Eve Taylor Recommends – Moisturising Solar Shield and Face Oil No. 2 Review

Before moving house I did lots of clearing up (unsuccessfully) and realised just how many products I had acquired over the years.  Two products I found (which I think I was given at a press event many moons ago) were these Eve Taylor products.  I have had a Eve Taylor facial before – it was bliss – but have never tried her products.  I decided to crack these two open; Moisturising Solar Shield (since it’s so sunny at the moment) and Face Oil No. 2 for Delicate Skin:

Eve Taylor Recommends Moisturising Solar Shield and Face Oil No 2 Review

The look of the range is simplistic but chic – I find it quite understated but functional too. 

About the Solar Shield:

Full spectrum Solar Shield with advanced Avobenzone screening (UVA, UVB and infra-red). A moisture rich blend of Sunflower, Cocoa butter and natural silicones seal in moisture to maintain Elasticity and provide barrier support. Buffering light induced damage.

Eve Taylor products also have natural ingredients and avoid Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Fragrance and SD Alcohol which is a good thing! 

Here are the ingredients:

Eve Taylor Recommends Moisturising Solar Shield and Face Oil No 2 Review 1

I LOVE the Solar Shield.  With the hot weather at the moment I have been looking for a suitably hydrating but not over the top oily moisturiser for my dry and sensitive skin WITH SPF.  

This cream feels quite rich and luxurious but isn’t too heavy – it’s one of those creams that I suppose, feel like a ‘basic’ but extremely effective moisturiser that just doesn’t irritate the skin at all. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skins in the summer but for my dry skin it’s perfect – it protects, feels soothing, and just keeps everything nice and perky – I can’t complain about this at all.

Solar Shield costs £11.59 


Next, Eve Taylor has a range of 5 face oils that come in these metal spray containers – I have 02 Delicate Skin.  This is a calming and firming oil that helps with redness too. 

This smells DIVINE. Have you ever been to a posh spa and there’s the smell of a spicy candle in the background? It smells like that – i think this is the best smelling Face Oil I have ever used.  

The spray is interesting as you wouldn’t think of spraying oil usually – it’s normally a delicate dropper situation but actually I like it – one spray is enough for the whole face, and it means you don’t spend hours delicately trying to get a few droplets out.  Also at £11.50, it’s priced well enough to use fairly generously – a lot of face oils are really quite steeply priced. 


Eve Taylor Recommends Moisturising Solar Shield and Face Oil No 2 Review 3

Oil on the left and cream on the right. I have been using these together, cream then oil and it’s the perfect hydrating duo for me at the moment and it’s affordable but also avoids nasties.  This is one of those ‘basic’ but effective ranges that I reckon 99% of people will enjoy using even if it doesn’t seem that outwardly exciting.

Eve Taylor Recommends Moisturising Solar Shield and Face Oil No 2 Review 2

Amongst all the many many products I currently have in testing mode these to rather basic looking products do stand out to me as just really excellent skincare products.  I’ll definitely explore the range further, if I ever get round to finessing up more skincare! 
Check out Eve Taylor skincare here. 
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