Excessive Packaging?

I am a regular at Strawberrynet, one of the biggest internet cosmetic retailers.

They have mixed reviews from MUA, but I can honestly say that in my experience (apparently I have made 98 orders with them!) that they have always provided good products, well withing sell by date, in good condition with reliable delivery.

I do have a gripe though.

They package more excessively than any other company I can think of.

For example, for my below post, my Lancome palettes came in a box (one each) like this:

So for one palette, they used one large box, a lot of polystyrene filler, two polystyrene boards, ribbon, sticky tape, 2 other letters other than my reciept, and gift wrap for the items.

I always feel guity getting their boxes and knowing something tiny is inside.

The other problem is that in the UK, Customs is very strict with parcels coming from Strawberry so anything over £18 has the customs fees added – thats fine, I don’t mind paying the taxes, but they add on handling charges which normally push up the tax amount by at least £12. So for an item costing £19, they can tax me for the £1 over I went, but then the £12 (approx) handling fee will make the purchase very expensive indeed!

Therefore, dividing orders is a way of avoiding these charges, but this equals more waste.

I am cutting down on ordering small items from Strawberry and I am trying to be economical with everything. As a serial internet shopper, I end up with a lot of boxes and bits of plastic from my items but I am going to do my best with recycling anything paper/cardboard and resuing things wherever I can.

What do you think about excessive packaging?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I hate excess packaging too! I understand no one wants their products to break en route, but there is a thing as overboard!

  2. RF says

    True, theres nothing worse then getting eyeshadows in a envelope and nothing else. They can be so fragile!

    I always resue padded envelopes (unless they are really worn) and bubble wrap. I haven’t bought new envelopes to send things for a long time because I am always recycling!