Everyday Minerals – Your Opinion?

So I bought some things from the old Everyday Minerals website a year ok – it was ok, but I never have grown to love powder mineral make up.

Made another order at the beginning of June, but it still hasn’t arrived – nearly 2 months in. They have a new website now – send many many emails but no response. Urk! Anyone knows if Everyday Minerals have any alternative ways of contact? How do people’s experiences with them compare?

I shall update you if I manage to get a response!

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  1. Chica says

    I know they’re having trouble at the moment with getting their orders out on time.
    They didn’t reply to any of my emails either but I got my foundation in the end (about 5 weeks) and they had to ship it to Liverpool.
    I don’t know why their customer service is crapola at the moment but you should get your order.
    I will order from them again to restock my foundation as I only use powder and their Olive Fair is the only true match of my skin tone I’ve ever found, if I didn’t love it so much I don’t know if I would reorder, I’m pretty disappointed in them for their lack of communication.

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica

    Thanks for that! Lets see – I ordered on the 14th June, its 26th today so just slightly over 5 weeks. Its a good job I’ve been busy or I would have been obsessing like crazy!

    Olive Fair eh – I never manager to find a perfect match (overwhelmed by choice I guess) but I am a sucker once I arrive on their website – I ordered about 40 things!!!40!!

  3. says

    I’ve never had any problems with them. My last order was about a month ago, and it took about 10 days to arrive (I live in Melbourne). Two months in and nothing yet? Oh dear, that’s not right.

  4. says

    I’ve never had any problems with EM’s service, just with their awful products. I’m not a huge fan of their cakey foundation.

    At least the website looks nicer now.

  5. Row says

    Hi Tine

    2 months is ages! It takes 2 months to send a postcard from Spain to England! But anything else should be 2 weeks tops!

  6. Row says

    Mandy! If I were the soul of EM I would be crying into the pillow!

    I did do one big order before and I don’t use any of their stuff day to day so that must be saying something. The new website is veryyyy enticing tho.

  7. says

    I’ve been reading your blog(s) for a while now and I just love them!
    I feel your pain for your EDM order but something must definitely be wrong with it (oh dear! you wouldn’t have been able to find that out without my help, would you? ^^)
    If your order dates back to 2 months it is exactly the period of time where they were having major trouble with their new website launch.
    I know that they now have a live support device on their website (right hand side, at the bottom of the page). You just have to wait until mid-afternoon for someone to be there to answer you and hopefully sort everything out.
    good luck to you

  8. Lucy says

    I have been trying to contact them with a simple query that was about two months ago still waiting for a reply.