Face of the Day No. 2: Sue Moxley Famous Eyeshadow Palette in Must Have

Next up is Must Have from the Sue Moxley Famous Palette. Where Festival is ridiculously bright and buttery, the Must Have palette is collection of matte, everyday shades consisting of cream, browns and grey:


This one is a ‘useful’ palette but for me, the texture wasn’t as nice as the Festival palette – it was a chalkier texture and with it being matte, just harder to work with.



*Sorry, very warm toned photo.

Anyway I did a FOTD with it, focusing on the white and grey – I found the brown, especially the warm one a little too rich for me…

Once again a weekend shot. It’s the only time I have to remotely doll myself up, during the week, I am pure scarecrow.

Oh, I also take all photos in the car…hence the odd angles 😀

I think the eyes worked out ok in the end with the Sue Moxley palette and I can find a use for the white, grey and dark brown in this palette.

What do you think of this palette? Would you buy it or is it dupeable?

*Famous by sue moxley is available nationwide in Superdrug. The single eye shadows are £4, palettes £9 and the shimmer brick £7.

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  1. baby in a corner says

    This is very pretty and i’m sure you are far from scarecrow!

    You take your photos in your car? thats hilarious! i can just imagine your neighbours looking out and saying what is she doing? I’m sure its not like that though!

    By the way my boyfriend watched the sales assistant video and loved it! usually anything make up related is his kryptonite but he was laughing away at it.

    • Row says

      Yeah people look in (its always a moving car too) like “what on earth is she…..”

      its the only time I get a chance to do this kind of thing!

  2. says

    Ehm you look so pretty in full fotd . Loved the makeup , foundation and lipgloss…. Which lipgloss were you wearing ? Its beautiful .