Eyelash Perm & Threading Experience!

So I decided that it was time to go for a second round of threading today and also throw in my first professional eyelash perm (not one done by my cack handed boyf with a DIY kit).

I went to a new salon that was local to me – cost a bit more but its very close. My experience of threading this time was…different. The lady who did it still knew what she was doing but my god it HURT. Last time it hurt but it was quick – this time was just excruciating. Especially the upper lip – tears streamed all over and I was shaking! I don’t know if its because the threader this time wasn’t quite as good or if she was more through? I’m not too sure. She look longer this time round and I am pleased with the results but it hurt a helluva lot more than last time.

It was also a little less hygienic. In the other place I visited, the lady used some antiseptic and brushed talc on my skin first. She also told gave the brows a quick trim first and she told me not to touch the area at all afterward because the pores would be open. She also started with my upper lip at the other place to get it over and done with and also pointed out the brows would be fine after having the rather painful lip done first. At this place, the woman started threading straight away without any preparation and also told me to slather on some cream afterwards whereas I was told not to touch at the other salon.

Its funny how a beauty treatment can vary so much from one place to another isn’t it?! I think I liked how quick and painless-in-comparison the first place was (and it was only £7 for brow and lips) – this place was through but it hurt a lot more and was somewhat less organised. This cost £14.

Anyway then I had a lash perm done. It took like what felt like ages and I kept falling asleep. Overall the procedure wans’t too uncomfortable and this is the result:

Quite dramatic. Not everyone would like this but I love it!

Its really a good job and I am happy to ditch the stupid lash curlers for at least a month. It means I can use ANY mascara in my collection, like my super heavy Chanel and YSL ones with abandon!

This cost £30 but I have seen it at some places for £25.

I can feel a few stray hairs under my brow now that are driving me nuts but I can’t find my trust tweezers anywhere!

So – would you try any of these treatments?

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  1. Citrine says

    ha, you’ve got cool brows…I always thought nicely groomed brow looks too harsh on some (ahem, asian ladies), but it looks great on you!

    (I probably won’t go for those stuff since I am a bit attached to my bushy brow and pin-straight lashes, I actually think they kinda make me eyes look a tad bigger…)