Eyeliner of Gods: Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review: Mr Marvelous, Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches

Someone asked me what my favourite kind of make up was recently, and I started listing…Eyeliners…Foundation…Concealer…Powder…Lipstick…Eyeshadow Sticks…Eyeshadows…Cream Blushers…Lip Gloss…oh, basically EVERYTHING.

But, I do have a huge weakness for eyeliners, particularly, the creamy gel liner in pencil form type.  There are many, many great pencil eyeliners out there these days that super soft, pigmented and long lasting (off the top of my head, Urban Decay 24/7, Solone, Clio Gelpresso, Eyescream, even Holika Holika Jewelight are all very very good and I’d recommend all of them). 

Then I was sent a selection of inconspicuous looking gel eyeliners from German beauty brand, Zoeva:

Eyeliner of Gods Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review Mr Marvelous Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches

Description: The graphic eye pencils combines the smoothness of a liquid liner with the ease of application of a pencil.  The powerful pigmented liners are free of of parabens and fragrance.  Once dry they are formulated to to give you a super longerwear and waterproof finish.

Oh woah.  I don’t woah at products that often. But oh woah.  These Zoeva’s Graphic Eyes pencils are really something special so much so that I’ve been carrying them around with me like they’re a selection of Hot Pepperami’s (I love Pepperami).  Let me tell you why… 

1. So creamy, So Soft!

These are the creamiest, softest no drag eyeliners I have ever used.  Other super glidey eyeliners in my opinion are: Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner, Milani Liquif Eye Gel Eyeliner, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen – I love every single one of these gel liners by the way, but Zoeva is buttery-er than all of them. Whilst Avon and Milani in particular have that lovely gel texture, they can also feel heavy, and if you apply too much, it can feel cakey, Zoeva does not – it feels feathery light on the eyes. 

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review Mr Marvelous Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches 2

2. So Pigmented, So Rich!

The pigmentation of these pencils are spot on – I do have a lot of eyeliners that are brilliant when it comes to pigmentation to be fair, and these are up there with the best.  

Black to Earth is a matte true rich black and boy is it a TRUE TRUE BLACK. Kate Middleton would wet herself over this eyeliner – you can not get any blacker or richer in colour.  It has an almost wet look when when first applied that dries off so it doesn’t look oily.  It’s a really glorious black eyeliner and works beautifully on the waterline (more on this later). 

Also, I find true metallic pencils can lack pigmentation – they glide over the skin differently I find than matte colours but with the Zoeva pencils, the metallics work just as brilliantly and are just as rich in colour as the mattes. 

3. True Colour!

Yes, the colours are super vivid and gorge.  The three I have:

Mr Marvelous – Blackened purple with purple glitters

Black to earth – Rich deep matte black

Good Karma – A mermaid like blue green with tons of metallic depth and foiled sparkle – GLORIOUS

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review Mr Marvelous Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches 3


4. Waterline!

Not all eyeliners work on the waterline, at least not on mine as my eyes tend to be quite ‘wet’ and watery

‘Are you crying?’ ‘No…it’s just….it’s just the wind’. 

These eyeliners had zero problem working on my waterline even on those windy days (ahem) and were also good for tight lining – in my old age I can’t seem to keep my eyes open long enough to tight line *blink blink* but the Zoeva is so soft that it works beautifully for that without any irritation.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review Mr Marvelous Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches

Gosh…when I look at my eye close up it really looks like Baby H’s eyes, except, he doesn’t have my wrinkles!

5. Long Lasting!

Finally, these pencils are very long-lasting, they state in place all day with minimal movement (ALL eyeliners will move on my throughout the day, every single one) under the eye. The sparkle also stays in place beautifully all day. It isn’t too hard to remove but you’ll need a good oil eye make up remover. 

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil Eyeliner Review Mr Marvelous Black to Earth and Good Karma Swatches 1

In terms of packaging, it’s all black and chic/expensive looking.  

The liners come in black boxes, and the pencils come in matte black packaging.  If these were swivel and didn’t require sharpening, that would be even more amazing. 

Downsides…there has to be some….

I would say that because the pencils are SO soft, they do go down easily.  Within 2-3 uses these pencils needed a good sharpen as they were almost flat. 

Secondly, they do need setting time, for example if I blinked too soon I got that annoying print on my upper eyelid and as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t go swimming with this on (it is sold as waterproof) but it is very water resistant and long lasting any how. 


I was expecting these to be decent, as I have tried so many decent eyeliners recently, but these are just fabulous *finger snap*.  I hope they bring out more knock out colours like Good Karma as I have so many liners in various shades I shouldn’t really purchase any but if the colours were unique enough then…it’s shopping time!

Zoeva eyeliners cost….wait for it….just £4.75 from Love Make Up!!! A third of the price of some of my favourite eyeliners so a really good deal as far as I am concerned.  

Other colours on my hit list are: Skyline (matte black with silver glitter), Blue Lotus (matte royal blue), Nude (Champagne Beige) and Desert Brown (Matte brown).  Yes, almost all of them. 

Have you ever tried Zoeva products?

*PR Sample

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  1. says

    I was recently sent the Good Karma one, I haven’t actually worn it yet but tried it on my hand and it looks amazing. So soft and a fab colour. I can see what you mean though about these probably not lasting long. I’ve tried this on my hand and also on a piece of paper for a swatch (admittedly a little heavy-handedly as I underestimated how soft these are) and it’s already pretty flat and needs sharpening.

    • Row says

      Hi Becky

      I totally agree – they are soft (mine are totally flat and I can’t find my pencil sharpener). They are amazing though, those colours, wow!

  2. Mandy says

    Have you tried the Face Shop Make Me Star gel pencil liner? I prefer it to Clio Gelpresso cos it is more budgeproof once it sets and it helps that it’s cheaper on Gmarket as well.