Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 is so tasty! And huge!

Etude House have really hit the mark recently with super cute collections (check out Etoinette here if you love princessy make up).

Their newest collection is way too cute not to share with you. I have my eye on a few items.

1) Dear My (Etude House’s lipstick range is just called Dear My, don’t ask why) Jelly Lips Talk Lipstick – a ‘jelly finish’ shiny lipstick in 8 colours:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013

When Etude House say a lipstick is sheer, then it’s going to be really sheer, because I find most of their lippies sheer-medium pigmentation at the very most. 

Having said that I think the jelly finish will be lovely for the spring. 

I like JPK002 which seems like the most pigmented of the lot and JBE101 which looks like it’s yellow with glitter, cos I’m weird like that:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 1

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 2

Also out is the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick which are tints in a stick.  They’re cute but I wouldn’t bother with these:

Sweet Candy Recipe Stick Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013

See??? Too sheer:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 4

Let’s move to the face, we have the Baby Choux Base Primers which remind me very much of Lavshuca’s primer.  These have an SPF 25 and have a moisturising creamy texture. 

They work as make up primers, skin tone fixers and moisturise the skin. I am ALWAYS tempted by green correctors as I get so red, but then I always think it looks a bit deathly and unforgiving if you over do it.  Therefore I would be tempted to go for the Peach myself, I think it’d have brightening properties. 

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 Baby Choux Base


Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 5

Then there’s the Chocolate Highlighter, or rather WHITE CHOCOLATE highlighter? Yes, yes, I know Bourjois do a bronzer like this;

Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate HIghlighter

I’d be all over this but you know how I am not fond of cardboard packaging!

Another face powder (this range is HUGE), Choco Chip Cookie Pact – in one colour. 

Sweet Recipe etude house choco chip

Then there is the multi tasking Cupcake all over cover! This products is for cheeks and lips and even the eyes. I love these kind of multi use products. I want one but need to pick something a bit more pigmented as the lighter shades always look washed out on me. I like OR201 (Orange) and Strawberry PO002. I like Peach too but I don’t know if it will work on my olive skin tone. 

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 cupcake all over

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013 6

Then the nail polish! Everyone loves these; I’ve decided I have already got too many of these creamy colours with infused glitters to buy any, but they are jolly nice to look at. Comes in four shades:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection ice cream nails

I do however love these Chocolate Smudge Eyeliners. Brown is my favourite eyeshadow colour at the moment and this dark chocolate and warm soft chocolate is right up my street. I hope they don’t smudge!

Etude House Chocolate Smudge Eyeliners

These Sweet Cupcake Eyeshadow Duos I have no interest in, they are so glittery and frosty in swatch images:

Etude House Sweet Recipe cupcake eyes

I love the colours in this Sweet Chocolate Eyes though, however…no, I don’t like cardboard packaging! Yummy colours though:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes | ~The Cutest Makeup~

Last but not least, cotton balls. I am SO nostalgic about these, my mum used to have these multi coloured balls in her bedroom even though they leave fluff everywhere. It’s essentially cotton wool balls in a plastic cup so er….buy it if you want:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Balls

You can also get:

2 make up brushes called the Chocolate Stick Eye Liner Brushes, one for drawing a line and one for smudging and also some triangle shaped make up puffs for make up application (typical foundation wedges), although they are made of good quality rubber so they are supposed to last longer). 

Now THAT is how you release an absolutely massive collection, yo! 

I personally would go for the lipsticks and cup cake blushers, as well as the gel eyeliner.  I can leave the polish and eyeshadow products personally.

Anything catch your fancy?

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  1. Joann says

    I would try the lipstick and the Choux (?) skin base.
    I have been meaning to purchase more from Etude. They seem to have cute products.