpg

Used by professional artists in cinema and television to cut the hot spot created by lights on camera. Now available to everyone who wants to look cool, calm and shine-free. Excellent for controlling the shine on bald men or receding hairlines. Mix with foundation to keep oil under control.

It comes in Light, Medium and Dark – I bought medium although the product is a translucent gel so the colour wasn’t overwhelming.

Face to Face Super Matte Anti Shine Professional Cosmetics.jpg

You get 18ml of product, I think I paid a little more than £10 for it.

In many ways this is a very versatile product to use –

It can be mixed in with your base, or dabbed on shiny areas – good for men because it just disappears into nothingness (or if your David Cameron, you just add another layer of face cake).

Face to Face Anti Shine Matte.jpg

I’m not mega oily but the warmer it gets the more sweaty I look. I sort of like the sweaty look….what?! Am I not entitled to my opinion?!

What I did like a lot about this product is that is 100% gets rid of shine and doesn’t move the the make up on underneath. It doesn’t feel heavy either.


Anti Shine Super Matte.jpg

An example – shiny eye area:

face to face anti shine.jpg

Dabbed the anti shine on, in a minute or so:

Face to Face Anti Shine Matte-1.jpg


Its a rather good little product, and if you are concerned about looking oily its well recommended. Especially good if you know you are going to be in photos and want to look like greasy.

I bought mine from IMATS but it looks like its on sale here too.

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