Eyeshadow Comparison: Kate Shiny Jelly Eyes BK-1 and Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in 85 Mirfique

Bit of a random one this…but a while ago, whilst I was away I purchased Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in 85 Mirfique – here are my other two colours, which I do like very much. Even though Mirfique is not exactly wearable I decided I wanted it in my collection – it’s a rich black densely packed with silver glitters. 

 I also spotted a similar looking product from Kate, called Shiny Jelly Eyes – I bought BK-1. But are these colours similar?

Eyeshadow Comparison Kate BK 1 and Chanel Illusion D Ombre in 85 Mirfique

Here are the two products. Was I looking for a cheaper dupe? No, I guess not…I was just curious to see if Kate and replicated the unique formula of the D’ombre shadows. 

Here they are – the Chanel pot dwarfs Kate’s lighter, flimsier jar.  

Eyeshadow Comparison Kate BK 1 and Chanel Illusion D Ombre in 85 Mirfique

However do not be fooled. There is 3.4g of Kate eyeshadow, and 4g of Chanel – there’s only 0.6g of difference in products so as you can see, it’s the packaging that makes the Chanel seem so much more generous.  And the price difference is – $11 for the Kate (so in UK terms, about £7 whereas the Chanel is £24 so over 3 times more expensive. 

But like I say, I wasn’t trying to get a cheaper dupe of the Chanel, I just felt that on the surface these two products could be comparable. 

Here is Mirfique – so rich and dense in texture – not quite a light mousse, it feels more solid than that and the pigmentation is ridiculous – in fact, some may find it hard to wear and blend away, especially if you are wearing as an eyeshadow as opposed to a liner or an accent. 

The glitters are also FULL ON. I love this. Forget messing about the the NARS ‘Night’ series eyeshadows, just use something like this and the glitters will show up, it won’t leave glitters over your face, and it will last:

Chanel Illusion D Ombre in 85 Mirfique

Then there is KATE’s Shiny Jelly Eyes. 

Japanese brands are guilty generally, of creating lots of super sparkly glittery sheer cream and liquid eyeshadows.  I was worried these would be one of those types…and actually it’s better than expected in terms of pigmentation although no where near as dense as the Chanel. 

BK-1 is not Black (BK commonly means black in Japanese cosmetics) but a steel great-silver.  The whole formula is sparkly as opposed to a colour with lots of sparkles in it.  It’s quite a pretty steel grey – I am a fan of the colour generally. 

The formula feels different to Chanel – lighter to touch and it’s as if you only pick up the product off the surface (the Chanel feels like a sponge and you can pick up way too much product).  It also works sheer if you use a smaller amount, the Chanel is quite hard to sheer out (not that you’d necessarily want to). 

Kate Shiny Jelly Eyes BK 1 and Chanel Illusion D Ombre in 85 Mirfique 1

So my little inkling was wrong – these two eyeshadows are both lovely in their own way, but different in colour (though perhaps part of the same family group) and slightly different in texture. 

I would choose Chanel’s over Kate’s only because it is more unique in colour, Kate’s formula is actually more wearable and flattering.


Kate Shiny Jelly Eyes BK 1 and Chanel Illusion D Ombre in 85 Mirfique

KATE’s only comes in 2 colours though – BK-1 and GD-1 so you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice!

Do you like either of these eyeshadows?

*Both purchased by me 

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