Eyeliner Week No. 1: Love Clover Pencil Eyeliner & Liquid Eyeliner Review

Welcome to a full week of eyeliner reviews from my latest finds from March 2011! Each review will be number 1 – 7.

First up is this Love Clover pencil and liquid eyeliner which caught my eye because of the super cute design. And you can never have enough black eyeliners, right!?

Love Clover is a cute brand but it’s hard to get hold of so I rarely buy it.


Certain Japanese brands always use Western models. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. ..These liners are really cute in light pink packaging and swirly writing.

Generally speaking Japanese liners are fantastic and if you want something really long lasting then this is what to go for.


The pencil liner is a chunky black one which is quite matte and fairly smooth to apply. It leaves quite a strong black line and works quite well on the waterline although not effortlessly (there is slight drag).

The liquid liner is similar to a lot of other pen liquid liners – I find most of these too ‘weak’ in that the line and pigment isn’t dark enough.


Although by many standards the liquid liner is good I didn’t like it at all – I felt that there wasn’t enough ink running through it, meaning it felt dry and the nib was a bit too ‘long’ making it hard to draw the line in one go (which is what I prefer to do).

The pencil liner is fine:


My liquid liner never looks THIS crap. But I really struggled with the liner and it was just too dry for my liking. Pencil liner works on the waterline but quickly starts to move off the area and into my wrinkles below!



Not worth the time and money, alas, there are so many liners to choose from I would not repurchase.

I bought these from adambeauty.com

Score: 1/5

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  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says

    I’m not sure if they’ve been launched yet but Maybelline previewed their gel liners last year with Marie Claire in Covent Gdn and they are fantastic. My friend treated me to one and I was massively impressed. It is hardwearing, leaves a richly coloured line and comes with a tapered brush. I really should check if it’s been launched as I want to get it in other colours! I think you’d like it Ro. x

    • Row says

      Hi Yasmin!

      I reviewed the Maybelline gel liners I agree they are fab! Can’t wait for some new colours x

  2. Yasmin Butt says

    Oh cool! I’m glad you think so too. I am pretty sure the make up artist I spoke to back in September said they were launching in March 2011 with the new colours to follow later in spring. I can only see Superdrug stocking them at present from a brief online search, but this is a product that really deserves a fanfare. Did I miss a press campaign for it?