Everything you need for Brows! Clarins Kit Sourcils Eyebrow Kit Pro Palette Review

This is the conversation that occured a few weeks ago when I bought the Clarins Eyebrow Kit at Boots.

“Hi I’d like buy your Eyebrow Kit.”

“The what?”

“The Eyebrow Kit”

“Oh. That’s what I thought you said.”


“Yeah but no one every asks for it so I was surprised. No one. Ever. Asks for it. Ever. Haven’t sold one for years.”

“I see.”

“I’ll have to search for it”


Yes, I was perplexed but I wanted my damn Boots points.

So, with that confidence in mind I present you my aged Clarins Eyebrow Palette:


This palette is supposed to pretty much have everything you need for fabulous eye brows:#alttext#

It’s a pretty big kit. I would use this daily and I would take it on holiday or for a weekend but I would never ever carry this with me day to day – I’m not that dedicated to brows (I prefer a Brow Ink and Gel to carry round).

In the palette is 3 brow powders, black, brown and blonde. The three shades should cover nearly all skintones or you can mix them together or graduate the colours. There’s also a brow wax, a base for the eyelids and a spoolie, applicator and tweezers.

Missing anything? If I was really fussy, scissors.

I piece of plastic on top of the palette makes everything easy to follow. There’s also a huge mirror:


Here is the palette:


It’s pretty neutral and will work for most skintones.

The brow powder is a hard texture and not too pigmented – this is a good thing for a brow powder imo because it just keeps things natural and makes it harder to mess up!

The powder:


Before (please excuse the lashes and hair band!):


After – I used the wax, the powder over my eyelid, and the medium and light brow powders near the front of the brow and the dark near the ends. I trimmed longer brows too. I blended in the powder – I am really happy with the result!


So despite my (and the sales assistants!) doubts, I have to say this is a great eyebrow kit. The powders are just the right texture and I like the wax and base eyeshadow too. The spoolie is nice and firm, good for blending, and the applicator brush is ok and the tweezers are pretty rubbish – they don’t get small hairs but it’s better than nothing.

The palette is a little MASSIVE – I have other palettes with brow powders and wax that are far more compact, but still, it’s a good one to use at home.

I paid £29.50 for this from Boots, but you can buy it anywhere where there is a Clarins counter.

Do you use a brow kit?

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  1. Ninja says

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your post! I need help! I accidentally singed off half of my eyebrow at New Years and need something to mask the baldness while the hairs grow back.

    I found the colours in this kit to be perfect. I think I have similar colouring to you. I have jet-black hair and mixing the black and brown powders gave me a natural look. All of the the other products I’ve tried have come out too dark/harsh/black or else have a reddish undertone.

    Unfortunately, I’m having a lot of trouble with the wax. It balls up when I load my brush and also balls up when I try to apply it. When I went to Sephora, the consultant introduced me to the Smashbox Brow Tech wax, which has a delicious, easy-to-use texture.

    Because of the money factor, I’d rather not buy the Smashbox wax. Do you think you can give me some application tips for the Clarins wax?

    Please help!