Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette


The case is lightweight plastic which is fine, with a lace print type design:

Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

You get a large mirror, two sponge applicators and a piece of plastic to protect the mirror from particles.   

Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 1

The names of the shades are on the back so I have put them down here for you – not that it makes much difference – it’s not like you can buy these eyeshadows as solo colours!

Now the colours – the way that these eyeshadows are divided up – is half neutral browns and half plums and burgundy.  Technically speaking you should be able to get two different looks from this palette. 

I have to say the overall texture and quality of the eyeshadows are just ok.  The colours are a bit powdery for my liking with only sheer to medium pigmentation. A lot of the mattes are just ok and there are few colours in this palette which are really similar and a little pointless.  Swatches:

Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 2

The pale mattes to me, aren’t great and there are far too may of them in this palette; Innocent, Delight, Romance, Petal – they’re not that different from each other and I don’t particularly like any. Pure is (I think it’s pure and not Innocent) a sparkle.
The stronger colours are the shimmers, Poison, a plum with sparkle and Falling which is a chocolate brown – but there are far better chocolate browns out there.  The most interesting colour is the matte Blossom, a reddish plum – scary but actually quite a interesting colour to wear. 
I used 4 shades – Innocent, all over, Fade to contour, Falling in the crease and Blossom to line.  The result is quite light and natural .  
Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 4

Pure which is a sparkle – is very glittery – you can see fall out under my eye. 

Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 3 1
To be fair though, these eyeshadows lasted all day especially the plum, which didn’t cause any irritation – plums sometimes set my eyes off and make them water. 
Overall look also using their lip cream:
Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 5
This palette looks a lot better than it actually is – I found many of the shades bland, propped up by 1 or 2 decent colours.  The texture is also just average which is a shame – this palette has so much potential.
I would recommend this palette only if you are a bit make up shy – you want colours that can’t really be over done, and require little blending and want to experiment with plummy and brown hues.  

Would you wear red on your eyes?
*I purchased this from eBay for around £11
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  1. The palette looks beautiful. I see what you mean about some colors looking too similar. I wish it performed a bit better x

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