Ewww Brown Lipstick: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF15 in Soft Brown

So after the beautiful Kirstie over at Beaut.ie tried out a Revlon lipstick in Mink…a warm brown lipstick, I decided I should also wade in and give this dreaded hue a go.

The fact is I don’t like brown toned anything, unless it’s a pair of shoes or a handbag, and even then we’re talking Tan, not Brown.

Oh chocolate. I like chocolate. And coffee.

Come to think of it my first ever lipstick was a soft pink (collection 2000) then a hideous burgundy (I put it on before my school photo, me and my 15 mates – clever stuff) and my third lipstick was an Ultima II warm brown which I stole from my ma. It was horrible.

With this positivity in mind, I present to you Korres Natural Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Brown:


I bought this from ASOS because it was on sale…hurrrmmm I think it’s normally £18 but it was half price. This was the only shade that was half price.

The formula has a lot of pros, to be fair.

It’s like a lipstick and lip balm in one, it has no parabens, sulfates or petro-chemicals and has SPF15.

Here it is – it’s not quite a gross 90s ‘brown = mature’ brown – it’s more sheer than that, with micro sparkle and a hint of bronze/tan:


On the lips:


Ok so it’s not hardcore brown – it looks more like a bronze shimmer so I think we like it.

Having said that, it still has that brown undertone which I find makes my teeth look REALLY yellow and my skin very yellow (of course I have yellow toned skin but it makes me look sallow).

So whilst it’s not hideous, I’m not feeling it either. My mum would like this so off it goes to her just for her to quiz me about how much it costs (I can’t give anything to my mum without her asking how much it cost.)

See all the shades on Sephora. No overwhelming urge to buy any more if I’m honest but it’s worth a look if you want care and colour in one.

What do you think? Browns on the lips, yay or nay?

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  1. Alexandra says

    Im not really a brown person. In the late 80’s my high school uniform was chocolate brown. Im more of a pink or peach on the lips person.