Eyeshadow in a hurry: SANA Super Quick Eye Pencil in Hazel Review

SANA is a Japanese brand I really like because it has so many funky little quirky products.  I like the Super Quick range – it consists of a few products for eyes and lips and focuses on creating quick, easy to use, long lasting items.  On a side note, their lip gloss is gorgeous, their mascara is lame.

I spotted this cool eye pencil from SANA, a eyeshadow in a stick if you like, which comes in one suits all shade, Hazel.  My friend in Japan helped me to get this:

SANA Super Quick Waterproof Eye Pencil in Hazel

Not only is this a flattering suits all golden brown, it is also waterproof. The idea is you can apply, smudge and go.  It’s also a swivel pencil so no sharpening too. Easy to use, low maintenance, I like!

Here is the chunky pencil.  There are lots of thick pencils like this out there that can double as eyeshadows, let’s face it.  Crayons I guess.  A big problem I find with crayons like this is creasing, and also sometimes they are just a little more suited to lining than shading.

SANA Super Quick Waterproof Eye Pencil in Hazel 1

As I mentioned earlier this comes in one shade only, Hazel. It’s a nice choice, I think.  It’s not a dull brown at all, it’s mid toned, very golden, I think a lot of skintones could use this.  I would totally wear this as an eyeshadow shade – I think it translates well into a shadow and is still strong enough to be a natural eyeliner.

It is a very warm golden brown though; some people prefer cool browns.

SANA Super Quick Waterproof Eye Pencil in Hazel 2

Texture is very soft and it’s pigmented.  It’s not as creamy and soft as a Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick (which I bought yesterday, hello!) or a Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Shadow Stick.  Nevertheless, I have no complaints about the texture.

Once applied this can be smudged for a really really natural eyeshadow look.  This is what I did with the pencil. You have a window of a minute or so to blend then it sets.  I did find with my lids, there was some creasing when used without a primer, whereas, Trish’s eye stick wears better (I haven’t tried Laura Mercier’s yet so can’t comment).

On my eye:

SANA Super Quick Waterproof Eye Pencil in Hazel 3

So overall, I like the idea behind this pencil, I like the colour, I like the texture.
I’d say it is not as creamy as you may expect and takes a few swipes to build up a strong colour on the eye, the same as what you’ll get when swatching on your hand.
I still like it, although I don’t know if I would repurchase. They have a liquid eyeshadow, which I would love to try next.
Do you like eyeliners as eyeshadow?
*I purchased this
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