Eye Base, Eye Gloss, Eye Concealer! Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation Review

So the last time I was down in London I spent a lot of time in the Mary Quant shop and ended up with some really cool products! One of the items I had on my hit list was their Eye Gloss.

Eye Gloss? Who remembers Calvin Klein’s make up range and how they had a eye gloss. LOVE the concept, hate the results. I was a bit disappointed when I found out this Eye Gloss is NOT an eye gloss at all; it’s better.

The Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation is a eyeshadow primer and concealer.  It’s called an eye foundation as you use it all over your eye area, under and on top:

Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation

It is also supposed to be hydrating for the eye area, no SPF though, and it comes in 2 shades. I chose 02 which is slightly darker than 01.

It comes in a small squeezy tube like this. Could it be better in a different type of container like with a sponge tipped applicator? Yes, but this way is quite hygienic too.

Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation 1

Here is shade 02:

Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Gloss

A few points about this product; it has a slightly oily, runny texture which is really nice to use around the eye area as it doesn’t drag or feel heavy, which is a real no no around the eye area. Maybe that is why they called it an Eye Gloss, because of this oily-ish texture.

Also the colour is in the end, quite sheer so really I could’ve gone for either 01 or 02. It blends in easily and creates an even base but I didn’t detect and ashiness which makes me think it could work well on women with darker skin too.

Under the eye it helped lift my circles a little but make no mistake; you need additional concealer if you have medium to dark circles.

As for a primer; it creates a nice even base that isn’t too heavy like other primers can be.  It feels slightly wet which I really like as I think this makes the eyeshadow stick.

On my bare eye – sorry about the brows!

Mary Quant Treatment Eye Gloss

After – noticeably more even I think.

In terms of longevity, this made my eyeshadow last til the end of the day although it didn’t remain creaseless although I can’t think of many primers that do that these days anyway.  Also this remains nice and moist on the skin, unlike say UDPP which makes shadow hard to blend.

Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation 2

Here is the ingredients list:

Mary Quant Eye Gloss


I really like this product; it’s multi use and generally evens out the whole eye area.

It cost me £12.50 which is fine because this product should last a year or so.


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  1. N. says

    You should try using glicerine as a base for eyeshadow. It’s amazing. It will feel moist on your skin and the eyeshadow will not crease as long as you control the quantity you apply. Like only with your finger moisten up with it.